Novastar VX1000 Comprehensive Instruction and Manual Download!

In this post, we will introduce the Novastar VX1000 all-in-one LED controller from aspects including prices, features, functions, applications, and so on.

Nova VX1000 is super suitable for large LED screens to create high-quality 4K images as its strong loading capacity and outstanding functions and features. Just follow us to discover information that is helpful for you!

front appearance of vx1000
back appearance of nova vx1000

Novastar VX1000

  • Inputs :1×HDMI 1.4 (IN & LOOP),1× HDMI 1.4, 1× DVI (IN & LOOP), 1× DVI, 1× 3G-SDI (IN & LOOP),− 1× 10G optical fiber port (OPT1)
  • Output: 10× Gigabit Ethernet ports,A single device unit drives up to 6.5 million pixels, with a maximum width of 10,240 pixels and a maximum height of 8192 pixels.
  • 2× Fiber outputs OPT 1 copies the output on 10 Ethernet ports.OPT 2 copies or backs up the output on 10 Ethernet ports.
  • 1× HDMI 1.3 For monitoring or video output

Loading capacity: 6.5 million pixel

1. Introduction

Novastar VX1000 is an all-in-one LED controller that both owns functions of video processing and video control. It can process various types of video signals, and high-resolution 4K×1K@60Hz images. The 10 Ethernet ports of output provide 6.5 million pixels of large loading capacity.

Moreover, it provides 4K quality images with 3 layers and each layer can be scaled freely. To make sure the reliability, the redundant system can work for the input sources, system configuration, ethernet ports, and devices! 

It can work perfectly with Novastar software NovaLCT and V-Can to manage screen configuration, Ethernet port backup settings, layer management, preset management and firmware update, and so on.

Novastar VX1000 is no doubt a powerful LED display controller for high-definition LED screens and users with strict requirements such as stage LED screenevent LED screen, etc.

Machine Specification
Input power100–240V~, 1.5A, 50/60Hz
Power consumption28W
Working temperature-20℃ ~70℃
Size483.6 mm × 351.2 mm × 50.1 mm
Weight4.5 Kg

1.1 Features

(1) 3 Working modes available: including video controller, bypass mode, and fiber converter;

(2) Stable and safe redundant system: redundant input source, system configuration, ethernet ports, and devices are all supported;

(3) 3-layer images: 3 x 4K layers, free scaling for each layer;

(4) 4K High-definition visual performance: 4K x 1K@60Hz high resolution input, 4K x 1K point to point display;

(5) Large loading capacity: 10 Ethernet output ports supporting up to 6.5 million pixels of loading capacity;

(6) Strong video processing:

a.With a single click, full-screen display can be achieved;

b.Utilizing the advanced image quality processing technologies of SuperView III, it enables seamless output scaling without steps;

c.It allows for flexible input cropping, giving you the freedom to crop the input as desired.

(7) Mosaic input source:

Mosaic sources can be used to mask identities, hide sensitive content, or protect personal information, among other purposes.

Nova VX1000 supports a mosaic source composed of several input connectors of the same type.

(8) Easy preset saving and loading:

a.Up to 10 user-defined presets supported

b.Load a preset by simply pressing one button

(9) Super low latency working with bypass mode: The delay can be reduced to 20 lines when working in bypass mode with a low latency function.

how connect vx1000

2. Appearance

2.1 Front Appearance

front appearance of vx1000

In the front, we can see an LCD screen, knob, control area, ESC button, input source buttons, and shortcut function buttons.

2.2 Back Appearance

On the back side, we can see input connectors, output connectors, optical fiber ports, and control connectors. 

back appearance of nova vx1000


HDMI 1.4a2
Dual Link DVI2


Main Outputs


HDMI 1.3 (MVR)


HDMI 1.4a (Loop)


Dual Link DVI (Loop)


3G-SDI (Loop)


Control Connector:









3. Novastar VX1000 Price

Novastar VX1000 price is around $1399, and the price may be changed based on the exchange rate fluctuation.

4. Applications of VX1000 Novastar

4.1 When works as LED video controller

Three layers are available. 

The HDMI output connector is used for monitoring with a fixed output resolution of 1920×1080@60Hz.

application 1

4.2 When works in ByPass mode

The VX1000 functions as an independent LED display controller. It directly displays the output image without any processing, maintaining a pixel-to-pixel representation.

In this mode, only the main layer is accessible, while the two picture-in-picture (PIP) layers are not available.

bypass mode

4.3 When works as fiber convert for long-distance transmission

During long-distance transmission, you can choose to use either OPT 1 or OPT 2. If OPT 2 is selected, remember to switch its working mode to “Copy”.

work as fiber converter

5. FAQ

5.1 What is the maximum resolution of VX1000?

The maximum loading capacity of VX1000 is 6.5 million pixels. The maximum output width and height can be up to 10,240 pixels and 8192 pixels. For a large LED screen, this controller is very suitable.

5.2 What is the port capacity of Novastar VX1000?

Novastar VX1000 has 10 Ethernet ports of output which can support up to 6.5 million pixels capacity.

5.3 What are the features of VX1000?

As we have mentioned in the first part of this article, VX1000 has many features that can both take you 4K high-quality images and safe and stable operating.

For example, the redundant system supports data redundant for redundant input sources, system configuration, ethernet ports, and devices; the 3-layers image allows you to arrange your display more flexibly.

It offers seamless output scaling, minimal latency, 3D capability, precise brightness adjustment at the pixel level, chroma calibration, and various other features.

6. Novastar VX1000 Manual Download

7. How to Connect & Debug Novastar VX1000 All-in-One LED Controller?

Step 1: Connect the video processor with the PC via the USB cable and HDMI cable, and connect the power cable of video processor.

Step 2: Connect the main network cables of the LED display to the video processor in order.

Step 3: Open the control PC, and press the turn on button on VX1000.

Step 4: Set the signal source of home screen into HDMI 1.

Step 5: Open Novastar NovaLCT software, choose “User Login” and input the password. If you do not know the software, just click this link: Novastar NovaLCT.

Step 6: Click “Screen configuration” to config the screen.

Step 7: Load the cables connection diagram, set the projection mode of the computer into copy mode via WIN+P key, send to LED display and save the configuration.

Step 8: Turn off PIP 1 and PIP 2 in layer settings.

Step 9: Press the scale key to enable one-key scaling.

Step 10: Press the menu key and ESC key for 5 seconds at the same time to lock all the keys of video processor, press the menu key and ESC key again for 5 seconds at the same time to release lock.