How to Get Outdoor LED Screen Rental Price? Excellent Guide Here!

What is the outdoor LED screen rental price? And how to increase incomes by working with an outdoor rental LED display? In this article, we will give you guidance about estimating the potential outdoor screen hire cost, and how to improve your potential profits! 

Reading this through, we believe that you will get some useful information.

1. How to Calculate Outdoor LED Screen Rental Price?

The rules are simple, typically, we have two methods for you to find out the reasons. Here we will give you some examples:

1.1 Method 1. Based on LED Cabinet Units

For example, if the rental rate for the LED panel is H dollars per unit, and has X units in width and Y units in height:

X LED panels in width

Y panels in height

The total amount of LED display panel: X * Y = Z units

Day 1 cost: Z units * H per unit

And the LED screen rental prices for the consecutive days can be calculated as 20% of the first day prices. 

outdoor LED screen rental price

1.2 Method 2. Based on the Size of LED Display to Estimate Outdoor Screen Hire Cost

Screen width in feet * screen height in feet * Price per unit = day 1 rate range

Consecutive LED Rental Cost:

The consecutive costs generally are 20% of the first-day charge.

Now, we take an 18 feet * 12 feet LED screen as an example, and the renting period is 3 days. We set the price per square feet as 50$, so how much will you pay for it?

Day 1: 18 * 12 * 50 = $10,800

Day 2- 3: 10800 * 0.2 = $2,160

Total: 10800 + 2160 *2 = $15,120

Thus, the LED rental display rate for this 3-days LED display is around $15,120

Now, here we have discussed these most commonly two methods of calculating rental LED screen fees, now we can move on to the next part – how to maximize your ROI (return on investment) to improve your profits? We will give you some thumb rules!

1.3 Minimum LED Screen Rental Cost!

If you’re thinking about renting an LED wall, be prepared to spend at least $3,000. LED technology can be costly, and the labor and resources needed to operate the equipment can also add up. 

If this amount is beyond your budget, you might want to think about renting a regular TV or projector instead, based on your viewing needs. Alternatively, keep reading to discover ways to reduce the expenses.

2. Improve ROI of Your Rental LED Screen Project!

ROI means the return on investment, meaning how much benefit you can get from your purchase. You may have such a question – how to maximize ROI on your LED display rental project? Here we will give you some advice to follow!

2.1 Tips for Contents on Your Screen

Try to show your content in a more effective and attention-attracting way. There is a point that can be neglected sometimes that showing contents are different from writing or drawing something to a paper, you may need to adjust the format, the appearance of them when you want to display them on a LED screen! 

Therefore, we will give you some ideas to expand more possibilities and avoid potential mistakes.

(1) Engage first, advertise better

If there is no one noticing your contents, then there will be no one advertised. This is helpful for you to display some engaging content like games and camera feed firstly to engage the audiences enough, and then advertising the products. This is one way to enlarge the potential profits.

(2) Keep the content concise and precise

Just keep the content simple and precise to improve reading experiences because people prefer short and thematic content. 

For instance, making your text brief, big and bold can increase readability a lot.

precise and accurate contents

(3) Animated or static

Choosing to show the contents in motive or static status depends on your budget and the things you want to perform.

For example, creating animated content will cost your budget, and sometimes the static effect can highlight your core point much more. Of course, animated ones can help to attract people’s attention immediately, and you should choose your advertising strategies based on the specific situations.

(4) Highlight your main points

Just try to emphasize the most necessary sections on your rental LED signs, for example, select to make them font bold or adding some font shadow effects.

The contrasting colors and brightness for your foreground contents can impress the audiences even with a long viewing distance.

2.2 Increase Sponsorship Revenus

Before you start your sponsorship scheme, here are several questions for you to draw the portrait of your sponsors quickly:

a.What are your sponsor’s marketing objectives?

b.Who will be your sponsors? The cinema owners or a beverage company?

c.What you can offer to your sponsors such as higher brand images and loyalty? And which one can meet their specific goals?

d.Who is the decision-maker of the sponsorship campaign? Is it the communication relationship team or the marketing department?

e.When to launch the sponsorship campaign? And generally around a half of companies will make their sponsorship decision in the last quarter.

After you ask these questions to yourselves, you might get a group of potential sponsors, thus making a more targeted strategy better.

(1) Tired sponsorship LED display proposal may be attractive

Setting a tiered sponsorship package for selection can create a win-win situation. You can choose to display a priority sponsor 80% of the time on the rental LED screen and give low-level sponsors 20% of the time, or you can provide them with the print-only list.

With this tired plan, you can serve more sponsors, and offer more flexible schemes for them.

(2) Expand your business line

You can offer your sponsors screen-related services such as material-making options and on-site operation to expand the business line, thus improving income.

3. Best LED Wall Rental Prices - from Linsn LED

If you’re looking to enhance attendee experiences and generate revenue at your events, renting an LED display could be a fantastic option. This detailed guide to LED screen rental projects is designed to answer all of your questions and help you maximize your event’s efficiency and potential profits.

MA500/1000 Series Outdoor Rental LED Display

  • 500*500mm LED Display Cabinet
  • P1.953mm,P2.5mm,P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • Indoor or Outdoor is Available
  • Front or Rear Dual Maintanance
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part

NG500/1000 Rental LED Display

  • 500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet
  • P1.953mm,P2.5mm,P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • Detachable Back Cover Box
  • Support Right Angle Installation for NG500
  • Indoor & Outdoor is Available
  • Front or Rear Dual Maintanance for NG500
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part

4. High Cost-effective Rental LED Screen Display Options

Linsn LED is always proud to offer customers from worldwide high-quality LED displays at the best price! Although the rental LED display prices can be varied from different manufacturers, we have the confidence to provide you with the most competitive products at a satisfactory price.

As one of the China LED display manufacturers, Linsn LED has outstanding production capability and delivery ability. We have professional experience in LED display manufacturing for more than 11 years:

(1) Over 10 Years of Experience

(2) 110+ Countries Solutions

(3) 8,000㎡ Factory Areas

(4) 5000㎡+ Production Capacity

(5) 7/24 Hours Service

(6) 3 Years Warranty & 5% Spare Parts

We have wide product catelogues for your rental LED screen projects including indoor LED rental LED display, outdoor rental LED display, creative LED display, flexible LED display, GOB LED and so on!

5. Get Right LED Wall Rental Cost!

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