OF800 Outdoor Perimeter LED Display: Product and Customer Case!

OF800 frontal-service outdoor LED display is very suitable for multiple user scenarios such as sport outdoor perimeter LED display and 3D billboard.

It has unique cabinet desigh with 800*900mm / 800*1200mm dimension, and also ultra low heat, energy-saving features ,and excellent visual experience.


1. OF800 Outdoor LED Display Details

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

Unique Cabinet Design

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

Two avaliable sizes

Here are two sizes: 800*900mm and 800*1200mm.

The two sizes can be compatible for most of using scenarios such as outdoor billboards and perimeter LED screens.

Dual service design

The LED panel can be assembled and disassemble in a few seconds with special tool, and both dual maintenance ways are supported.

Step 1: Insert the module removal tool into the corresponding white holes on the front of the module ( total 5).

Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock the module lock.

Step 2:Insert the two module handles into the corresponding red holes (total 4),

Perfect curved LED panel

Linsn OF800 series supports seamless splicing for curved LED screen, which is an important feature for creative LED display projects.

There is no distorsion on the corner of curved LED display if you choose OF800 cabinet to construct it.

Of course, for 3D billboard that needs a corner to create the 3D effect, this point is vital, too.

Due to this feature, OF800 series can be one of your top choices for 3D LED display as its high-standard visual effect.

of800 perimeter led screen energy saving

Energy-saving feature

The outstanding energy-saving performance can help to save up to 30% energy consumption compared to traditional LED displays.

Just like the chart on the left showing, our OF800 series can save you lots of money as LED displays have long working life.

High protection ability

Linsn OF800 series has strong protection ability that can protect the screen from water, moisture and dust, which can prolong the service life a lot.

Especially for perimeter LED screen, it is vital as the environment can be changeable.

2. OF800 Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

What is perimeter LED screen?

The outdoor perimeter LED display can be installed thoughout the stadium, and can be used for live broadcasting and commercial LED display.

It is usually equipped with back bracklet to support it standing on the ground stably. The contents can be changed easily and quickly which is unlike traditional printed posters.

Perimeter LED board can show the match day advertising perfectly. One of the most important factors of such screen are its high durability to protect safety of audiences and also athletes.

Why OF800 series is suitable for perimeter LED screen?

The LED cabinet can be adjusted for different viewing angle according to different requirements, so that all audiences can see the content being played.

With the back supporting bracket, this perimeter LED display can be adjusted with different angles to meet mass viewing.

The cabinet can be equipped with additional wheels to move easily to facilitate the installation and maintenance.

Additional Wheels

perimeter led screen pulley

3. OF800 Series Customer Cases

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To Sum up

Linsn OF800 series LED cabinet is very suitable for curved LED screen such as 3D LED display and outdoor perimeter LED display as the high protection ability and unique design for stadium screen.

It has energy-saving feature, supports multiple installation methods and also front-service maintenance way. If you want to know more details about our OF800 series cabinet, just send us a message now, and our professional staff will response to you as quickly as possible.