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LED Billboard Display Series


EV960 Series Energy-saving Display

  • 480*320mm Dual Service
  • 960x960mm
  • Aluminum/Steel Cabinet

Build energy-saving LED billboard for you!

Time, electricity-cost, maintenance, tranportation fee all can be reduced by this powerful advanced LED display. 3D billboard supported.


NG500/1000 Series Rental LED Display

  • 500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet
  • P1.953mm,P2.5mm,P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • Detachable Back Cover Box

High cost-effective screen for you

IP65 protection level, easy installation, strict-designed cabinets, professional inspection process – this is a powerful screen which is cost effective, and functional.

Chapter 1: What Is the Meaning of LED Billboard?

The outdoor Billboard display uses a large area display screen composed of a dot matrix module composed of light-emitting diodes or a pixel unit, combined with many modern high-tech such as microelectronics, optics, computers, information processing, etc., with strong environmental adaptability, high energy saving, and longevity.

In recent years, large-screen advertising players have become more and more widely used in outdoor advertising. Outdoor billboard display not only have high brightness, high contrast, and vivid colors, but also display dynamic images and text, active light emission, and high resolution at long distances.

Chapter 1.1 How Do LED Billboards Work?

The LED technology means there will be light emitting diodes to display images and videos. A LED billboard can be consisted of several components including LED modules, LED control cards, power box, cables, cabinet frame and fans.

(1) LED display module: 

This is one of the basic component of LED cabinet, and is consisted of LED lamp beads and driver ICs to show different brightness and color.

(2) Power box:

The power box will transform the input power to meet the requirements of LED display working.

(3) Control card:

It is the core part of the control system. A control card can receive the signal from computer and then tranforms it into the command that is compatible with LED display module.

(4) Cables:

Including signal cables and power cables. The power cables transmit the power the display needed to work, and the signal cables are responsible for transmitting control signals and data.

(5) Cooling system:

For some large LED screens, there will be cooling system to help heat dissipation to enable the stable running such as fans.

These parts consist the whole LED cabinet, and we will use numbers of LED cabinets to build LED billboard!

Chapter 2. Installation Method for Outdoor Application

Here is two installation based on different application requirements:

1. outdoor installation with front maintainance

Since there is no maintenance space behind the installation location, we can use the front maintenance cabinet and front open cabinet.

Remark: With the emergence of outdoor front maintenance modules, it will gradually replace the outdoor front open cabinets, making installation more convenient, lower cost, and more widely used.

2. outdoor installation with back maintenance ways

Outdoor back maintenance is the most commonly used maintenance method, as long as there is enough space behind it can be used for back maintenance installation, the following are common installation methods:

LED display rooftop installation
LED display standing floor installation
LED screen stand collumn installation

1. Hanging type: mainly use the designed steel structure to hang the outdoor LED display screen on the structure. Generally, it is used on the stage or outdoors when there is no wall support. In the case of temporary use of outdoor LED screens, the lifting method has obvious advantages, this type usually used in rental projects.

2. Wall-mounted: generally, a stress point is made on the wall, and the outdoor LED display is hung on the wall, and the wall is used as fixed support.

3. Embedded installation method: generally, a steel structure is added to the wall, and then the outdoor advertising LED display is embedded with the steel structure as a support. The main installation site is the external wall of the building.

4. Column type: if there is no wall or available support points around, the column type outdoor LED display installation method requires a higher steel structure and is the most common installation method. For example, outdoor advertising LED screens next to the highway are installed in a column type.

Chapter 3. Advantages of LED Billboard Display

When it comes to advertising, digital LED billboards can make your brand stand out from the rest. With the bright, vivid, and colorful display you can capture the attention of passerby instantly. There are some advantages which give it a competitive position in the area of advertising media. If you are looking for a new way to impact your potential customers, let’s have a look.

1. Long working life for different application with bright, vivid and efficiency display

The LED billboard can grab the passerby’s attention quickly and can be applied to various events such as festivals and advertisement campaigns. Compared with the traditional, paper billboard it can display dynamic content with high brightness and clear image. On the one hand, people will be more attracted by dynamic contents instead of a static one.

On the other hand, a digital LED display can still be seen clearly even in the dark night, which means it can work for you 24 hours a day, whereas printed billboard may lose the advertising function at night or need additional equipment.

2. High durability with IP65 waterproof grade.

Commonly, there is IP65 rating for digital LED billboards, meaning they can resist water and solid contaminant to a large extent and are highly resistant to damage. 

However, traditional billboards feature vinyl can be easily damageable and usually face the problems of humidity and corrosion. Moreover, you can update the content only through software. 

But if you want to change the contents displayed on the traditional one, you have to hire somebody to climb up to repaper it, and there will be additional printing costs and labor costs. The comparative lower maintenance costs will save your budgets when you take a long-term point of view.

3. More efficient use of your budgets, playing multiple messages.

Using a LED screen billboard can provide you more creativity in the content displayed at a specific time. For instance, if you own a restaurant that opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you may want to advertise to people a dish of hot egg cakes and delicious coffee in the morning, and the tasty roast chicken combo after a stressful work of the day. You can choose to capture people’s attention based on what they really want.

The benefits can be obvious as you can transfer your advertisement from this one to another one in a very short time just using a convenient software at hand without fussy preparing jobs. It will provide you higher sales volume possibility without a doubt.

If you own a LED billboard, you can use it to promote different stores. For example, if you have two stores, you can send different versions of advertisements of the two stores in different time slots. That can save you the cost of needless printed billboard and site occupation fee.

4. Advantages for advertisement companies

If you are a billboard company, you can update your traditional billboards to digital which will put you in a unique market position. That also means, you can sell the same board to different buyers at the same time, which will definitely increase your revenue and potential client base.

LED digital billboard case sharing


Chapter 4. Typical Application Scenarios with Latest Successful Cases

Nowadays, there are more and more Outdoor LED Billboard, including Shopping mall advertising screen, Highway led screen, stadium perimeter led screen, Hotel screen and LED large-screen advertisements, etc., in various forms. Today, Linsn LED will take you to see the application scenarios of outdoor LED displays with our latest successful cases.

Case 1. New Zealand P10 outdoor led billboard with size 11.52×3.84m

This LED Billboard was installed near the overpass of the city in New Zealand. It’s with 960x960mm hollow designed metal cabinet + 320X320mm IP68 LED Modules that makes the whole screen can be 100% front service.

outdoor advertising led display screen case sharing
LED billboard advertising case sharing

Case 2. Argentina P6 outdoor led billboard with size 20.16×0.96m

The curved LED screen was installed at commercial street in Argentina. It’s with different size&special designed metal cabinet + 160x160mm small size LED Modules that makes the whole curved led screen

outdoor advertising display case sharing

Chapter 5. Features and Application of LED Cabinet for Outdoor LED Billboard

Here’re 4 running models of LED cabinets designed for Outdoor LED billboard, below main features FYR:
PictureOF800 led screen for outdoor advertising EV960 led billboard signs
MaterialProfile AluminumIron/Aluminum
Size (mm)800*900 800*1200 1200*900960*960 1440*960 960*1280
Thickness (mm)9875
Weight (kg/sqm)3035 (Iron) 30 (Aluminum)
Waterproof RateIP65 front/RearIP66 front/Rear
Service methodFront/RearFront/Rear
Pixel pitch availableP4.16, P5, P6.25, P8.33, P10P6.67, P8 & P10
CostScreen budgetHighHigh
Transportation, installation & maintenanceEconomicEconomic
ElectricityEnergy savingEnergy saving
FeatureSmart & user friendlyWorry free

1. OF800- Profile Aluminum 800*900 frontal service energy saving LED cabinet

Linsn LED Billboard


1)Smart design & front maintenance

The cabinet is new design for some high end users, energy saving, front service & smarter design– except module, all other accessories: power supply, receiving card, cables all installed inside back cover, makes it more easier & quicker maintenance, and meet requirement to be applied in some special installation environment that need dual-front & rear service.

2)Handy & user friendly

The thin shape: only 98mm thickness, 800mm (W)*900mm (H): 26kgs/pc, 1200mm (W)*900mm (H): 33kgs/pc, EST. 35% lighter than Iron display. Sure it’s more economic for transportation, at the other hand, it makes handy for installation & maintenance, User-friendly.

Application: City building & downtown, high end users, budget abundant

2. Aluminum Chassis 960*960mm LED cabinet-EV960

Linsn 960 series outdoor led billboard


1)Smart design; front maintenance

The EV960 is 100% front/back service, installation method unlimited, wall mounted, special LED billboard shape design all available, 75mm ultra thin makes it looks perfect when mounted on wall.

2)High quality & worry free

IP66 high waterproof level, IECEE certified, high fireproof level, makes it worry free during application.

Application: Wild environment, especially for some places with extreme weather conditions, such as hot wave (Mid. East, Australia), Cold wave or Snowing (North EU, North RU, North US, etc); Important project for government or commercial, requires high level of waterproof & fireproof.

Chapter 5.1 How Much Energy Does EV960 Series Cost?

The energy-saving functions of Linsn EV960 are more effective, which can provide higher brightness while cost less power consumption( 152w/㎡ for 7000 nits).

Here we provide a simple chat for you to know how effective our EV960 series on energy saving.

100sqm EV960 series compared with normal cabinet
 Update P10 7000nitsNormal P10 6000 nitsMoney you save
Saving power consumptionAverage 150W/SQMAverage 300W/SQM 
1 Day288KW $18.72
1 Year10KKW $6,832.80
3 Year30KKW $20,498.40
5 Year50KKW $34,165.00
2019 US Industrial/Commercial electricity rate: 0.065/KW
Linsn LED billboard

Chapter 6. How to Choose Outdoor LED Billboard with A Reasonable Budget ?

How to choose an outdoor LED display that suits you is very important. The purpose of Linsn LED is to help you find the right one, not the expensive one.

1. According to the viewing distance and brightness :

P generally represents the pixel pitch, and the value behind P mainly refers to the distance between two LED lamp beads, which we usually call the dot pitch. And the smaller the dot pitch value, the higher the unit pixel, the btighter the display screen. Each dot pitch outdoor led display has its own viewing distance.

After the display is installed, how far away the nearest audience is from the screen is one of the important conditions for choosing an outdoor led display.

For example, the viewing distance of the led display screen P10 is ≥10M, the viewing distance of the led display screen P6 is ≥6M, the viewing distance of the led display screen P4 is ≥4M, and so on. If the closest viewing distance of the led display you make is 10M, then you have to choose an outdoor led display with a dot pitch below P10. The model can be initially determined.

2. Based on installation area:

If the minimum imaging point of the led display is 5W pixels. The display area multiplied the single square pixel of the selected model to get the whole screen pixel. Use this pixel to choose which product is suitable.

3. Different screen size with budget:

The smaller the dot pitch, the more expensive the outdoor full-color LED display. After determining the LED display model based on the above two points, you can finally determine which model to choose according to your project budget.

Outdoor full-color LED displays generally have a larger area. Although outdoor full-color displays are energy-saving products, the larger the area, the power of the entire screen will naturally increase. energy-saving design can save cost on the electricity bill of the screen. More large screen,like 50~100Sqm, required high brightness,choose P8,P10 will be more good option, competitive cost with high brightness 6500nits. If the screen size is about 20Sqm , then use P4~P5mm, High definition with final cost can be acceptable.

Chapter 7. Advice for Outdoor LED Billboard Maintenance

1. Working environment

The recommended working temperature is -20℃~ +50℃ and humidity is 10%~90%. Please notice don’t use or store LED billboard in circumstances of high temperature and high humidity.

Besides, protecting your LED billboards from leaking or metal particles entering. If dust and metal particles enter the cabinets, they will affect the stability of electronic components. If leakage occurs, please don’t use it until it is maintained and get dry inside.

2. Software and hardware maintenance

The hardware components such as wiring should be checked routinely to prevent accidents such as loose connections and so on.

The aspect of the software is noticeable, too. Keeping your software up-to-date is essential, and removing unnecessary files can help to improve the performance. The maintenance of software can ensure the timely management and control over your LED display screens and redirect the malfunctions at the first time.

3. Be careful when turn on/off the whole screen

Turn on sequence: please start the controlling computer first then tuning on the LED digital billboard.

Turn off sequence: first, please shut down the display power, then the controlling software and finally the computer. If you turn off the computer before the board, that may cause burning out.
Besides, don’t turn on/off the digital LED billboard too frequently, and the interval time should be at least 5 minutes.

Moreover, don’t turn on the screen with displaying white with full brightness, which will bring big current impact to the powering system under such max power consumption state.

4. Solution for power supply issues.

a.When connecting the anode and cathode of the power terminal, please ensure you do it correctly. Otherwise, there will be risks of burning out and fire disaster.

b.When powering the giant LED billboard, please avoid powering the whole screen at the same time because the instantaneous power may result in severe impact on your powering system.

c.Please don’t display white with full brightness for more than half an hour which may cause excess heat to the system and shorten the working life of the billboard.

d.If there are some unwanted phenomenon happens such as short circuit and switch trip, please shut down the LED displays then targeting the problems.

e.If the ambient temperature is too high, please don’t use the billboard for a long time.

5. Cleaning way the LED digital billboard

As the LED digital billboard can be exposed to the open air, dust, particles and rains for a long time, there are risks of some unwanted situation. For instance, if dust clogs the data ports, it can lead to overheating of internal components. Thus there should be scheduling cleaning work for both surfaces of LED billboard and the inside of cabinets after running a certain period.

When cleaning the LED display, please use the recommended equipment such as a soft brush and cleaner and choose the right types of cleaning agents.

6. Storage temperature recommend

The recommended temperature is -40℃ to 60℃ and the storage moisture should be less than 60℃.

If the LED billboard is powered off for more than 3 days, please preheat the display for 4-8 hours with 30%-50% of the full brightness to dispel the humidity inside the cabinet. Then you can increase the brightness to normal level at 80%-100%.

If the LED billboard is shut down for more than 7 days, please preheat it at least 12 hours at the level of 30%-50% of full brightness.

Chapter 8: Other Points to Be Mentioned & Concerned for A Worry-free LED Billboard

Here’re some crucial points to be considered in advance if you’d like a worry-free LED billboard after installation.

1. Waterproof for cable connector

Problem: For most Outdoor LED billboard, it’s IP65 front & rear, while some projects meet the circumstances that water comes in from the cables connection port.

Solution: We all use cables inside cabinet-inner routing, which will release you from the headache of this kind of problems.p

LED display screen Waterproof for cable connector

2. Policy of local government to be noticed & followed

1) Light adjustable & away from light pollution complaint

Problem: The brightness for the sun is 2000nits, it’s too dazzling when viewed from our eyes if the brightness of LED screen is over double brightness of the sun (Over 4000nits). That’s why for some EU & US countries, government allows 5000nits MAX brightness for LED display, otherwise it’s defined as light pollution & the worse situation is to be removed. Especially during night, Too shinny Screen is a headache for citizens lives near the screen. In addition, relevant research results also show that “light pollution” can easily cause damage to the cornea and iris of human eyes, causing visual fatigue and decreased vision.

Solution: Choose LED display screen with suitable brightness matched to government policy, and add an light sensor built in LED screen, which will allows your screen to adjust the brightness according to the environment automatically. Such as on Finland, government allows ONLY 300nits brightness during night, and a light sensor + timezone brightness Setting would be easier for you.

2) Installation place to be concerned

Problem: Some screens are installed very near to the Traffic LED sign, which is very similar to traffic lights in night. Drivers mistakenly think that they are driving forward with green lights, which will cause traffic accidents easily .

Solution: Avoid to install your LED screen near to these area in advance.Otherwise it might be dismantle by force.

3) Certificates needed for building

Problem: Some end users might need the certificate for building, such as fireproof level – If the building & screen is on fire, will the screen burst. Or the basic point, will the screen self-ignite during the very hot summer.

Solution: Get the screens from suppliers with certificates needed, such as us.

Anyway, when you got a pending project, welcome to share with us as much as possible details, such as installation environment with pictures, a picture tells more than thousands words, we’re happy to help you with our experience for matched solution: Timeline, Budget, points to consider ahead, etc.


We are a reliable outdoor LED billboard factory who can not only offer high-quality LED billboard display but also professional advice for you to complete your LED display projects better! Just contact us by filling in the form below to get any more information or quotation you want.