Outdoor LED Display Module

Linsn High Quality Outdoor LED display Panel
LED Chips

We choose high-quality LED chips such as Nationstar, Kinglight for outdoor LED display modules. Furthermore, high brightness and IP65 waterproof protection can be provided.

IC Driver

To achieve the best visual performance of outdoor LED display, we use the best driving IC such as MBI5153,MBI5124, ICN2153,ICN2038S with high refresh rate and high grey level with the latest technologies.

72+ Hours Aging

72 Hours aging test (white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours)) to improve the reliability of the outdoor LED display panels.

Various Specifications Available

All pixel available including P2.5mm,P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, and DIP 1R1G1B series such as P10mm, P16mm, P20mm, etc. Various sizes 320*160mm, 160mm*160mm, 192mm*192mm,250mmx250mm and 256mm*128mm are in stock.

Outdoor LED display module

High-quality SMD 3 in 1 full-color outdoor LED display modules are equipped with data power cables and 2 Years Warranty, All Outdoor LED panels with high brightness and color uniformity to ensure the LED display has excellent visual performance.

320*160mm Series Outdoor LED Display Module

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P3.076mmSMD1415104*52SMD 3in1>5000320*1601/13Scan
P3.33mmSMD192196*48SMD 3in1>5500320*1601/12Scan
P4mmSMD192180*40SMD 3in1>5500320*1601/10Scan
P5mmSMD252564*32SMD 3in1>5200320*1601/8Scan
P6.67mmSMD353548*24SMD 3in1>5500320*1601/6Scan
P8mmSMD353540*20SMD 3in1>5800320*1601/5Scan
P10mmSMD353532*16SMD 3in1>6000320*1601/2Scan
P10mmSMD353532*16SMD 3in1>4500320*1601/4Scan

250*250mm Series Outdoor LED Display Panel

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P2.976mmSMD141584*84SMD 3in1>4500250*2501/21Scan
P3.91mmSMD192164*64SMD 3in1>4500250*2501/16Scan
P4.81mmSMD192152*52SMD 3in1>4500250*2501/13Scan

192*192mm Series Outdoor LED Display Panel

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P3mm141564*64SMD 3in1>5500192*1921/16Scan
P4.8mm192140*40SMD 3in1>5000192*1921/10Scan
P6mm353532*32SMD 3in1>5500192*1921/8Scan
P6mm353532*32SMD 3in1>6800192*1921/4Scan

160*160mm Series Outdoor LED Display Module

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P2.5mmSMD141564*64SMD 3in1>5500160*1601/16Scan
P3.33mmSMD192148*48SMD 3in1>5500160*1601/12Scan
P5mmSMD252532*32SMD 3in1>5200160*1601/8Scan
P10mmSMD353516*16SMD 3in1>6000160*1601/2Scan

200*200mm Series Outdoor LED Display Panel

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P2.941mm141568*68SMD 3in1>5000200*2001/17Scan
P3.33mm192160*60SMD 3in1>5000200*2001/15Scan
P3.846mm192152*52SMD 3in1>5000200*2001/13Scan
P12.5mm353516*16SMD 3in1>6500200*2001/1Scan

DIP Series RGB Outdoor LED Display Module

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode


If you are interested in an outdoor LED module, then you can not miss this article as it will discuss some of the most crucial information about it such as features, advantages, installation, maintenance and price. If you want to get a display that can both achieve high cost-efficiency and good visual performance, then LED display screen is a good choice!

Just follow me to read it until the end!

Table of Content

1. Features of Outdoor LED Module

What is outdoor LED module? What are the differences between outdoor LED module and indoor LED module? By listing the important features of outdoor LED display modules, you will know them exactly. 

(1) It can reach high brightness of more than 7000nits;

(2) Stronger protection ability at least IP65;

(3) Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof;

(4) Common pixel pitch includes P3.91, P4, P5, P4.81, P6.67, P10 and so on;

(5) Easy installation, can be maintained in a short time.

As you may conclude from the information above, outdoor LED module is LED display module that usually requires higher brightness and protection ability than indoor LED module. 

2. Advantages of Outdoor LED Display Module

(1) High brightness, which can show clear images no matter in indoors or outdoor;

(2) Fast installation, with quick maintenance;

(3) High protection ability; waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof design;

(4) High-standard IC driver such as MBI5153,MBI5124, ICN2153,ICN2038S with high refresh rate;

(5) Various specifications available, catering to multiple applications;

3. How to Install LED Screen Module?

Typically there are two methods for the installation of LED display module. One is the fixation with screws, and the other one is magnetic fixation.

(1) Fixation with screws

The connection of module and the structure is by screws.

(2) Magnetic fixation

This way can achieve super quick installation and disassembly of LED screen module, even just within a few second.

Normally we can equip 6 magnets for one module to balance stability and comfort. And if there are too many magnets, the modules will be difficult to move.

(3) How to connect LED module with the adjacent one?

We use two types of cables, including power and signal cables, to connect the LED module to the adjacent one. 

Some Important Points You Have to Know

a. The external power supply must be waterproof;

b. Do not adjust the voltage button unwarranted as output voltage of the switching power supply is adjusted according to the LED module;

c. Do not confuse positive port and negative port as when they are mixed up, burning out or damage to the module may happen;

d. LED module must be directly connected to 220V power supply as it adopts low voltage input, otherwise the modules may be burned out;

e. For outdoor LED display, the glue should be appropriate to avoid fall down of display. For instance, when applying double sides adhesive tape, there should be glass cement to make sure the screen will not fall down under direct sunlight.

4. 8 Handy Rules for You to Maintain Outdoor LED Modules?

(1) Damaged parts should be replaced in a timely, so check the inner components routinely;

(2) At least twice a year to maintain the screen and the coating of the welding point;

(3) Clean the screen in specific steps such as using soft brush but not tough one. 

Also, do the cleaning regularly. More details you can refer to this useful post: clean LED screen;

(4) Check the lightning protection facilities regularly including lightning rod and grounding lines;

(5) Do not forget power supply system should also be checked. For instance, check the distribution box to see whether there is rust or loss in each connection of the line.

(6) The whole power supply system also needs to be checked twice a year.

(7) Check the reliability of the system regularly including all the lines and equipment of the screen, e.g. every 7 days.

(8) Test the control system in advance.

5. 5 Factors of Outdoor LED Module Price

Outdoor LED module price can be varied based on many factors such as pixel pitch, sizes, brightness, contrast ratio, components and so on.

Here we list some the most common factors that are related to the final costs:

(1) Pixel pitch

Common pixel pitch of outdoor LED display includes P3.91, P4, P5, P4.81, P6.67, P10, etc.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the more LED lamp beads on the module, and the higher the price.

(2) Brightness

Outdoor LED displays need to reach a certain brightness level to enable it can still be seen clearly under direct sunlight such as 5500nits.

The brightness level it can reach can be related to the quality of its inner components such as the LED lamp bead.

led display brightness testing

Professional Brightness Testing Equipment of Linsn LED 

(3) Refresh rate

It is decided by the quality of IC driver. High-standard IC drivers enable high refresh rates such as 3840Hz, and less flickering when people see the display or shoot the display.

(4) Types

Different LED module types have different prices. For instance, generally, the DIP LED module is less expensive than the SMD LED module, but the mini LED module has higher price, which is obvious.

(5) Shipping cost

a. Get the pickup address, estimated shipping dates, and better package dimensions to check the shipping cost.

b. By sea, the destination cost should be better declared, because it should be paid when the goods arrive at the destination port, and some customers don’t notice this part. Such as unloading, THC, PSC, handling fee, port congestion surcharge, etc., you will get fee standard from the carrier along with the shipping rate. 

c. Pay attention to the trend of the rate up or down and leave some space when making an offer to the end use

6. Conclusions

Now we have already discussed some of the most important parts of outdoor LED module. 

When we want to pick up the right one, just consider it from several aspects like the features, the costs, and the components!

Just contact us if you want to know anything more, or get a reasonable quotation right now!