Novastar NovaLCT Screen Configuration and Software Download – Step-by-Step Instruction!

How to configure LED display screen? How can we achieve the sending cards configuration, receiving card configuration, and LED screen connection? Today we will give the step-by-step instruction for you to enable you can master the screen configuration all by yourselves! We will use NovaLCT screen configuration as the example to help you to understand the principles laying behind the setting well and deeply. 

Also, there will be the latest NovaLCT software installation package for you to download!

Do not be worried, all the presentations and explanations will be very easy and straightforward to guarantee that even a novice can learn from 0 to 1.

Now, let’s begin! For the normal LED display configuration process, there will be four parts:

And in today, we will tell you the details and steps of them with detailed pictures and straightforward languages.

First, let us introduce to you what is Novastar NovaLCT.

1. What Is Novastar NovaLCT?

What is Novastar software? As a global leader in LED display solutions, NovaStar designs and develops LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental. Novastar also supports you with the latest software and downloads to run your LED displays effectively.

NovaLCT is the LED display configuration tool for computers provided by Novastar. It can work with receiving cards, monitoring cards, and multi-function cards, and can achieve brightness adjustment, power supply control, error detection, and smart settings. 

In a word, it is a powerful software for you to set and manage your LED screens, and make the images displayed on the screen show better.

Here are some preconditions for you to use this software:

(1) A PC with Windows system installed;

(2) Have obtained the installation package;

(3) Have disabled the antivirus software.

Now, you have a basic understanding of NovaLCT and the steps of screen configuration. Let us present the detailed operations for you to help you can learn them well and quickly!

1.1 How to Download Nova LCT Software?

How to install Nova LCT on your computer? Very simple:

(1) Go to Novastar download to download the latest version.

(2) Complete the full installation including add-on applications and drivers.

(3) When windows Firewall notification alarming, allow access.

2. Graphics Card Setting

Let’s us discuss how to set the graphics card, it is important for you to achieve the perfect final image effects. Not complex, only several steps.

2.1 Choose the display mode

If we connect to a LED display, here we will have different mode to choose.

PC screenshot

We can switch our display mode between duplicate mode (shows the background and icons of desktop) or extended mode (only shows the background of the desktop).

It is recommended that the display mode should be the duplicate one as the icons displayed on the LED screen can help us to check whether the screen connection is correct or wrong.

2.2 Choose the display setting

Please right-click your mouse and then choose the display setting in the push-down list. 

Then we will go to this interface, and please change the scale and layout settings to 100% without any scaling and stretch to make the display pixel by pixel to show the best image effect.

Now, after the graphics card settings, we can turn to the next step – NovaLCT software settings.

3. Sending Card Settings

We will begin the Novastar NovaLCT software setting with the sending card setting.

3.1 Basic steps

First, you need to Log in the software.

Just choose the “user” on the navigation bar, then we will have three options in the drop-down list.

novalct led control system

The first option in the list “advanced synchronous system UserLogin” is for the synchronous control method; the second one is for demonstrating software functions without connecting a real LED screen, and the third one “media player” mode is for the asynchronous control way. In this case, we will discuss the first mode. 

Please notice the password is “admin”.

After we log in, the main interface will be like this:

nova control system

For further operation, please click “screen configuration”.

You can also click the “view details of device” to find out more details such as which kind of sending cards we are using now and the number of sending cards.

After you click the screen configuration, you can get a pop-up page like this. And here are three boxes to be filled. 

For the “select communication port”, you do not need to select the communication port if you only connect one sending card. And this is a common situation. 

In this case, we will just configure the screen so we do not need to select the loaded configuration file. Then we will jump to the sending card setting window.

3.2 Sending card setting? Choose the right video source, resolution and refresh rate!

First, we need to set up the source configuration. Just choose the corresponding video source such as HDMI or DVI, and then choose the right resolution. 

Please make sure the chosen resolution is the same as the graphic card output resolution, and the refresh rate should be the same as the graphic card output, too. 

Then we will click “set” to confirm the setting.

After this, please click the “refresh ” button in the top area that we marked to check whether the sending card resolution and graphic card output resolution are the same as we have to make sure the LED screen is displayed pixel by pixel.

Then, we can click “save” in the bottom area. You can do the setting following the sequence we mark in the screenshot.

Next, we will go to set the receiving card. Click the bottom to shift to the receiving card setting window.

novastar novalct

4. Receiving Card Configuration

Here we get these parameters to set. This window has three parts like module information, cabinet information, and performance setting.

Please notice the “cabinet information” represents the receiving card loading information actually.

novalct download

4.1 So many parameters? It is ok with the rcfg file.

In this window, there are many parameters to be set. However, you don’t need to adjust them by yourself. 

Commonly, the LED screen provider will provide you with the corresponding receiving card configuration file so you just need to choose “load from file” to load the parameters on the window bottom.

After loading the rcfg file, please make step 2, which will send the parameters to the receiving card. 

the novalct software

Here we get the pop-up option to let us choose from sending the data to all receiving card, specify receiving card or reset starting coordinate. If you just set the parameters at the first time, we need to send the data to all receiving cards directly. 

So, what are the functions of the other two options?

For sending to specify receiving card, it mainly happens when changing a new receiving card or some parts of the screen showing different effects. And the latter one is mainly for troubleshooting.

Of course, do not forget to save the setting.

4.2 What if we do not have rcfg files? Just try to read back.

If you do not have the rcfg file, you can still read back the data from the receiving card if the LED display screen can show the normal images after lighting up and connecting to the LED control system

That is because, when you light up the LED display, and it still can show the images normally, it means there are parameters set in the receiving card so you can just read back to get the file and save it. And next time when we need to change a new receiving card, we can just load the file we obtained and set it to the new receiving card.

Just achieve it like the picture shows. 


After we finish the receiving card setting, we will turn to the next step – LED screen connection to let customers get the pictures they truly want.

5. LED Screen Connection

After we complete the receiving card configuration, the LED display still can not show the complete images of our controlling computer because of the lack of LED screen connection, and each cabinet will show the same image.

desktop pictures

It will only show the top-left part of the desktop like the pictures above. And only after we finish the LED screen connection, we will get the whole entire images on the LED screen display. 

So, how to do that? Let us turn to the screen connection interface.

led display connection

5.1 Basic steps

Here we list these steps firstly, and we will explain the meanings of them then.

Step 1: Choose how many quantities of the LED screen. Normally, the quantity is one. And then click the “configure.”

Step 2: fill in area 2 with the number of LED display cabinets or receiving cards.  In this case, we have 4 receiving cards in columns, and 2 receiving cards in rows.

Step 3: select the sending card number.

Step 4: choose the receiving card size according to the cabinet information on the former page of receiving card configuration interface.

novastar screen connection

Step 5: make the LED screen connection manually, or just choose the quick connection.

Step 6: send the data to HW, meaning sending the data to hardware, and it will be stored in the sending card automatically.

Of course, do not forget to save the setting.

You can also click “save to file” because when the sending cards are changed or advanced for some other functions, it will save you some time cause you will not need to send the screen connection again. And just click “load from file” you can achieve the setting again.

For the logic of how to arrange the screen connection, here are some knowledge points for you to learn. Please jump to the: LED Display Connection to know more!

5.2 “Enable Mapping” - what is the function?

This is a very useful function to help us know the screen connection well. Just click in, the software will tell you how the connection laying out.

For example, if there is a rental LED screen, and the technician on-site does not know the sequence of the connection, then the “enable mapping” can help him to know this quickly.

enable mapping

The “P” represents the serial number of the output port that each receiving card is connecting to, and the hashtag plus the numbers mean the orders of receiving cards.

Please be noticed that this function is not supported by all receiving card series, you can ask the staff online or read the product introduction to know it exactly.

5.3 “Detect Communication Status” - troubleshooting your connection

If you click the button on area 3 which is named “detect communication status”, there will be a pop-up window to tell you the connection status of all the receiving cards.

detect communication

As you can see, if it shows green, meaning all the connection is good. But if we find some items showing red, then we should check the connection status such as the connection with the ethernet cables.

This function can help us do the troubleshooting easily. If you are doing the screen connection the first time, then you should try to use this function.

6. Conclusions of NovaLCT Screen Configuration

Now, we have already known the basic steps to configure LED screen, and these steps can help you to solve most regular LED screen projects.

We can make a simple conclusion of the four basic parts – graphics card setting, sending card setting, receiving card setting, and LED screen connection.

(1) For the graphics card configuration, there are displaying modes and display settings for you to choose from. Please make sure the steps that can enable your LED display boards displayed pixel-by-pixel.

(2) For the sending card setting, fill in the right video resolution, resolution and refresh rate.

(3) For the receiving card configuration, you can load in the parameters from the rcfg file. But if you do not have such file, try to read back the parameters.

(4) For the LED display connection, please fill in the right information such as the quantity of screen, columns and rows of receiving cards and so on. Please notify there are two very useful functions – “Enable Mapping” and “Detect Communication Status.”

If you want to know more basic knowledge of LED screen connection, which part you need to take some time to study and practice too, you can turn to our LED FAQ page to find the corresponding article.

Now, I believe you already have more insights of LED screen configuration and NovaLCT screen configuration. You can practice by yourself now to get the right setting because you are an expert already! Want more useful posts? Just click the pull-down list below to read!

7. Novastar NovaLCT Download

You can download the latest NovaLCT from this page including NovaLCT-V5.4.4.6 and NovaLCT-Pluto V5.1.0. Find more NovaLCT software download resources below!

NovaLCT V5.4.4.6 Update Log:

[Supported Devices]

1. Supported synchronous controllers


2. Supported video controllers

NovaPro UHD/NovaPro UHD Jr/VX4S-N/VX16s/Novastar VX1000/K4S-N/VX400S/VS1/VS2/VS3/VS7/H series/C1/N9/J6

3. Supported multimedia players


[New Features]






[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed the problem that the fault diagnosis fails on the nodes outside of China.


1. NovaLCT is available only for Windows 7 and later.

2. When the receiving card firmware program does not support the chips of SHIXIN TECHNOLOGY, the content displayed in NovaLCT after the receiving card parameters are read back is unreliable. The receiving card firmware program must be updated to support those chips.

SmartLCT Download

Also we provide SmartLCT – an another professional Novastar software for you to download. You can find SmartLCTV3.5.3 for Windows and Mac operation systems.

8. FAQs

(1) What is NovaStar software?

LED display control solutions for entertainment, digital signage, and rental are the specialty of NovaStar, the worldwide leader in LED display solutions. Their innovative designs and developments make them a true standout in the industry.

Novastar offers a helpful LED display configuration tool called NovaLCT. This tool is specially designed to configure LED displays and can operate with several types of cards like monitoring, multi-function, and receiving cards.

NovaLCT allows you to make adjustments to the brightness, control the power supply, detect errors, and enable smart settings.

(2) What is the password for Novalct?

The password of NovaLCT: admin or 666).

If you still have problems,please check this video

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