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outdoor led display

Linsn LED offers plentiful product categories of Outdoor LED Display with various pixel pitches for advertising, hotels, stores, governments, subways, enterprises, shopping malls, banks & stock exchange centers, train & bus stations, airports, and so on.

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Outdoor LED display is a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable modern advertising method, has potential on giving customers high returns on their investments. Compared with traditional printed billboards, outdoor LED displays have wider functions, higher durability, longer service life, and a strong protection level and can be used as strong commercial LED display.

In this article, we will bring you to know the most important points about outdoor LED screen, and some noteworthy knowledge points for you to do more correct decisions on your LED display investments.

A. What Can Outdoor LED Screen Do for You?

The LED display can bring you a sort of benefits to improve your business:

(1) Improve brand images by advertising your products in a more effective and impressive way;

(2) Generate other revenues by advertisements of sponsors;

(3) Increase sales volume by better propaganda;

(4) Attract audiences immediately compared with other traditional advertising methods;

(5) Super easy operation and control methods, saving huge labor costs;

(6) Convenient maintenance and repair, time and cost-saving.

outdoor led display

B. What Using Scenarios Can You Apply to Outdoor LED Display?

You can apply outdoor LED displays in many areas including shopping malls, squares, trade shows, outdoor exhibitions, exterior walls of building walls, parks, parades, marathons, sports fields, and so on.

The Outdoor LED display screen supports multiple connection methods to display images, videos, scoring, communicative games, camera feeds, text, and so forth.

The strong protection ability ensures outdoor LED displays can be used in more scenarios compared with indoor ones as this specialty is a prerequisite.

C. What Characteristics Can You Ask for Outdoor LED Screens?

1. At least IP65 protection level

IP grade consists of two numbers – the first number means the dustproof level, rating from 0 to 6, and the second number represents the waterproof level, ranging from 0 to 8. 

It is easy to understand that IP65 refers to 6 grades for dustproof ability and 5 grades for waterproof ability, meaning outdoor LED displays can be totally protected against dust and protected against low-pressure jets of water from all directions.

2. Adjustable high brightness

For outdoor LED video screens, typically the brightness should reach 5,500 nits to enable it can be seen clearly even under direct sunlight. 

Moreover, it needs to change the brightness depending on different venues and times. This function can help to save electricity costs, protect people’s eyes and reduce the risks of traffic accidents.

Please know there may be some suppliers and dealers who intentionally indicate a significantly higher brightness of their products. You can ask the supplier to confirm the brightness in the certified testing laboratory.

outdoor advertising led display

3. High-quality images

The high-quality images can be produced by high refresh rate, wide grayscale, high contrast, wide viewing angle, and great matt effect of LED display module.

High visibility and long viewing distance are all needed for SMD outdoor LED displays as the ambient light is usually brighter than the indoor environment, and the distance between viewers and the display is usually farther.

The grayscale should be 14-16bits to show detailed images and videos, and high refresh rate LED display can show refresh rate of up to 3,600Hz to 9,600 Hz.

4. Convenient operation and maintenance 

For the installation and operation of full-color outdoor LED display, it often has a large size, and the total weight is also huge.

Thus, it is vital for easy installation as complex operations or unstable structures will all increase labor costs, and also risks.

If the screen needs to be mounted on the wall, please choose screens that can be opened from the frontal, which is a frontal-service LED display. And we provide customers with dual-services LED screens with good prices and high quality worldwide.

5. Energy-saving ability

As we have mentioned before, outdoor LED display screens often own huge sizes or even gigantic ones. An energy-saving LED display can save you a bunch of money in the long term coming from its low power consumption and long working life.

Lower electricity costs also can reduce excessive heat, thus prolonging the service life of inner components

D. How Can You Install the LED Displays?

Here are multiple installation methods for you to choose from based on your specific situations:

led display installation

(1) Wall-mounted

As one of the most common installation ways of LED display, many suppliers have abundant experience in this method.

However, if you choose such a way, it may be a wise decision to choose a full-color outdoor display with frontal service available and good heat dissipation as there may be not enough room behind the display.

(2) Unipole or double-column type

These two types are usually applied for screens installed near roads and on squares. The high height can make the screen become arrestive, and highlight the contents to a large extent.

(3) Building-roof type

The LED screen will be installed on the building’s roof, and this installation method can attract people’s attention to the building effectively.

It is a modern way of advertising and creating revenues, a kind of symbol of the appearance of a modern city.

(4) Mobile type

This kind of installation method is temporary and LED displays will be installed on car, truck and bus.

This can enlarge the potential of LED display screen as the truck LED displays can move around the locations such as parks or roads, and attract more human volumes and attention than traditional fixed LED displays.

(5) Flying type

The lifting mechanisms are usually classified into three types: gear type, cone type, and bolt type.

This is a great installation method to cater to mass simultaneous viewing because of the height and also a more innovative displaying way to impress the audiences.

However, if you are going to hang the screen outside for a long time such as a week or more, it may be safer to consider the scaffold structure.

(6) Stacked Installation

“Stacked” means to put all the weight on the ground, and the screen will be braced in multiple locations to make the screen “stand” stable and rigid.

However, you need to figure out how high the bottom of the screen is. If this value is high, meaning the enormous truss structures can be expensive and time-consuming, you can turn to think about other installation methods.

E. How to Control Outdoor Advertising LED Display?

There are two control methods –  synchronous control system and  asynchronous system. Defining differences between these two control methods are easy – the former will display the same contents on the control computer, and the latter will need people to edit contents previously and then send them to receiving cards.

The advantages and limitations of them are different, too. For example, for the synchronous control system, people can almost display any input source without latency. But the control computer may become a trouble spot, resulting in no content on the screen.

Synchronous LED video display sometimes has a large size, and can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications for 4K LED display, creative LED display and rental LED display, and so on.

An asynchronous control system is suitable for repeated contents such as advertisements, slogans, and notices, where playback is relatively short, and where synchronous control systems are unnecessarily used.

F. How to Choose Reliable Outdoor LED Display Suppliers

We list some criteria for you to examine whether an outdoor LED display supplier is qualified. You can use the points we listed below to consider.

1. Abundant professional experiences

Try to focus on these companies who have abundant experience with the display type you want to purchase.

For example, some of them may have professional experience in producing traditional LED displays, but are not so skilled at some creative LED displays. Therefore, check their hands-on experiences for the type of LED screen which you really want.

2. Qualified product quality

You can check it by asking for the certifications and qualifications of the company. And if conditions allow, go to visit the factory on-site.

If the situation is not allowed – first, you can check the industry certifications. Second, ask for photos or videos of the factory. Third, search for the reputation of the company to see whether it enjoys a good reputation for its products and services.

Of course, it is necessary to ask for photos and videos of the actual visual effects of the final products.

3. Reasonable LED Display Price

You can consider the price from several aspects of the product – LED lamp light, cabinet, size, specifications like brightness, protection level, other components, and so on.

Therefore, the price range may vary, but there is still a thumb rule – the correlation between price and product quality is positive. Thus, do not choose LED display products whose prices are lower than the market too much, which will increase the risks of inferior products or laggard services.

4. Delivery Capability

The timely delivery capability can reduce the possibility of project delay and also can reflect the comprehensive strength of a LED display supplier.

Besides, transportation speed is necessary, too. And the products shall be packed correctly and carefully to make sure no bumps and damage to the LED lamp beads and components.

5. Well-around services

No matter post-sales service, in-sales service, or after-sales services, they are all vital for you to get satisfied customer experiences, and enable stable use of the products.

The LED display screen is not consuming the product as you may know, the using span may sustain 10,000 hours if you use it in the right ways and under appropriate situations. Hence, professional and in-time services are indispensable.

G. Why Choose Linsn LED As Your Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer?

As a professional outdoor LED display supplier with more than 10 years of experience, Linsn LED has served more than 10,000 customers worldwide, enjoying high popularity and reputation. So, why should you choose Linsn LED as your LED display partner?

1. Mature and advanced production line

We have equipped professional testing equipment and experienced staff in our 8,000㎡ factory areas. Applying for strict utility, we can guarantee every product we provide to our customers is high quality, durable and cost-effective.

smt workshop 2
aging workshop
linsn production factory

2. High-standard raw materials

Our raw materials such as LED lamp beads, power supply, driving chips, and cables are all purchased from famous international companies, which makes our products have inherent advantages over other competing goods.

3. Favorable prices

We provide our customers LED display with favorable prices compared with other LED display companies on the market without concessions in quality and services.

That is because of our mature production line, friendly and long-term business relationship with our suppliers, outstanding R&D ability, high production capability, and delivery capability.

4. 24/7 Worry-free services

Linsn LED provides 24/7 technical support and services to deal with your problems timely and has specialized experience in trouble-shooting because we have a special team with skilled ability and adequate industrial experience.

The well-around services have helped us gain high customer satisfaction and reputation worldwide.

5. High-quality LED display

With high contrast, wide grayscale, high refresh rate with stable operation, long life span, and outstanding image quality, our LED display screens have high quality and great cost-effectiveness.

Choosing our products can be one of your wise investments!

6. As a mature and experienced outdoor LED display manufacturer, Linsn LED provides customers with the best price LED display with high-quality LED displays and modules!

We have a team for you to help complete every LED display project with well-around 24/7 services all the time.

To Sum up

Outdoor LED displays can play an important role in many events and locations. Choosing the right outdoor LED screen company is vital to maximize investment and gain high returns.

Linsnled has excellent production capability and strict utility, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality LED displays at good prices worldwide. For any more information or inquiry, just contact us right now!