Fast Guide – Outdoor LED Advertising Display Heat Dissipation

With the temperature increasing, questions are rising – how to handle outdoor LED advertising display heat dissipation? As we all know, due to the large size and comparatively high power consumption of outdoor LED board, the heat produced by itself is also huge. If there is problem of excess heat, it may lead to overheating, short circuits and so forth.

This article will bring you to know how to handle, and principles behinds excessive heat.

Heat Dissipation of Different Outdoor LED Advertising Display

1.For outdoor LED display with size less than 20㎡.

This kind of outdoor LED display screen can be sorted as small LED display.

Basically, only two small fans are enough. The diameter of fan can be around 500mm, or decided upon the room of the installation site.

2.For outdoor LED display with size more than 20㎡.

Outdoor LED screens with such sizes are large LED displays, so we have to consider the heat dissipation more cautiously. Depend on the installation method, the ways of heat dissipation are different.

Magic500 outdoor LED display screen

Linsn P3.91mm MAGIC500 Outdoor LED Display to Germany

(1) If the screen is installed near the wall, then consider the heat radiation scheme based on how much the room of back of outdoor LED advertising screen.

For example, if the room is around 1㎡, it is recommended to choose the fan depending on LED sizes.

The fans should be positioned over the side in proper order, and there should be a net inside the fans to prevent the clothes or other things of maintenance technicians from sucking into the fans thus incurring personal injury.

In order to be waterproof, the air outlet of fans should be placed with shutters made of aluminum alloy.

Moreover, according to specific conditions, sometimes this type of outdoor LED advertising board can use air conditioners to dissipate heat. To support this solution, there must be enough room for placing air conditioners.

(2) If the LED screen is supported by poster, it is best to use the fan to dissipate heat.

The fan can be installed on the back of the screen. If the screen is supported by two poles, it is recommended to open serveral structures like shutters in the middle position between the two columns.

Therefore, the shutter can be air inlet, and the fans on the top can be air outlet so as to allow cross ventilation to improve cooling effects.

Tools and Technologies of Dissipating Heat

1.Fan. Placing fans to improve heat dissipation, and this is one of a common way to deal with excess heat with low cost and great effects.

2.Cooling fins. It is another the most common way of dissipating heat. Taking cooling fins as part of shell to improve heat dissiaption area.

3.Integration of heat conduction and heat radiation. This can help to improve the heat dissipation of LED chips because the expansion coefficient of LED chips is very different from metal and heat dispersing materials, and we can not weld the chips directly to avoid damage caused by heat stress.

4.Heat conducting pipe. By this pipe, heat can be conducted to shell to dissipate.

5.Surface radiation heat treatment. One of ways is using radiator paint to dissipate heat from the surface.

6.Heat-conducting plastic shell. Filling heat conduction materials when operating injection moulding to the plastic shell to step up the ability of heat conduction and heat radiation.

How to Design Cabinet to Improve Heat Dissipation

When designing the LED display cabinets, there are several tips to advance heat radiation.

1.The air vent should be located near the upper side of the cabinet, and the air intake hole should be positioned on the lower side (but not too low) to prevent the dust and water from entering through the hole.

Magic500 outdoor LED advertising board

Linsn Outdoor LED Display Board with Reasonable Cooling Design

2.The design should be in favor of air convection. It should place air intake and exhaust vent to improve convection and must avoid airflow block.

The cold air should flow through the electronic components, and filter should be installed at the air inlet and air outlet to prevent debris from entering the cabinet.

3.Ensure enough distance between air inlet and air outlet to avoid re-use of cooling air.

4.The outlet and inlet of fan should be 40mm away from components that may obstacle the air convection, or should be at least 20mm.

In conclusion, this article discuss how to handle the heat dissipation of outdoor lED screen especially in hot days like summer from several aspects. LED manufacturers should pay enough attention to the heat dissipation design of outdoor LED advertising displays to improve the working life and competitiveness. And the design should account for both the installation conditions and customers’ specific needs.