Linsn RV801D Receiver Update Program and Instruction

Linsn RV801D LED Receiver Update Program and RV801 led receivnig card Instruction

Enter the hardware interface settings. In the linsn receiving card input ‘cfxoki’ config windoew,then receiving card upgrade interface. Load the “xxx.bin” file Programming.

Linsn RV801D Receiver Update Program and Instruction

The matters need to attention:

1.the upgrade process must upgrade by linsn sending card.

2.the upgrade process when the cable from the B port into the mouth of the A port.
3.the upgrade process with particular attention to receiving card to work lights flashing to normal. Cannot break the receiving card signal, after the upgrade is complete,power the receiving card off for a second.
4.half-way power off or fault signal will cause loss of original program receiving card. After the loss of the card will not work, must take back to linsn led to re-write program.
5.after the success,the signal of B port led receiving card will flash slowly.