Nike 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: Videos, Locations and More!

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly, a huge naked-eye 3D billboard captivate you. It showcase Nike the latest shoe series, appearing as if it’s leaping out in front of you with a lifelike three-dimensional effect. It is not only a simple outdoor advertisement, but also an immersive visual spectacle that impresses you deeply – that is, the Nike 3D billboard.

Let’s explore this innovative marketing approach, and why it can stand out from the fierce and ever-changing advertising market to draw consumers in and contributes to this ad’s viral spread!

Table of Contents

1. Is Nike 3D Billboard Real?

Yes, Nike 3D billboard is real. Nike has created 3D billboard as part of their OOH advertising campaign. For example, the 3D air max billboard in Shinjuku Tokyo and Nike 3D billboard in Hangzhou, China.

Nike 3D billboard has captured the attention of people worldwide by creating immersive visual experiences and combining the advanced naked-eye 3D technology with innovative advertisements.

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2. Where Is the Nike 3D Billboard?

There are two main Nike 3D billboards. One is in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and the other is in Hangzhou, China. 

2.1 Where is the Nike billboard in Tokyo?

To mark the 35th anniversary of Nike and the launching of Air Max, Nike Japan creates a 3D advertising billboard outside the Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

2.2 Where is the Nike billboard in China?

The one thousand square meters 3D outdoor advertising screen locates at 386 Wensan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou. This is the first dual-screen 3D LED display in Hangzhou.

3. 3D Nike Billboard in Shinjuku Tokyo

In celebration of AIR MAX DAY 2022, NIKE unveiled a captivating naked-eye 3D advertisement in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The dynamic design was masterminded by Kouta Iguchi, the visionary behind the Tokyo Olympics dynamic logo, while Nike Tokyo took charge of the overall visual design and coordination.

Teaming up with the creative talents of Cekai, Nike’s Tokyo studio brought to life a massive curved screen spanning 150 square meters on the renowned Cross Shinjuku building. The ad commenced with the iconic orange Nike shoebox, instantly recognizable, and then proceeded to showcase a mesmerizing array of Air Max shoes in different color variations. 

Each pair appeared to float in mid-air, presenting their unique creative process and the inspiration that fueled their design. As the advertisement concluded, a cat claw playfully snatched away the Nike shoebox.

This 30-second spectacle left onlookers in awe as the larger-than-life Air Max creations burst through the screen, creating a visual spectacle that captivated attention and spurred spontaneous sharing among the crowd.

Nike used the enormous, three-dimensional, and lifelike virtual products to captivate people’s senses and establish an immediate emotional connection, prompting them to spontaneously share their experiences.

4. Nike Air Max 3D Billboard in Hangzhou, China

The “MAX to the Extreme” event for NIKE AIR MAX DAY 2023 was held in Hangzhou, China. 

Located at 386 Wensan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou, the gigantic 3D LED wall features nearly one thousand square meters and perfect L shape with smooth corners. This 4K high-definition visual effect can show audiences wonderful naked-eye 3D effect.

This 3D large screen has already served as a showcase for the intersection of technology, culture, and tourism in West Lake District. 

5. Nike 3D Billboard How It Works?

We will answer this question in three parts: First, what is the working principle of the 3D screen. Second, the story behind the operation of the Nike 3D advertising screen in Tokyo, and how such 3D advertising screen displays stunning advertising effects.

5.1 Working Principles of 3D LED Screen

A naked-eye 3D LED screen is a type of display screen that can generate a 3D effect without the need for special glasses.It employs special techniques and designs to allow viewers to directly perform stereoscopic images with their eyes.

For example, imagine you are wearing a red-blue 3D glasses to see a image with stereoscopic effect, and this image consists of two parts, one with a predominantly red color tone and the other with a predominantly blue color tone.

Thus, the glasses will make your brain combine the two parts to present a 3D effect.

Then, the working principle of naked-eye 3D screen is similar but does not require special glasses. The screen will rapidly alternates between displaying two frames, each optimized for the left and right eyes. When viewed directly with the naked eye, the brain merges the alternating images to create a stereoscopic picture and produce a realistic 3D effect.

Now, you may understand the working principles laying behind – audiences can directly see the 3D video effects without naked eyes. But for some 3D screens, maybe you need to stand at a curtain angle to see the best effect

For a more detailed explanation, please refer to this article:

How Do 3D Billboards Work?

5.2 How Nike 3D Billboard Japan Works?

(1) This 3D advertising example requires huge costs and complex design process

The project is a collaboration between Nike Tokyo’s internal brand creative studio and the creative group CEKAI. It took approximately two months to create, program, and test the animation for this 3D OOH (Out-of-Home) advertisement.

This outdoor campaign includes graphic cues, 4K screens, and 3D technology. In the 30-second advertisement, the oversized Air Max bursts through the screen and jumps out, creating a visually captivating effect that attracts the attention of passersby and encourages them to take photos.

The creation of the Nike naked-eye 3D advertisement took two months of collaboration between designers, creative coders, and brand marketers. It gained millions of views worldwide and garnered significant attention for the 2022 AIR MAX DAY campaign.

By displaying two different-angle images on the screen and combining them into one shot, we can feel the depth of the object. Therefore, designers also need to master the skills of “3D + motion + physical imaging.”

(2) 3D advertising screen allows users to break the fourth wall to impress audiences with IP better

Why do 3D advertisements leave such a profound impression? 

Alex Wilson, Creative Director at Amplify, a global brand experience consulting company, explains, “It’s a massive opportunity for advertising, whether it’s for virtual IPs or brand products. It allows them to break the fourth wall and combine content, outdoor advertising, and user experience in unprecedented ways, making the IP more authentic and easily triggering viral spread on social media.”

(3) The brand new marketing approach of Nike leads to viral spread effect

Naked-eye 3D, which has become increasingly popular, is a new marketing approach, which can penetrate consumers’ minds through visual impact. 

This can be explained from two aspects: first, it carries richer content elements; second, it has the potential to trigger secondary dissemination. 

The naked-eye 3D advertisements of Nike launched in Tokyo not only show their new shoe series but also carries the creative contents to make audiences easy to understand and enjoy the local elements. Therefore, Therefore, it has also become extremely popular across the entire internet, leading to viral spread of the advertisements.

6. Conclusion

Nike 3D billboard in Japan and China, all ignite a global viral phenomenon. This captivating advertisement, with its stunning visual effects and immersive experience, has captured the imagination of people worldwide.

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