Why Choose Outdoor LED Advertising Screen
The advertising release model has changed with the period of big data going deeply. Traditional extensive style has turned into precisely launch. Analyse the personal preference, the possible demands, also the potential requests, are the features of big data advertising.

So in the outdoor LED advertising industry, producers are all trying to take into steps to follow the precisely advertisement release trend. Traditional outdoor LED display has it’s own advantages in advertising show, but how to make it smarter, gain the data processing ability, make it analyse the data and give feedback on time?

1.What does Outdoor LED advertising Screen look like?

Shape: Smaller & Size Customized

Different like the previous LED billboard, smart LED Advertising Display was designed into smaller and more intelligent. Exquisite and shapely are it’s characters. You do not need to pay higher to buy and install a huge screen on the ground to play your slogan and products any more, just one or several small new billboard could solve your headache problems.
outdoor led advertising board

Material: Die Casting Aluminium Cabinet

Feature: Corrosion resistant, lighter weight, Antioxidation and high temperature resistance

2.Advantages & New Features of Outdoor LED advertising board

1) New Advertise Mode : Interaction+ Data Collection+ Accurate Marketing
Use the users profile analysis, market situation analysis, marketing product content analysis, go deeper into the appeal point of clients. That is the key factor for precise marketing. These all need the data support. Meanwhile, use the personalized recommendation technology, the marketing and advertisement benefits conversion rate could be much more higher than the traditional LED display.
2) Muti-Condition Usage

Highway toll station, Scenic area, Park, Supermarket, Parking lots, Residential area, and schools are all suitable for install the LED advertising screen. You could use it to launch advertisement in business district, or show livelihood information in community.

Besides the original function, carrying the secondary development system, it could be added more characterized functions, as it is such a versatile facility.
installation of advertising led display
3) Size Customized
The design size can be adjustable according to customers real demands, make it smaller or bigger according to the install usage ways, that will be cost-friendly.

Other features such as higher brightness, brightness adjustable, remote control, energy saving, etc, you could review it in the essay:https://www.linsnled.com/street-pole-led-display.html

3.LCD & LED, Which Would be Suitable for Me?

Sometimes we receive customers emails like, I need some boards to show images in outdoor, LCD or LED are all on my lists, would you give some suggestions?
We think they all have their advantages, like LCD will be cost lower, brightness smoother for closer viewing. Which will be better? That depends on your demands and application purpose.
1: Relative Display Area & Joint Gap & Size
LED Advertising display
  • Relative display area bigger
  • No joint gap
  • Size customized
  • Relative display area smaller
  • Have joint gap
  • Size Fixed
2: Gray Level
LED advertising display grey levelLCD advertising display grey level
  • 16 Bit Gray Degree, higher gray level
  • Higher color reduction degree
  • Display the image in a close color
  • 14 Bit Gray Degree, lower gray level
3: Brightness
LED advertising display brightnessLCD advertising display brightness
  • 6500 nits brightness
  • Brightness adjustable
  • 2000 nits brightness
  • Brightness adjustable
LED brightness is 3 times higher than LCD. But you don’t need to worry about the dazzling problem as it’s brightness could be adjusted.
4: Viewing Angle
LED advertising display viewing angleLCD advertising display viewing angle
The higher brightness and higher color reduction degree give support for LED to have a further viewing distance. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use it as closer viewing application, it could be installed with small pixel and lower brightness modules. If your budget is enough and you are the person who persist higher in quality.
5: Refresh Rate
LED advertising display refresh rate LCD advertising display refresh rate
  • Refresh Rate: ≥ 3840Hz
  • Image Stable, no blink
  • Refresh Rate: ≤ 600Hz
  • Blink in video
6: Resolution
As LED screen is composed by thousands of tiny LED lamps, if you wanna buy a high resolution display, you need to choose the smaller pixel lamps, that will increase your budget. But LCD doesn’t have this problems, its image quality is smoother. In a closer view distance, you won’t see granular sensation on the screen.
Make a choice according to your reality need will be much more suitable than just compare which is the best.

For more information about LCD & LED, check our another article here: LED or LCD: Which One Do You Really Need?

4.How to Enhance the Waterproof Effect.

The things we most worried about for LED advertising screen is waterproof. The rainstorm in summer, heavy snow and freeze in winter, are all challenges for it. 

Especially in some low latitudes areas, the sultry humid climate makes the internal component get swollen, deformed even moldy easily. 

So the water and moisture resistance is specially important. How to make it qualified enough to maintain a longer lifespan, the airtightness must be good.

The common waterproof design is add rubber weatherstrips in cabinet internal, sizing glass waterproof adhesive, to make the whole waterproof level reach IP65.

For higher waterproof requests, we will put on a waterproof board on the top of the cabinet, and use professional waterproof structure design. That could resist moisture leak into the internal of cabinet. Also will protect the cabinet from direct sunlight burn.

Also, use the stainless steel to produce waterproof board, could enhance the waterproof quality. Now the whole cast aluminum cabinet has come out as well. Not only much more lighter in weight, but also could perform better in waterproof than common cabinet.