Top 11 LED Screen Suppliers & Helpful Advice for Examining and Choosing!

How to choose reliable outdoor LED screen suppliers in a logic and quick method? How can you choose the most appropriate outdoor LED display? In this article, we will give you the key information! Now, let us start.

Part 1. Questions to Ask While Choosing Outdoor LED Display Supplier

For you to target the ideal outdoor LED display screen in the highest efficiency, here we mentioned you some questions to consider before choosing screens. 

1.What is the maximum calibrated brightness of the LED screen you propose?

For outdoor LED video screen, typically the brightness should reach 5,500 nits to enable that it can be seen clearly even under direct sunlight. 

Please know there may be some suppliers and dealers who intentionally indicate a significantly higher brightness of their products. You can ask the supplier to confirm the brightness in the certified testing laboratory.

led display brightness testing

Professional Brightness Testing Equipment for Examining Our Products

2.How much the grayscale? How many bits are allocated to process each color of the screen picture?

Grayscale is a range of monochromatic shades from black to white. Therefore, a grayscale image contains only shades of gray and no color. In a simple word, the higher the grayscale, the more colors you can choose to display on the screen.

LED display screen with grayscale up to 16-18 bits are made with 16-18 bit color processing and the maximum number of displayable colors up to 18,000 trillion. Besides, this index also influences the brightness of screen.

3.What refresh rate can be presented?

This indicator provides a stable perception of an image. High refresh rate means there is no distortion in dynamic horizontal and vertical stripes when your eyes rove over the screen. And high refresh rate LED display can show refresh rate up to 3,600Hz to 9,600 Hz. 

4.Does the screen have an automatic brightness adjustment system and an automatic system of brightness uniformity?

The automatic brightness adjustment system can provide viewers with comfortable image perception at any weather conditions. Moreover, it can save you a bunch of electricity costs and also prolong the service life to 20-30%.

And, the automatic system of brightness uniformity can ensures up to 99% illumination uniformity across the entire screen surface. 

To check this system availability, you have to demonstrate basic colors including red, green and blue one by one on different brightness levels on the screen.

5.Is there built-in system of color correction and color temperature adjustment?

High-quality LED display will equip with color correction and color temperature adjustment system to allow to adjust color temperature over a wide range from 2,000 to 9,000 K.

6.Can the screen retain a high-quality image with brightness reduction from 100% to 1-2%?

When working in TV studios or applied together with other projection devices LED screens, the LED screen should still perform its full capabilities starting with 1-2% illumination brightness.

7.How can you ensure safe operation in different operating conditions?

The built-in self-monitoring system allows real-time checking of operating temperature, voltage supply and many other characteristics within each LED modules. 

The system will improve safety of the whole screen greatly to prevent unexpected failures and fire.

8.Does the proposed outdoor LED display supplier have qualified production facilities?

The production facilities have direct relevance to the actual product quality. You can ask for whether the plant is equipped with robotics of world-leading brands, test-bench and other equipment as well as aging workshop.

You can also check some certifications such as CE, Rohs, ISO standards.

9.What can the LED screen management system do for you?

The screen management system should do these things for you:

(1) Playback audio and video content;

(2) Achieve various special effects such as window sizes adjustment, transparency, rotation, and so on.

(3) Simultaneous display of several images.

(4) Can achieve full resolution, enables to display high resolution pictures and videos such as 4K resolution at a rate of 60Hz.

(5) Easy and simple interface for even a novice.

10.How about the fire-resistance ability of LED screen?

You can ask for the actual fire-resistance level of the screen. There will be some special technics such as using polycarbonate with UV stabilizers for resistance or using heat-resisting material for the cabinets.

11.Whether the LED cabinet thin and light-weight?

The thin and light-weight LED cabinet can save storage room and also transportation fees for you. Besides, it can facilitate the installation and maintenance a lot.

Moreover, thin cabinet will improve the heat dissipation to avoid risks of spontaneous combustion and over-heating thus prolonging service life.

12.What services can the outdoor led screen manufacturers provide?

The service you can expect including three parts: technical services, onsite services and post-service project plans.

First, the professional technical services can guide you to deal with all potential technical questions during the rent term. 

Second, on-site service. For example, if you want to rent LED display, there should special staff to set up, operate and disassemble the screen after project.

Third, post-sale services. This part includes reasonable quotation list, timely answers and mature project plans. 

In other word, you can consider this factor from post-sale services, during-sale services and also after-sale services.

Who Are Reliable Outdoor LED Screen Suppliers?

Before we choose outdoor LED screen suppliers, here are several aspects for you to consider from. Here we will list them for you:


Product itself is always the core element of deciding whether you will do the investment. Here are several factors involved for you to know.

(1) Quality

Please be noticed even the specifications sometimes seems not so different with each other, the actual production process which decides the final product quality may have huge differences.

For example, the inner components, the materials of cabinets, the LED lamp lights and many other details will all contribute to the final visual effect and service life. Therefore, pay more attention to the actual product qualities will give you more assurance.

If condition available, it is better for you to visit the factory on site including production line and factory area. Moreover, do not purchase LED screen with prices much lower than market price as there will be some malicious sellers using inferior products to counterfeit good products.

(2) Transportation

By common consent, this factor include three elements: delivery capability, delivery speed and package quality.

Generally speaking, outdoor LED display will not be a small one. You may need a bunch of LED display modules. Therefore, enough delivery capability is necessary, and the delivery speed should be ensured so that your events will not be affected.

And the products shall be packed correctly and carefully to make sure no bump and damages to the LED lamp beads and components.

2.Outdoor LED Display Price

Typically, the prices are vary because they are based on many factors including types, locations, avalibility, size, components, and so forth.

What is more, there will be a positive correlation between price and product quality. Therefore, you should not choose products with prices that do not conform to the norm as they may be inferior products, or lack of services. 

As you may know, LED display screen is not consuming electronic products. If you operate it under normal conditions, the life span can reach 10,000 hours. 

That is why after-sales services are so important cause if there is any problem, you may have to turn to technicians for help. And if the outdoor LED display suppliers can not provide you with reasonable and immediate solutions, there are risks of lose.

3.Certification and Qualification

There are three steps for you to check the certifications and qualifications.

First, you can check the industry certifications. Second, ask for photos or videos of the factory. Third, search for the reputation of the company to see whether it enjoys a good reputation for its products and services. 

Of course, having official websites will be a plus for an outdoor LED display supplier.

4. Auxiliary Equipment

There are two parts of this point: software and hardware. You can take them as the same important as the screen. 

For example, LED video processors and LED controllers will all have significant impact on the final visual effect such as brightness adjustment and pixel-by-pixel calibration.

What is more, easy -operating software. Especially when you are a novice, it will necessitate a simple and clear software interface.

5.Professional Experiences

There are many outdoor led display manufacturers on the market. However, not every of them has abundant experiences in the production of the LED display types you want.

For example, some of them may have professional and significant experiences in flexible LED display, and some of them may not have such enough skills.

In a word, just because a company appears to have done a large scale work, it will not have them being the best fit one for your project. Therefore, check their hand-on experiences for the type of LED screen which you really want.

Why Should You Choose Linsn LED as Your Supplier?

Who We Are?

Linsn LED is a professional LED display supplier who has more than 11 years’ experiences in this industry, and has already severed more than 10,000 projects worldwide.

We provide high-quality SMD LED display, GOB LED and DIP LED display for both indoor and outdoor use. The product series include rental LED display, fixed LED display, frontal-service LED display, creative LED display, poster LED screen, transparent LED display, perimeter LED display, and so on.

What We Do?

We design, produce and provide high-standard LED displays to our customer worldwide, and 24 hours all-around customer services including free technical support, post-sales and after-sales services.

We have built huge reputation among the industry, and establish good business relationship with many international LED display material suppliers like Nationstar, Epistar, Novastar, Kinglight.

LED display aging workshop

Why Choose Us

High-quality LED Screen with CE,RoHs,FCC,UL Certificates; Strict Quality Control and Efficient Company Management;  Professional Overseas Sales Team&Technical Engineers;  Provide Customized Products with High Efficienty;  Be Responsible, Do What We Promise, Eager for Strategic Partnership.

a. 8,000㎡ factory areas

Linsn LED has advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment and strict uality. We have professional production line, aging test workshop, storage room and so on.

b. 5000㎡+ production capacity

The high production capacity ensures Linsn outstanding delivery capacity to meet your market demand.

Linsn LED has outstanding delivery capacity with large and qualified production area to ensure timely delivery of goods to your events and projects.

c. Qualified certifications

We have a wide range of related certifications, for instance, CE, RoHs, FCC, UL. All the products we deliver to our customers will be examined and tested strictly.

d. 110+ Countries Solutions

We have accumulated abundant experiences in this field, served around 10,000 LED display projects around the world, enjoying high reputation.

e. All-around services

The professional overseas sales team and technical team can offer you all-around customer services 7/24 hours.

What is more, we can provide you with high customized products to meet your different requirements for different events and conditions. 

f. Competitive products with reasonable prices

We provide a series of LED display screen and LED control card. The features they all have can be concluded but not limited to as below:

1. Ultra-high refresh rate

The latest IC chips with high-standard LED lamp beads help to achieve high refresh rate of setting up to 3840Hz, meaning no white lines or flickers when people viewing or shooting the screen.

2. Ultra-high contrast ratio

The great matt effect can increase the contrast ratio levels, and gives sharp image quality with high gray scale levels.

High contrast ratio not only can improve visual experiences, but also visuality.

3. Quick installation and maintenance 

We provide a wide range of LED screens with quick installation and maintenance ability. Both frontal and back services are available. Further, the thin and light-weight cabinet also facilitates transportation and storage. 

4. High definition, 4K processing

We support various input such as HDMI, DVI, SDI and DP up to 4K, and support to build LED screens to any size with such high resolution.

5. Convenience operation

Easy and understandable interface and using process all convenient users and allow them to operate the screen or LED controllers effectively and easily.

In a word, choosing Linsn LED can be a wise idea as we have all the conditions that can benefit your investments from products to services, prices to quality and experiences to reputation!


In this article, we discussed how to pick outdoor LED screen suppliers. The questions you should ask before making the investment decisions and features a reliable LED display supplier should have are also listed. We believe read it through will give you more advantages on making wise LED display investment! For more information about LED industry, welcome turn to our LED FAQ page now!