9 Misconceptions of Rental LED Screen Affect the Effect

Nowadays, we can usually see different use of rental LED screens, and rental LED screen has become a trend, indispensable media in medium and large scale activities. However, there are some misconceptions of rental LED screen that will affect the final effects of rental LED display, and this article aims to help you identify them.

1.Color space conversion:

Generally speaking, rental LED screens own wide color gamut, while that of signals support can be relatively narrower. That is why color space conversion should play their part.

2. Chromaticity correction is not brightness correction:

(1) Chrom correction: the working principle of chrom correction is color space conversion. That is, designed to meet the requirements for adjusting color gamut of rental LED displays to the customer-wanted color space. After the adjustment, color fidelity and chrom uniformity of the rental LED display will be better.

What is more, chrom correction usually contains brightness adjustment. And for customers who purse better uniformity, this is recommanded.

(2) Brightness correction: this is developed to achieve the highly brightness consistency of LED screen.

This process is more suitable for customers who want to achieve extremely bright-coloured images.

LED screen rental misconceptions introduction

3.Gray level of the rental LED screen:

Many suppliers will falsely claim their rental LED display with 16 bit and 64 bit grayscale as display with 256 bit graylevel, and the costs of the premier two are about 1/5 of the latter.

One of the ways to detect the grayscale is to play a video of fierce sport games to see whether the screen can show it clearly.

4.Achieving point-by-point correction may do not require special driving chip:

Some LED control systems can fulfill point-by-point correction with universal driving chip.

5.For brightness:

Many users do not have ideas about the appropriate brightness level for their LED screen. Below are the guidelines for determining nit requirements (nit being the unit of measurement for LED brightness):

Indoor Brightness: 1,000 – 1,500 nits;

Outdoor Brightness: 2,000 – 3,000 nits;

Outdoor Brightness Under Direct Sunlight: LED panels may need to output as much as 5,000+ nits.

It is obvious that brighter the ambient light, higher the brightness of the screen should be.

However, please note that if the screen is too bright at night or when the light is truned-off, it may hurt viewers’ eyes.

6.For content design:

(1) Content is too long: it is one of the common problems for designers or event organizers. Under most conditions, there is a gold rlue that short and simple messages will always be more effective.

For instance, if you rent a LED display for your shopping mall advertisement near the roadside, and many of your audiences will sit in the car and glance at the screen, which means if you put too much content on the LED board, almost no one will read them all.

The majority of viewers will just pass by, but not sit down on their couch when they are watching your advertisement.

Generally speaking, keep you viewers can read the content within 10 seconds is a good choice.

(2) Small, unreadable text: this is usually caused by inadequate understanding of the display effect that will be finally performed on the screen. For example, some designers create small text that may look fine on their laptop screen, however, it may look bad on the rental LED video wall.

Additionally, shades or glossy effects on text may not be needed for some spaced out pixel pitch LED screen. This is because many rental LED video walls may contain fewer pixels than a computer screen, and these effects will not be detailed.

When you design the content, make letters large, at least a fourth of the screen and use a sans serif font.

(3) Confuse the primary with the secondary: if the visual order of the content do not make any sense, the viwers will have more difficulty to understand the message.

If you want your viewers can catch the important point at the first time, make it the most prolific element on the slide. You can change it color, bold it font, or put it at the forefront of what you show. These ways are all turned out to be beneficial.

7.Haven’t been fully aware of the importance of an experienced systems integrator.

A technological profession can help you with the proper installation, screen calibration and alignment, content test and deal with technology emergency.

If you don’t have many experiences of operating LED rental display, there will be some risks of encountering unwanted situations from installation to disassembly.

8.Compatibility of rental LED wall content.

As we have mentioned above, sometimes the content may seem nice on the laptop screen, whereas the materials may not be optimized for the large LED rental wall.

The tiny, unreadable font and low resolution images will hurt the viewing experiences largely. As a result, degisn the rental LED display screen content with consideration of the huge side of the LED display screen.

9.Don't understand the balance between visual experiences and safety.

Pursing excellent visual experiences the screen can bring the audiences is a normal matter. However, some events planners may look for better viewing effect with concession of safety.

hanging LED rental screen for outdoor performance

For example, we can see the installation of some outdoor rental LED displays are “flying”, which means hanging the screen for better viewing. 

This installation way can be attractive, but in some unstable environments such as where usually have heavy rain and high wind, or you have to hang the screen for more than a week, the safety of the screen can be a potential issue.

Please always keep in mind in most of the time, safety should always be the foremost element, and try to guarantee it by having comprehensive and throughly consideration and asking professional technicians.


This article lists some conceptions of rental LED screen for you to avoid unnessary loss. LED rental display business can be cost-effective as the cost may be offseted through the return and extra income such as sponsorships. Just pay attention to them and create flawless video experience!

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