Novastar 4K LED Display Solutions: How to Achieve?

4K LED display, as an innovative LED display type, is occupying more and more market share. In the strict sense, we define 4K LED display as LED display screen with size of 4096 by 2160 pixels. At present, we often take LED screen with size of 3840 by 2160 pixels as 4K LED panel display as it is more widely used in actual projects. In this article, we will discuss how to achieve Novastar 4K LED solutions by yourselves. 

And please be noticed, this method is a principle that can be applied to other brands of LED control system and LED control card. So, let’s begin!

1. How to Do Novastar 4K Solution Design?

Before we do the actual design, here are three questions for us to ask ourselves:

(1) What is the total resolution of the whole screen?

(2) What video source will they use?

(3) What are the additional requirements if you want to achieve some special or better effect?

We need to deal with them one by one.

(1) What is the total resolution of the LED screen?

The aim to figure out this question is to calculate how many controllers and outputs we need for this project.

(2) What video source will they use?

We may need different input connectors, thus we need to make this clear to do the right operations.

(3) What additional equipment do we need?

Sometimes, if we want to achieve some special effect, we may need some additional equipment to help us achieve this. For instance, 3D visual effect, low latency time, HDR function, and so on.

Here three questions are that you have to think about before planning the Novastar 4K LED display project. You can discuss them with the sales staff or technical staff, and they should give you reasonable advice.

2.What Options Do We Have for Novastar 4K Project?

Novastar LED has different series of LED controllers. For example, 1080 level LED controller, 4K*1K LED controller, and 4K*2K LED controller. 

For LED controllers with a loading capacity of 2.3 million pixels, we will need four of that. And for 4K*1K LED display controller, we will need two of them. 

If we want to reduce the number further, for example, we want less cables on site, then 4K*2K LED display controller can meet this requirement as only one unit can hit the spot.

2.1 4K Splicing Project by 1080P LED Controller

In this situation, we apply 4 1080P LED screen controllers to splice 4K resolutions. So, what is the control system structure?

First, we will need a 4K video splicer with at least four outputs to provide four single video sources to the four LED controllers.

Then, we will need to equip four Ethernet cables to connect LED controllers with the 4K LED screen.

2.2 All-in-one LED Controller

When we are using all-in-one LED controller, we do not need LED display splicer. Instead, LED controller can help us achieve this function, thus less cables and equipment on site.

all in one 4k led controller

As you can see from this picture, there is no LED splicer like above. We will USB cables to cascade and DVI cable to create a loop between these all-in-one LED screen controllers such as Novastar VX4S.

By using this type of controller, your project will be more simpler and clearer.

Here are some necessary steps for you to conduct:

(1) Cascade the screen by USB cable, and create a DVI loop to transmit the video source.

(2) Configure the screen connection of each VX4S, and each of them should be treated as a separate screen.

(3) Set the first VX4S on the frontal panel: a. choose image mosaic; b. Equal; c. set the total width pixels as 3840 pixels, and total height pixels as 2160 pixels; d. set Mosaic column quantity as 2 and Mosaic row qty as 2; e. Set the right loading area position as 1. 

(4) Finish setting of other three VX4S LED controller.

2.3 Novastar 4K LED Controller

In this situation, we only need two 4K*1K LED controller as they have loading capacity of 4.1 million pixels.

We also need a 4K video splicer to give synchronous video source, and Ethernet cables to transmit video source.

2.4 Directly Load the 4K

This is the most simplest structure for you to achieve 4K LED project, only one 4K*2K LED controller is enough to load the whole screen. There should be a LED video processor to scale the video source.

If you apply all-in-one 4K*2K LED controller, then there is no requirement of LED screen processor.

Please be noticed that after finishing hardware setting, there is software setting to complete. You can do that under the guidance of your sales staff, or professional technicians.

To Sum up

If you want to achieve Novastar 4K LED solutions, here are two main methods for you to equip:

(1) 1080P level LED controller: 

a. Independent LED controller such as MCTRL660, and you need to equip a LED video splicer.

b. All-in-one LED controller such like VX4S.

(2) 4K Novastar LED controller:

a. 4K*1K LED controller, for example, MCTRLR5.

b. 4K*2K all-in-one LED controller such as NovaPro UHD Jr.

c. 4K*2K LED controller like MCTRL4K with a Novastar 4K LED processor.

For more information about LED control systems and LED display screen, welcome turn to our LED FAQ page for more newest and most useful knowledge!