Narrow Pixel Pitch P1.56 LED Display Real Customer Case!

Almost everyone may agree with a thought: the need for high-definition LED display are now increasing. And narrow pixel pitch LED display such as P1.56 LED display is occupying more market share than ever before.

In this post, we will discuss our P1.56 LED display customer case, and the best narrow pixel pitch LED display solution!

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1. P1.56 LED Display Customer Case

Linsn P1.56 small pixel pitch LED display has high definition, adjustable brightness level, high contrast ratio, and high refresh rate!

What is more, our well-around services will enable you on-time delivery and quick installation on site.

2. Related Product - N169 HD

Linsn N169 high-definition LED display mainly targets small pixel pitch LED display market, and has high color consistency, narrow pixel pitch, high refresh rate which is greater than 1920Hz, wide grayscale, and a high contrast ratio of 4000:1.

The cabinet parameter is 600*337.5*80mm, and supports pixel pitch including P0.9375, P1.25, P1.5625, P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3.

N169 Linsn LED display module, Linsn LED display screen

2.1 Super easy maintenance

This cabinet is available for front-service, and the LED module is easy to remove and maintained.

However, it can still enable surface flatness as much as possible and has better performance on this than other cabinets.

2.2 16:9 Golden ratio

16:9 Golden ratio design makes the cabinet own unique style and the perfect displaying ability for various events. 

advertising led billboards

2.3 Specification

LED TypeN/A SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD1515
Pixel Pitchmm1.251.56251.8752.5
Ingress ProtectionIPIP54
Viewing Distancemeter1.
Scan WayN/A1/301/321/301/30
Module Dimensionmm200*168.75
Module PixelPixel160×135128×106160×9080×68
Cabinet Dimensionmm600*337.5*60
Cabinet ResolutionPixel480*270384*216320*180240*135
Module MaintenanceN/AFront
Cabinet MaterialN/ADie-Casting Aluminum
Cabinet WeightKG5.4
Refresh rateHz1920/3840
Digital ProcessingBit14/16
Gray ScaleLevel16384
Color TemperatureDeg.K4,500-8,500 Adjustable
Brightness ControlN/A255
Contrast RatioN/A4000:1
Viewing Angle HDeg.140
Viewing Angle VDeg.140
AC SperationVAC90~264
Power Consumption(Max/Avg)W/m2800/250 ( Estimate )
Storage Tem.F/C-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C
Storage HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Operating Tem.F/C-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60
Operating HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Lift time(50% brightness)Hour100,000
Control ModeN/AVideo Sync

3. P1.66 LED Display Customer Case

p1.56 led screen

3.1 Fine pixel pitch panel designed for HD LED display

The small pixel pitch allows for fine pixel LED display to show you extreme clear images with close viewing distance. It is very suitable for indoor LED display, and can even be used as TV!

No matter 2K, 4K and even 8K, we can give you great solutions for that.

3.2 Perfect visual performance with high contrast ratio and refresh rate

Wanna get high refresh rate LED display with refresh rate of up to 3840HZ or even higher? Then you must think about us!

Our narrow pixel pitch LED displays are equipped with high-quality IC to make sure no quick response and no flickering.

3.3 Easy maintenance and services with high precision

Both front and rear maintenance ways are both supported, meaning you can maintain the display and cabinet quickly including power supply and LED control card.

The surface can be flat as the connections are precise, which is important to the final visual performance.

4. Product Recommendation - N43 Series HD LED Display

N43 series with cabinet size of 400*300mm supports various small pixel pitch such as P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.667mm, P1.923mm, and P2.5mm.

This indoor LED display has a wider color gamut space, fast response speed, and can achieve seamless splicing installation, and quick modular maintenance without flickering!

N43 LED display cabinet, Linsn LED display screen

4.1 4:3 Cabinet design, golden ratio panel

N43 series adopts die-casting aluminum as raw material which ensures high protection ability and excellent heat-dissipation ability.  Moreover, the 4:3 cabinet ratio can enable good display construction.
400mx300mm small pixel LED display

4.2 Flat and precise surface

The flat surface with high precision is a vital point for seamless splicing and HD image quality.

N43 series LED panel allows for seamless splicing easily and can be used to construct large LED display with less labor and time.

4.3 Various small pixel pitch avaliable for 2K, 4K and 8K Screen

Our N43 LED cabinet supports various small pixel pitch such as P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.667mm, P1.923mm, and P2.5mm.

There all belong to small pixel pitches, and they can create super HD LED screen for you!

If you want to achieve 1080P, 2K, 4K, and 8K screens, you can refer to:

4.4 Specification

Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.56mm1.667mm1.923mm2.5mm
Pixel Density640000409600360000270400160000
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1010SMD1010SMD1010SMD1010SMD1010
MAX Power Con680w/Sq.m640w/Sq.m620w/Sq.m600w/Sq.m580w/Sq.m
AVG Power Con350w/sq.m320w/sq.m320w/sq.m300w/sq.m280w/sq.m260w/sq.m
Module Dimension200x150mm200x150mm200x150mm200x150mm200x150mm
Module Resolution160×120 dots128×96 dots120×90 dots104×78 dots80×60 dots
Cabinet Dimension400x300x77mm
Cabinet Resolution320×240 dots256×192 dots240×180 dots208x156dots160x120dots
Cabinet Weight5.85kg
Service AccessFront
Rotation Angle-10° and +10°
Brightness (nits)≥1000
Refresh Rate (HZ)3840
Grey Scale (bit)16
Viewing Angle (H/V)160 / 160
IP RateIP54
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240V

5. LED Control System Solutions for Small Pixel LED Display

We take the Novastar LED control system as an example: if you want to achieve 1080P, 2K, and 4K screens, you can refer to control systems below:

SourceLED Control cardEasier Controller
1080p (1920*1080)2pcs MSD300 + 1set LVP615SVX4S
2K (2560*1440)3pcs MCTRL300 + 1set A6221VX6S
4K (3840*2160)8pcs MCTRL600+LVP609-4MCTRL4K+LVP609-2

6. To Sum Up

If you want to buy narrow pixel pitch LED display such as P1.56 LED display or P1.66 LED display, then Linsn can be one of your best choices!

Do you want to get a detailed quotation for your projects, or join our free sample activity?

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