Frontal Service Sports LED Display

OF800 sports led screen covers

OF800-S Front-service Sports LED Display

Linsn OF800-S series outdoor frontal-service LED display is Linsn the latest outdoor fixed stadium LED display with frontal service, unique cabinet design with 1600*900mm and 800*900mm dimensions and unique panel design with 400*300mm size. Ultra-low heat, energy saving, and excellent visual experience.

of800 front service sports led screens

Perfect Cabinet Design

OF800-S outdoor frontal service LED screen adopts top-class design and industry-leading ideas. The cabinet is beautiful and the operation is user-friendly. The overall black color style with red module handle makes the entire LED display elegant and noble.

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

Seamless Splicing

This LED display features fast locks to support a seamless splicing design, ensuring no gaps and achieving ultra-high surface flatness. This display effect helps to showcase high-definition images and animations, enhancing the presentation of content on the screen for better advertising.

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

IP65 Waterproof Ability

IP65 waterproof design with module level. Both frontal and back protection ability can reach IP65. Also, it supports high anticollision ability to prevent the screen from damages.

Frontal and Rear Double Service Design

The maintenance can be fast and easy just with a simple maintenance tool. You can easily finish the installation, and for a large outdoor LED display, it can save you huge energy no doubt

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

Unique Panel Energy Saving Design

This outdoor frontal service LED cabinet is highly efficient and energy-saving. Its outstanding energy-saving performance can reach up to 30% compared to standard LED displays.


High Performance Visual Display

The OF800 outdoor LED cabinet is top-notch for outdoor use, offering high brightness and high contrast ratio 5000:1. It delivers excellent and stable visuals while saving energy efficiently.

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

Perfect for Sports Stadium LED Screen Applications

By incorporating a soft LED module mask and adjustable back brackets, this outdoor frontal service LED screen is suitable for utilization as a sports stadium LED display.


The cabinet is customizable. Soft masks and cushions safeguard athletes from injury. Handles, fast locks, and wheels facilitate rapid installation. It’s IP65 rated for both front and rear sides, with waterproof modules and seamless splicing for optimal display. 

Supporting both front and rear maintenance, installation is easy and fast. 

Remote control allows for managing power, public content, and brightness adjustment quickly!


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Pixel Pitch4.16mm5mm6.25mm8.33mm10mm
LEDSMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1
Module size400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm
Module resolution96*72dots80* 60dots64*48dots48* 36dots40*30dots
LED Cabinet Size800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)
Cabinet Weight22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc
Brightness5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd
Avg power consumption300w300w300w300w300w
Max power consumption600w600w600w600w600w
Best Viewing Distance4m to 40m5m to 50m6m to 60m8m to 80m10m to 100m
Grey Level14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits
Refresh frequency≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ
Humidity-operating10%一95%10%一95%10% ~95%610%一95%10%一95%
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling modeSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or Async
Warranty3Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years
Protective gradeIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 Waterproof


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