How To Install TS802,SD801 Sending Card to SB-8 LED Sender Box
How To Install TS802,SD801D led sending card to SB-8 led sender Box?
If you have the linsn ts802 sending card, you can install it to SB-8 LED Sender Box, if you want to use LED Sender Box, you can buy the TS852 LED Sender Box, it has the ts802 sending card inside.

1.We need to put the fix board off from the led sending card:

fix board off from the led sending card

2.Install the SD801D Led sending card to the empty led sender box.

3.Connect the Power Pin to the Socket, aslo the Brightness’Cable to the BRIGHT Socket.

Connect Cable Socket

4.For Now, We have finished the whole Job, and We Make the TS802 led sending card to the SB-8 LED Sender Box.