8 Factors Influence Outdoor LED Screen Cost!

In this article, we will discuss how to calculate outdoor LED screen cost from various aspects including size, design, transportation, location, maintenance, energy cost and so on to tell you how to estimate the budget of your outdoor LED display project. To figure out this can help you find a reliable supplier to perfect your business and may save you a bunch of money.

Now, let us begin!

Outdoor LED Screen Cost - Fundamental Factors

1. LED display base cost

There are two base costs for you to consider except other factors: LED cabinet cost and LED control system.

The price of LED display cabinet is determined by cabinet materials, PCB board, power supply, driving IC, LED lamp beads, and so forth, and of course, the size.

It is recommended to choose LED cabinet with 16:9 ratio as this screen ratio can be compatible with most of video sources, and meet aesthetics.

More advanced operating system will cost you more, for instance, wireless connection will charge more than hard-line connection. And if you want to achieve some additional functions such as temperature monitoring, there may need some auxiliary equipment such as temperature sensor.

2. Maintenance Cost

Common maintenance costs happen when there is requirement of replacing power supply, receiving cards, LED display modules, LED lamp beads, and so on.

You can cooperate with companies who have reliable extended warranties to help reduce repairing charges. Also, professional technicians of the sales team can also limit the costs, too.

3. Installation

You may need special installation staff to finish it. Moreover, design of the installation project will also impact on the final budget.

For example, if you choose stacked method, there may need a scaffold structure. 

outdoor led screen cost

If you turn to “flying” structure, that means the screen will be rigged to either an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or some other support structure from above.

4. Electricity expenses

This part of cost has direct relations to quality of LED screen. If you purchase a high-quality LED display, it may help save you more energy costs than you think. You can get the actual power consumption from suppliers.

Here are three points for you to figure out before calculating the value:

(1) Hours used per day:

How many hours will you use the display per day? You can choose the average number to apply.

(2) Average power consumption:

Choose the average power consumption of the LED screen in watt.

(3) Electricity price:

To get this, please check local electricity bill or global electricity prices. 

If you want to save some money on this part, you can choose energy-saving LED display, or calibrate your screen.

We have different ways to calculate the costs to get a probable cost or a more accurate cost. You can refer to this technical essay LED Display Power Consumption to know useful details!

5. Transportation fee

The import costs, shipping costs, tax or tariff for different countries and religions are different. 

Compared with sea shipping, air shipping is more expensive but can save you more time. The expenses of the latter one is about five times expensive than the previous one. And the delivery date is about 25-30 working days from Shenzhen to LA by sea while it takes about 3-7 working days by air.

If your project is urgent, you can consider air shipping, otherwise you can choose other shipping ways to save money.

6. Location cost

Locations with huge human traffic will charge more expenses than places with less pedestrian volume. For instance, downtown, shopping malls, main highways, attraction spots, toll stations, bus stations and subway stations. 

outdoor led display price

7. Spare parts

You can buy some parts from your suppliers in case there is no more spare LED modules with the same color or same brightness.

Generally speaking, a trusted LED display suppler will provide 3% spare parts and 2 years warranties for each bulk order.

8. LED display specifications

As you may know, brightness, pixel pitch, viewing distance, size, contrast ratio, refresh rate will all determine the outdoor LED display prices.

Brightness is measured as nits, the higher the number of nits, the brighter the display, and the higher the cost. Choose brighter screen with lighting sensor can help to reduce operating costs and replacement cycle.

Pixel pitch refers to the density of LED lamp beads on the screen. The narrower the distance between two neighbouring LED lamp beads, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the images and videos.

It is obvious that higher-standard specifications will lead to higher outdoor LED screen cost. 


In this article, we list 8 factors that will have necessary impact on the outdoor LED screen cost. Here is no actual outdoor LED display price range as you can see, as it depends on many aspects. But you can have your own outline, and then think about it from these points we have discussed in the article.