960×960mm Sports LED Display

960*960mm Series Sports LED Screen

MA960-S series is an ideal choice for sports LED screens. With high precision Magnesium Alloy cabinet and high waterproof & anti-impact ability, it ensures durability and reliability in challenging stadium environments. It offers excellent visibility, making it perfect for immersive viewing experiences during sporting events.

MA960 sports led screen

Reasonable Safety Design

MA960-S series by Linsn LED is well-suited for stadium LED displays due to its robust design and advanced protective features. With soft masks and pillowcases, it ensures not only the safety of the screen but also protects athletes and spectators from potential impacts, making it an ideal choice for sports venues.

MA960 sports led display safety design

320mmX160mm Standard LED Module for Rear Service

This LED display supports standard size 320*160mm panel.
This cabinet supports quick assembling and maintenance. And it is very convenient for choosing different pixel pitches such as P8mm to P5mm, because you just need to change the modules as they have the same module size and structure.

320mmX160mm Standard LED Module

320mmX320mm Standard LED Module for Double Service

960X960mm LED cabinet supports 320x320mm frontal & rear service LED modules.
Excellent heat dissipation and excellent performance in energy efficiency and environmental protection

Energy Saving >50% Desgin

1. Using R / GB to separate the power supply, the current is accurately distributed to the lamp beads, reducing power consumption.
2. No need for air conditioning, saving cost.
3. Reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy, and reduce costs greatly.
4. Uniform heat distribution, constant color temperature, no color deviation, no color block, and good consistency.
5. The screen cabinet has low heat, which is about 16 ℃ lower than the common LED display product

Energy saving is power supplied separately with R and GB, which means the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green, and blue lamp beads.
The current passes through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC.
The separate power supply scheme effectively reduces power consumption and greatly reduces the heat generated during the operation of the display.

Ultra Lightweight Cabinet

High-precision aluminum cabinet frames support seamless splicing image and video displays,
offering you the perfect visual experience you desire from any angle.
The picture quality brings viewers a new sensory experience!

Can be used as Sports LED Display

MA960 PRO Series 960×960mm Series Magnesium Alloy LED Display is designed for multi-functional use,
and can be used as perimeter LED displays with its flexible back bracket.

MA960 back bracket

Seamless Splicing, Multi Installation Ways

This cabinet supports multiple installation methods including hanging installation, stack installation, perimeter installation and so on. The quick connection and reliable structure allows the screen easy installation and quick maintenance!

multiple installation of perimeter screen MA960

IP65 Waterproof

IP65 waterproof protection on the front side ensures continuous and stable operation in all kinds of outdoor environments.

Perfect for Stadium Perimeter Application

Equipped with unique locks, the position of each cabinet can be precisely adjusted from six directions,
so every cabinet can be positioned to the exact place with accuracy to millimeters, presenting a seamless cabinet alignment. Moreover, high protection ability, high visual effect, these features all make MA960 series perfect for stadium perimeter application!


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240Pcs P10 MA960 Perimeter LED Screen to Georgia


70Pcs MA960 P4 Indoor Sports LED Screens to Morocco

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Linsn LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you. The tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED displays, please check our contact us page.

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