Waterproof Front Service Outdoor LED Screen

Waterproof Front Service outdoor LED screen of Linsn LED is one of your wise choices for your events! It has high waterproof ability, easy maintenance and installation, and also high-definition visual performances with affordable prices!

Linsn Waterproof LED Display Board

ma500 rental led display

MA500 Series Waterproof LED Display

Cabinet Size: 500*500mm

1. High cost-effectiveness

2. Double maintanence service,easy installation

3. Seamless display and visual effects

4. Curved installation support

5. Perfect Structure with innovative structural design and avant-garde body lines

6. Excellent quality, four high technologies and point-to-point correcting

MAX500 Series Waterproof LED Display Board

1. Light and thin cabinet, saving room and shipping cost

2. Lifting handle, fast locks, panel handle, removable power & receiving box, perfect cabinet design

3. Quick removable components including power supply box, hub board, and connectors

4. Dual services available

5. Excellent quality, flat surface, seamless connection, and high-quality visual performance

6. Easy installation, quick maintenance

Linsn MAX500 Series Rental LED display
ng500 led display cabinet

NG500 Series LED Display

1. 500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet

2. P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm

3. Detachable Back Cover Box

4. Supoort Right Angle Installation

5. Indoor & Outdoor is Available

6. Front or Rear Dual Maintanance

7. 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

8. IP54 for indoor, IP65 for outdoor

Waterproof Frontal Service LED Screen Features :

  1. 100% Front service: You can use small tool to take out the module from front side easily.
  2. High water-proof grade IP67: You can put the module into the water and the module still work well.LED
  3. 100% is made of Die-casting Aluminium, so the module temperature can cool down quickly, no need fan in the cabinet.
  4. Light weight 35KG/M2, because high IP grade, so no need cover and can be exposed to the air even if there is storm.IC
Outdoor Front Service LED Display Module
You can see the rear of finished cabinet is empty and Nothing required.It will be a good choice for outdoor fixed installation with easier maintenance.

How Waterproof LED Display Works?

How to Judge Waterproof Level

During our purchasing, we often hear some ideas about IP65, IP63, IP66 and other parameter. But what are the meanings behind these numbers?

As you can see above, IP grade consists of two numbers – the first number means the dustproof level, rating from 0 to 6, and the second number represents the waterproof level, ranting from 0 to 8. 

The larger the number, the better the protection grade. The corresponding levels of the waterproof functions are shown in this picture.

The most common IP rating we know for outdoor waterproof LED display screen is IP65, meaning the screens can resist water jet and no dust will enter the cabinet.

waterproof ip rating

Working Principles for Waterproof LED Screen

(1) Prevention combined with waterproof design

To achieve good waterproofness of LED display, stress should be put both on prevention and structure. For example, the back of LED display module should be coated with three-proof paint, and the cabinet should be waterproof design, too.
During the installation, the material of sealing trips should have small deformation rate with high durability, and structure should combine both prevention and drainage together!

(2) For some important parts such as waterproof groove, put more attention on reasonable design.

(3) There should be special coating for achieving waterproofness for different types of LED modules. Please be noticed that typically the waterproofness of LED displays with screw connection is better than magnetic LED display cabinets.

(4) Finally, we need to pay attention to waterproof ability of the back of LED panels. For aluminum LED cabinet, there should be water outlets, and both takes heat dissipation and waterproof functions into account.

How to Achieve Front-service?

Front-service LED display supports very easy maintenances, which can save you time and energy a lot. You can assemble and disassemble the cabinets easily and quickly! Besides, we also design resonable structure for LED display cabinets thus the waterproof level can also reach the standard.

Just as the video shows, for our magnetic LED cabinets, you only need a tool to finish the disassmebly of LED modules in seconds! And all components include power suppliers and control cards can be retrived from frontal, which leave more room for mounted-wall LED display.

How to Choose Qualified LED Display?


(1) LED unit board board

Some LED unit board manufacturers use cheap flame-retardant paper board or single-sided fiber board as the PCB circuit board in order to compete at low prices.

If manufactures use PCB board of bad quality, the whole unit may crack within a year due to moisture, UV damage, oxidation and other reasons. H

High-quality LED unit board must use double-sided full glass fiber PCB board, although the cost is high, the quality can be guaranteed.

(2) IC drivers

What types of IC drivers, and how many of them will all affect the quality of the LED display board. Some LED display manufacturers will deliberately reduce the number of IC, or intermingled with other unqualified brands of IC to reduce production costs.

(3) LED lamp beads

The naked eye is unable to distinguish between good and bad light beads. The judgement can only rely on a long time of testing, that is, the connoisseur said aging test. 

The general process is: power on the cabinets and check whether the LED display can operate normally.

Powering-on Testing

Power on test the consistency of the light-emitting dot matrix;

Power-on test for effective protection of the line driver CEM4953;

Power on test signal transmission capability.

led display panel testing
Linsn Aging Test Factory

Visual performance

(1) Pixel Pitch

In general, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the imags, and the higher the unit price.

One of the golden rule for balancing your cost and the pixel pitch is choosing the right resolution based on your specific rules. For example, if you have a screen set on the side of highway, the pixel pitch does not need to be small as the viewing distance is long.

(2) Aspect ratio

The standard aspect ratio is 16:9, so, what is the meaning and how it will effect the play effect?

The conception is very easy to understand. Let’s take some example, a screen with a 1:1 aspect ratio will have the width equal to the height. A 2:1 aspect ratio means the screen width is double of its height. Now it is clear, right? A 16:9 display means the weight/height is 16/9.

(3) Contrast ratio

This factor is directly related to smooth displaying and details of images. Typically, we recommend LED displays with contrast ratio of at least 960Hz to achieve better visual effect.

Reliable Suppliers

(1) Qualification

How to know whether a company has adequate qualification for your projects?

First, check the industry certification. If the company has its own official website, you may find them on the website.

Second, ask for the photos or videos of the production process and factory. If condition permits, you can travel the workshop onsite, and this will be better.

Third, search for the reputation of it. You can search it online to see what can be found.

(2) Services

This part can be considered from several aspects include pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales support. 

First, the professional technical services that can guide you potential technical problems.

Second, onsite service. The renting rate often includes the cost of a professional onsite staff to help to set up, operate and tear down the screen.

Third, pre-sale services. The company should provide you a mature and detailed plan for the LED screen rental projects.

Waterproof Front-accessed LED Display Applications:

Waterproof Frontal Access LED Display can be used for theater, shopping store and outdoor LED billboards for advertising. It can be applied to many applications both indoor and outdoor. 

No matter where, the easy maintenance coming from front service and fast lock system, and high protection ability all can give you excellent using experiences and also save you time and budget!

Linsn Real Customer Cases

We have completed thousands of projects of waterproof LED displays worldwide, ranging from small pixel pitch LED screen to durable outdoor LED display, and have obtained good reputation from our mature products and well-around services.

Discover more real customer cases in our case library: LED Display Cases!

  • Project Specification
  • Installation Country: Korea
  • Company: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Pixel Pitch: P4mm
  • Cabinet Size: 1280*640mm
  • Module Size: 256*128mm
  • Display Size: 26.2144㎡
  • Protection Level: IP65

P4.81 Outdoor LED Display to Korea

P10 Outdoor Waterproof LED Display to USA

Frontal Access LED Video Wall