IF Series

Indoor Transparent LED Screen

if series 1000 500mm transparent led screen

New Arrival Transparent LED Screen, Various Specifications Available

IF series transparent LED displays are the latest in LED technology. They deliver vibrant colors and detailed images without affecting natural lighting or aesthetics. 

With a 1000*500mm cabinet size, they can be easily assembled into any shape or size. They ensure clear and uncompressed visuals for perfect viewing, and are the top choice for LED displays in glass shop windows!

if series indoor transparent led screen pictures

High Visual Quality with Refresh Rate 3840Hz

High transparency rate up to 75% with high contrast ratio of 5000:1 and refresh rate of 3840HZ. The brightness is adjustable in 256 levels with wide grayscale level 16bit.


Features of IF Series

IF series features convenient for back maintenance, stable connection, good color uniformity, excellent heat dissipation, high flatness with no curtain effect, seamless splicing and so on.

It seamlessly integrates with your indoor environment, providing high-definition visuals while maintaining transparency. 


Wide Range of Application Scenarios

IF series can be applied in various locations, including commercial real estate such as shopping malls and office buildings, physical stores like retail outlets and supermarkets, advertising media operations in public spaces and transportation hubs, as well as rental LED screen for events and exhibitions. 

It features seamlessly integrated large-scale images and interactive screens with functions such as cloud-based remote screen control, software settings for automatic screen on/off, high-definition, high-brightness, transparent display, modular installation structure for easy in-store maintenance, automatic brightness adjustment to prevent light pollution, etc.


Smart Screen Control | Mobile App Screen Control

Mobile App Screen Control enables wireless data transmission, allowing mobile devices to wirelessly push videos and images, facilitating consumer interaction through photo uploads, offering a novel and diverse shopping experience.

mobile phone control if series

Modular Design, Easy Installation

Modular installation is convenient with quick-lock system, lightweight design, and features eight-pin gold-plated signal connectors for stability, aesthetics, and high transparency. It can be customized according to site requirements.

modular design

Multiple Installation Methods

IF series LED transparent screen supports multiple installation methods, including wall mounting, ground support installation, top and bottom support installation, etc., suitable for stage rental and fixed applications, and more.

More Benefits for Your Projects

IF series owns many special features to benefit your projects such as high-standard visual experiences, enabling enough natural light, turning shop windows into ads, high refresh rate up to 3840HZ, wide viewing angle 140° and high brightness level 5000nits!


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