Why EV960 Perfect for Naked-eye 3D Curved Billboard?

In this post, I am going to review the EV960 series LED panel to discover why it is suitable for naked-eye 3D curved billboard and indoor 3D LED display to generate more profits for you than other competing products from the 5 most important points.

I will drive deep into this LED screen series, and aspects will be evaluated including:

So make sure to read this review until the end.  That way you can make better decision for your LED screen investment!

What Is 3D Curved Billboard, How Naked-eye 3D Works?

Before I get into the review EV960 3D LED wall panels, I want to quickly let you know some important info on such curved LED screen.

3D LED screen is a display that allows the display of 3D effects that can be seen with the naked eye, without the need for professional glasses.

This screen offers extremely realistic 3D effects, while the screen is still 2D.

The 3D LED screen is actually a combination of 3D LED digital display technology, and L-shaped LED screens to create 3D images and animations.

As long as you are still in the viewing distance of the screen, you can see the 3D contents without any additional equipment.

There will be two pictures that shot from two different perspectives to be combined as one to create a three-dimensional effect.

In a word, it is more like a little trick achieved by Parallel between right and left eyes, and image processing technology. 

Of course, it is not real.

The 3D LED screen, however, is still a 2D flat screen. But with the 3D contents, the screen seems to be 3D.

But here are some other requirements for these 2D LED screen.

1. High refreshment: ≥3840hz
2. High grayscale: ≥14bit
3. High dynamic contrast
4. Configure multi-graphics card

Professional decoder and 3D video source also needed.

The average 3D billboard price varies from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars considering its location, size, clarity, and quality.

The factors effect the prices include:

1. Screen size

2. Video complexity:

The delicacy level of 3D contents decides the final visual effect largely. If you want to produce a comparatively long and complicated video, it may be expensive. But Linsn provides free demo for you to test the screen.

3. Duration

This refers to video time and production time. The longer the time of your display materials, the more expansive they are.

Also,  the production time should also be accounted for.

4. Screen

LED display prices are decided by many factors such as size, IC, LED lamp beads, locations, pixel pitch and so on.

So how much does a 3D billboard cost? The answer can not sure. But after you understand what compose the price, you can have much more intuition.

Here is a special article about How to make 3D Billboard.

In this post, we give important information about how to get a wonderful 3D screen to help you make better investment decision!

Generally, if you want to get a satisfactory 3D LED wall panel, you need to choose a suitable LED screen that can support your 3D contents, and create 3D contents following a specific process.

Just read the post you will get more insights.

1. EV960 3D Curved Billboard Cost

Here are some main points that decide the 3D billboard price:

(1) Power consumption

(2) Supporting structure cost

(3) Space

(4) Maintenance cost

(5) Installation labor cost

(6) Transportation cost

For EV960 LED screen, it can save your budget from all these points!

Do not believe? Just follow us to discover how it saves your money while still providing you with better performances!

1.1 Save Power Consumption Cost

The advanced power-saving technology CCES, which stands as Common Cathode Energy Saving, can save more electricity cost for you, and also much more environmental-friendly.

CCES technology

The dual voltage output enables lower consumption, easing the burden of electricity bills.

Besides, Linsn EV960 can provide higher brightness while cost less power consumption. For example, 152w/㎡ for 7000 nits VS 185w/㎡ for 6000 nits.

Take an example of a standard billboard size of 45*13ft:

ModelNormal 10mm productEV960 VR 10mm
Screen SizeW13.44m x H3.84m(44ft x 12.6ft)W13.44m x H3.84m(44ft x 12.6ft)
Max Power Consumption per sqm(typical)790W/m2 (6000nits)500W/m2 (6000ntis)
Power consumption per screen (Typical)40kw26kw
Air-conditioner1HP, 5 unit, say 1HP=800W 4kWNot required, automatic ventilation 0kW
Total Power Consumption44kw26kw
Electricity Bill Calculation
Operating hour: 16 hours/ dayPower Tariff @ 0.12USD/ kWh 
Estimated monthly electricity billUSD 2,534USD 1,498
Total bill for 1 yearsUSD 30,408USD 17,976

Added Value: USD 12,432 per billboard for 1  year!

1.2 Saving Supporting Structure Costs

With the lighter weight of 30Kg/sqm, EV960 VR series can save supporting structure costs, and support directly shift without changing its supporting structure.

EV960 3d led screen can save costs

1.3 Saving Space

Linsn EV960 series 3D LED display supports total front and back service, thus no other maintenance space is needed.

Here is an instruction video on how to maintain EV960 LED display from the front. As you know, it allows more installation methods including wall-mounting because of no need for the back room.

1.4 Saving Maintenance Costs

Cables high temperature resistant

a. Power box inner wires: 200℃

b. Between the cabinets:-40 +150℃

For outdoor applications, EV960 is safe and can reduce the risks of weak performances caused by high temperatures.


a. EV960 VR features IP66 enclosed module and power box

b. 5VB fireproof certificate(TUV)

c. Every cabinet passes a reliability test program before shipping

It owns high-standard protection ability including heat resistance and waterproof ability.
Linsn EV960 Energy saving LED display

Cable channle design

EV960 series cable channel design where is in the bottom of the panel, allowing cables hidden inside, which looks more elegant and tidy. 

Moreover, it can protect the cables from bitten by rats.

1.5 Saving Labor Costs

• Slim and lightweight, thus less labor needed

• Fast connection on wires, higher installation efficiency

1.6 Saving Transportation Costs

With the lighter weight of only 30Kg/sqm and a thinner cabinet with only 75mm thickness, the Linsn EV960 series screen needs fewer transportation costs.

2. Installation and Maintenance

Linsn EV960 series outdoor LED display supports total front and back service, which can save you lots of maintenance and installation time.

Moreover, the EV960 disassembly module only needs to use the spanner to directly open the lock, four locks in one module, and only 8s installation.

lock system of ev960 Linsn LED screen
easy handle hole of LED display module

The handle helps people lift the screen easily which can save lots of energy and time to maintain and install.

EV960 data as below:

Front service for module20 seconds
Back service for module23 seconds
HUB card(back maintenance)78 seconds
Power supply(back maintenance)70 seconds
Power box( front maintenance)200 seconds

Here are more information about Front access LED display, just read it through to discover more featured products!

3. LED Screen Energy Consumption

The energy-saving functions of Linsn EV960 are more effective than other competing products, which can provide higher brightness while cost less power consumption (For example 152w/㎡ for 7000 nits VS 185w/㎡ for 6000 nits).

Here is the chart of comparison of electricity cost of EV960 LED screen series with other normal LED cabinets.

100sqm EV960 series compared with normal cabinet
 Update P10 7000nitsNormal P10 6000 nitsMoney you save
Saving power consumptionAverage 150W/SQMAverage 300W/SQM 
1 Day288KW $18.72
1 Year10KKW $6,832.80
3 Year30KKW $20,498.40
5 Year50KKW $34,165.00
2019 US Industrial/Commercial electricity rate: 0.065/KW

That is really a bunch of money if we want to use our LED display for a long-term, right?

The saved money can even up to more than $30,000 in five years!

4. EV960 3D LED Screen Visual Performance

What is the most important elements of a LED screen – the outstanding visual quality, which is no doubt.

We all want our investment is wise, and cost-effective. And things determine the factor include brightness, display uniformity, grayscale, contrast ratio, and so on.

So, how about the visual performances of EV960 3D LED wall panels?

First of all, let’s see what are the requirements of a high-quality LED 3D billboard.

(1) high refreshment: ≥3840hz

(2) High grayscale: ≥14bit

(3) High dynamic contrast


(4) Configure multi-graphics card

These all can be met by EV960 series! It has high grayscale from 14bit to 16bit, high contrast ratio, and high refreshment!

Just as you see, 3D LED screen needs high-standard visual performances to display 3D contents appropriately, thus choosing suitable LED cabinets are critical.

EV960 LED Screen Customer Case

5. EV960 3D LED Display Design

lock system of ev960 Linsn LED screen

5.1 Fast Lock System

EV960 3D LED screen cabinet adopts fast lock system which can be assembled and disassembled quickly, while still enable the stability of while system.

easy handle hole of LED display module

5.2 Convenient Handle Hole

The convenient handle hole supports people to move and lift the cabinets easily.

Especially for LED billboard which needs large number of LED cabinet, this feature is very useful.

5.3 Aluminum Chassis

EV960 uses aluminum chassis, so the heat of the lamp board is emitted through the glue facing to the air.

What is more, it has higher protection ability, and less risk of transformation.

5.4 Improved Protection Ability

The cooling rib expand heat loss of LED module, achieving better cooling effect.

And the drain hole protects the module from ponding, avoiding excessive moisture.

ev960 outdoor 3d led screens protection design

5.5 EV960 LED Screen Specifications

Model nameP6.67P8P10
Pixel Pitch (mm)6.667810
Pixel Density (dot/m2)225001562510000
LED sealing TypeSMD2727SMD3535SMD3535
Module Size (mm * mm)480*320480*320480*320
Module Resolution (PX* PX)72*4860*4048*32
Brightness (cd/m2)600065006500
Grey Scale(bit)≥14≥14≥14
Refresh Rate (Hz)384038403840
Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W)550550550
Average Cabinet Power Consumption (W)150150150
Cabinet Size (mm * mm)960*960960*960960*960
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 28KG  28KG  28KG
Cabinet Thickness(mm)757575
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg)160
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg)140
Input Voltage (V)110-220V/200-240V
Working Temperature (℃)-20~ +40
Working humidity(RH)10%~90%
Storage temperature range-40~ +80
Operation humidity (RH):10%~90%
Waterproof LevelIP67
working life50000H
Working Environment:Outdoor
Installtion MethodFixed Installation

To Sum up

As you see, EV960 3D LED displays can save you bunch of money, and also provide you with outstanding and stable visual performances. You can totally trust it to become your reliable choice for

You can get all these advantages in this post just considering these powerful LED screen series!

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