LC70 D Series

Latest Digital LED Poster

Delicate Picture Quality

High brightness, high contrast ratio and high refresh rate, delicate picture quality, vivid display performance and 160° Large viewing angle.

Perfect Design

The LC70D series cabinet weight is only 50.2kg and the thickness is 54mm.

This lightweight and slender design in LED poster displays improves portability, installation flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, while potentially lowering energy consumption and simplifying maintenance.

Double Sided & Split Screen

LC70D series supports different pixel pitches and different brightness for two sides screen. And it also supports multi-window to display different contents at the same time.

This allows the screen to display multiple pieces of content simultaneously in different sections of the screen.

Multi Control Modes

  • Multiple surfaces – WIFI、HDMI、LAN、USB
  • Support Sync and Async play
  • Support multiple playback methods to adapt to different scenes
  • With PC、Smart Phone、Pad、USB

Intelligent Cluster Management And Control

Intelligent cloud play & control for multiple screens anytime and aywhere, centralized control.

smart cloud cluster management

Multiple Installation Modes

Multiple Screen Splicing Method
Multiple Screen Splicing Method
Staning Method
Standing Method
Hanging Method

Application Scenes

LC70D digital LED posters are versatile, suitable for a variety of settings including shopping malls, museums, amusement parks, hotels, banks and other applications, offering captivating and dynamic displays for advertising and communication purposes.

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