Novastar MCTRL 700 Comprehensive Introduction and User Manual!

Novastar MCTRL 700, a classic LED video controller developed by Novastar, supports multiple inputs including 1x DVI input, 1× HDMI input, 1× audio input, and 6 Ethernet outputs. One MCTRL 700 can load 1920*1200 pixels. And is one of the most popular Novastar products for 1080P using scenarios for both rental LED display and fixed LED display.

In this article, we will bring you to know it thoroughly from specifications, how to use to help you understand this competitive LED controller comprehensively.

1. What Can You Get from A LED Controller?

LED controller, also known as LED control card, is responsible for acquiring images, videos, and other information from the control computer. Based on the this function, it can transmit signals between the receiving cards and sending cards so as the LED display screen can display the images.

It is also a basic element a simple LED control system:


The control computer will be connected to the sending controller by USB or Ethernet cables for sending the control command to the LED sending controller. 

Moreover, there will be signal cables such as HDMI/DVI/DP to connect the computer and the controller so the video signals can be transmitted. 

2. Specifications of Novastar MCTRL 700

Frontal images:

Back images:

(1)Supports 3 types of inputs:


1×HDMI 1.3(IN-OUT)


(2)8bit video source loading capacity of 1920×1200@60Hz.

(3)12bit video source loading capacity of 1440×900@60Hz

(4)Supports 6x 1G network port outputs.

(5)Supports 1× USB control port

(6)Supports 2× UART control ports for cascading up to a maximum of 20 units.

It utilizes USB cables to connect with control PC, and achieve cascading by serial UART. 

Specification Sheet:



Stereo Inputs


Stereo Input Connector

TRS balanced 3.5 mm

HDMI 1.3


DVI Single Link




Main Outputs



HDMI 1.3 (loop)


DVI Single Link (loop)


Software Specifications


Control Software

Novastar LCT, Smart LCT

Extra Features


Scaling Function




Control and Programming


Maximum Loading Capacity

2300000 px

Maximum Input Resolution

1920 x 1200

Controlling Mode


Mechanical Specifications


Width (including handles)

482 mm

Width (without handles)

428 mm

Height (including handles)

44 mm

Height (without handles)

44 mm

Depth (including handles)

269 mm

Depth (without handles)

239 mm


2.6 kg

Rack Units

1 U

IP Rating

IP20 (indoor use only)



Electrical Specifications and Connections


Power Supply

100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

12 W

Power Connector in


Data Connector out


Product Properties




Thermal Specifications


Maximum Ambient Temperature

60 °C

Minimum Ambient Temperature

-20 °C

Operating Humidity

10-90 %RH

Included Items


Included Cables

IEC cable

3. How to Calculate How Many LED Cabinets Can Be Loaded by One MCTRL 700?

As we know, one MCTRL 700 has a maximum loading capacity of 2.3 million pixels, but do you know how many LED cabinets can it load?

To figure out this number, we have to know some values. 

3.1 LED Cabinet Resolution

To calculate this, we should know the cabinet dimension and pixel pitch.

The formulas are here below:

(1) Pixel resolution = Pixel width*Pixel height

(2) Pixel width = Cabinet width/Pixel pitch

(3) Pixel Height = Cabinet height/Pixel pitch

For example, the cabinet dimension is 1000*1000mm, and is P3.91 LED screen.

The pixel resolution = 1000/3.91*1000/3.91 = 256*256

3.2 Numbers of Cabinets Can Be Loaded by A Novastar MCTRL 700

The number of cabinets = Output put capacity/Cabinet resolution

For each output port, the loading capacity is 650,000 pixels (When the display is running at 60HZ and color depth is 8bit): 

In this case, the cabinet number = 650,000/(256*256) ≈ 9

So each output port can load 9 cabinets.

Here is the point, how many output ports do we have on a MCTRL 700?

The answer is four. So the final answer is 9*4 = 36 units?

However, it is not true.

Due to the loading limitation of input resolution, we can not get all the loading capacity as 650000 pixels*4 = 2.6 million pixels, the final pixels we can get only 2.3 million. 

Therefore, the answer should be 2.3 million / (256*256) ≈ 35 units

3.3 Different Loading Capacities of Each Output Port

As we have mentioned before, the loading capacity of one output port is related to the frame rate and color depth. 

The capacity = 1 Gbps*Usage rate/Frame rate/(R bit depth+G Bit depth+B bit depth)

The 1 Gbps equals to 109, usage rate is 93.6%, and the default value of frame rate is 60Hz. In this case, we set the color depth of RGB is 8.

109*93.6%/60Hz/(8+8+8) = 650,000 Pixels

Here are some other results when given different values:

Loading Capacity for each port

Frame rate

Color depth













Please notice when the color depth is 10bit or 12bit, we will take the value as the same as 16bit.

Just do some little practice by giving yourselves some different values, and then put them into the formula above. Self-check the results according to the table.

4. To Sum up

Novastar is an international-renowned LED controller provider which enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Novastar mctrl 700, is a representative 1080P level LED display controller with stable functions, and we introduced to you its functions, features, and other noticeable points in this article. For any information more, just contact us, or turn to our LED Control Card page!