P3.91 NG Series 500 Square Meters in Stock!

If you are looking for an outstanding outdoor LED display, we have an exciting product to recommend to you: the Linsn LED NG series. We currently have 500 square meters of this LED display cabinet in stock, including the NG500*1000 and NG500*500 series, with a pixel pitch of P3.91. 

What’s more, this display has a high refresh rate of 3840HZ, which can present smooth and vivid images. With adequate stocks, we can deliver within three days. No matter what outdoor venue you need it for, the NG series can provide you with outstanding performance!

Please see more details in this video below:

Table of Content

1. Introduction of NG Series

Introducing the NG500/1000 series rental LED display, the perfect solution for your display needs! There are two sizes available for this cabinet: 500*500mm and 500*1000mm, with the stock of 500 square meters for the P3.91 pixel pitch to offer exceptional clarity and quick delivery.

1.1 Two Sizes Available - 500*500/1000mm

We have two cabinet sizes available for you: 500*500mm and 500*1000mm. The cabinets are thin and light with a thickness of 80mm and weight of 7.5kg or 14kg.

This cabinet is lightweight, and convenient for maintenance and transportation. It can be quickly installed and disassembled, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

1.2 Perfect Cabinet Structure

NG series features mature design to meet high requirements of stableness and excellent user experiences! For example, these fast locks allow for quick connection, and curved lock supports curved installation for more application possibilities.

The beautiful and elegant cabinet design and symmetrical structure convey the aesthetics of LED displays.

1.3 High Refresh Rate, High Definition

We provide the P3.91 NG series with a high refresh rate of 3840Hz to meet the requirements of high definition, and excellent visual effects!

Our P3.91 NG series ensures a mesmerizing viewing experience with its superior performance in high definition.

1.4 Curved Installation, Right Angle LED Screen Available

In order to meet the diverse needs in the LED screen industry, the NG500/1000 series LED display is specifically designed for curved installations. It offers a flexible range of -10° to 10° with intervals of 2.5°, allowing for both convex and concave configurations.

Moreover, the NG500 series supports a right-angle LED display for more creative installation!

ng series right angle and curved installation

1.5 Quick Installation, Easy Maintenance

NG series supports quick connection and disassembly, detachable back cover, and front and back maintenance!

The quick installation and easy maintenance can save you lots of labor costs and time.

2. Efficient Production, Assembly, and Shipping

From production to assembly, packaging to shipping, we have meticulously designed a streamlined process that guarantees the utmost efficiency at every step.

3. Our Factory

In 2016, our factory covered an area of 2000 square meters. After years of efforts and development, by 2018, our factory area had expanded to 4800 square meters, marking the continuous growth of our production and sales scale.

In 2023, the area of our factory has reached 12000 square meters. This is what we expected and the result of our pursuit of excellence. We believe that we will continue to break through ourselves in this field and provide the best products and services. We look forward to working with our customers to create a better future.

smt workshop

SMT Machine

led module assembling line
Assembling Line
SMD LED Production Line

LED Module Brightness Testing


Aging Test Workshop

Professional Technical and Sales Support

4. NG Series Customer Cases

Linsn LED has provided customers from around the world with multiple LED screens built using our NG series, and we have received many positive reviews. 

The images are clear, the operation is stable, the delivery is fast, and we provide comprehensive and timely technical support to ensure your peace of mind!

5. Product Real Shots

NG Series Cabinet show
cabinet side ng series
curved installation ng series
curved lock of ng500