MS500/1000 Series

Latest Series of LED Rental Screen Soft Connection

MS500 1000 rental led screen cover

MS500/1000 Rental LED Screen

Linsn LED’s newest rental LED screen design integrates numerous aesthetic elements, featuring high-strength die-casting aluminum for enhanced durability and delivering superior visual performance in high definition.

high definition MS rental led screen

Lightweight and Thin Design

With a weight of just 7.25kg for the 500×500mm cabinet and 12.5kg for the 500×1000mm cabinet, along with a thickness of 80mm, MS series offers portability and excellent stability. Its lightweight design facilitates easy carrying, transportation, and installation, resulting in significant savings on labor costs.

Sleek and Robust Structure

With its reliable lock system including side lock, top lock and bottom lock, the cabinets can be connected tightly and quickly.
The curved lock supports curved installation to make curved LED screens!
Moreover, the wiring between the cabinets is also simple and aesthetically pleasing.

perfect structure of MS series

High Definition, Better Visual Quality

This cabinet supports fine pixel pitches including P1.953, P2.604, P2.976, P3.91 and P4.91. The high-definition LED cabinet supports 600-800nits for indoor screens and 4500-5000nits for outdoor screens, and high refresh rate from 3840Hz to 7680Hz.


Support Right-angle Installation

The LED cabinet is designed to support right-angle installation, providing utmost convenience and flexibility for various setups. Its robust construction and adaptable design makes it the perfect choice for any installation scenario. 

right angle installation available for MS

Seamless Display and Better Visual Effects

The LED cabinets seamlessly connect with each other, ensuring a smooth and continuous display without any visible gaps or interruptions. With no visible gaps or interruptions between cabinets, content such as images and videos can be displayed consistently across the entire screen, maintaining visual integrity.

seamless installation of MS series

Curved Installation

Our LED display is perfect for curved setups, giving you the flexibility to adjust the curvature every 2.5° from -10° to 15°. With this design, you have the freedom to shape your display just the way you want it.

curved installation led screen

More Features

1:1 Ratio



Tech Support

Linsn LED has professional technology support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covering installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.

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500X500mm Cabinet Details

500X1000mm Cabinet Details