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This article aims to explore possible ideas of outdoor rental LED display to see whether rental LED display can boost your human traffic or play its roles. Now, just start and to explore in which event you can have such versatile assistant!

What Should I Notice Before Outdoor LED Display Rental?

1. Book in advance

When there is peak period, sometimes rental LED display will be booked out. Just contact the supplier in advance to avoid such conditions.

2. Parameters such as pixel pitch

Choose the right pixel pitch based on viewing distance, and appropriate screen sizes based on your actual needs.

Or you can just consult with the staff to make sure these details. Generally, they will give you a detailed proposal.

3. A reliable supplier

You can pick up a reliable supplier by some points such as asking for photos of their factory, or past customer cases.

Also, you can search them online to find the reviews and feedbacks.

4. The package and transportation. 

If you want to do a giant LED screen rental business with the supplier, meaning there will be a huge number of LED display module to transport. 

So keep in mind that the products should be packed correctly, and the transportation shall be safe and intime to ensure your events will not be affected.

5. Delivery performance

During peak season, the product of some experienced and reputable LED companies will be out of stock. That is why preparing ahead of schedule sometimes can win you more advantages.

20 Ideas for Outdoor Rental LED Display Applications!


A rental LED wall can be the great solution to let the attendees see this happy moment. It can display the camera feed, the photos of the couples, and video record of them and their families. Furthermore, it can be a receptionist, an atmosphere-maker to create a fairy-tale aura – if you wish. It will definitely put the newlyweds right in the spotlight.

2.Outdoor Music Events

An outdoor rental LED screen can meet the visual requirements for attendees who even are far away from the stage. Through this screen, all audiences can see clearly what are going on the stage with the best contrast and high bright images even under direct sunlight.

What is more. LED display screen can cater to mass simultaneous viewing because the size can be customizable.

outdoor rental LED display for music festival

3.LED Screen for Church

It is supposed that outdoor rental LED display is ideal for creating an interactive, engaging worship service to make everyone get the same immersion experience. For instance, it can help church goers follow the service by projecting messages, or let them get up close with the pastor and choir.

4.Outdoor Theater

This is a common activity you can meet in many universities and communities. The high definition of rental LED displays can be up to 4K, and adjustable brightness can protect audiences’ eyes from damages. Not only full-color modern movies it can display, the classic black and white flicks also can be showed with 18+ bit gray scale.


Graduations is a highlighted point for students to celebrate, and a rental LED display will allow the crowded events to see every graduate. This will be great moment for friends and parents to the loved on in the center stage in the big, high-definition LED display.

outdoor LED disply rental for graduation

6.Public speaking

It is no doubt that good quality LED screens will make the speech gain a better effect no matter you want to inform the audiences somethings or propoganda some ideas. The big rental LED wall can outstand the speaker and attract others attention. Besides, renting LED display screens are a cost-effective way compared with buying one because such activities will be only hosted for one day or several days.

7.Community activity

No matter you want to host a lively community outdoor party, or a charitable flea market, it is one of the best way to arise people’s enthusiasm and to enlarge the scale of your activities if you want.

8.Trade show LED displays

A rental LED wall can let your trade show stand apart from other trade show exhibitors and auctions. The big screen will allow you to show your products details and information such as discount prices and product list.


You can hire traditional rental LED display and mobile rental LED display in the events to display sponsors, race results, camera feeds and event happenings.

10.Ball game events

Renting a LED display screen can show the live to every audience, and can be LED scoreboards, display sponsors and to avoid violations better because every actions can be catched.

11.Roadside advertising

Events managers will often rent temporary digital LED board to display messaging, directions, advertisements and news.

12.Drive-in events

Outdoor drive-in displays allow people to gather in the community while safely quarantined from other cars, which are an important point to gather people in a safe way in the midst of global pandemic. This kind of event includes socially distanced tailgates, graduation ceremonies, church services, concerts, ect.

outdoor rental LED screen for drive-in events


The LED screen can display real-time donation tickers or call-to-action slogans to raise funds for your events and causes.

14.High school sports

Generally, high school sport event will last for several days but not longer, which means renting one may save a large sum of money for you. And it can display scoring, video, messaging to students and spectators, whatever you want.

outdoor LED display hire for high school events


Hiring a mobile LED wall at parades can display dynamic, crowd-capturing content to encourage more people engaging in this run.

16.Corporate events

Such activities are various including employee seminars, conferences, hoilday parties and trade shows. The outdoor rental LED display can be utilized to display related contents such as PPT to the employees.

17.Movable advertisement

Outdoor mobile rental LED screen can give you the flexibility to reposition the screen to play the advertising role at most as possible. For example, you can move the advertisement to the entrance of subway at 6:00 pm to show your delicious and attracting set dinner and the location to encourge these tired, hugry commuters to your resteruant. And in the morning, just move the advertisement board to the community gate to present your nice and hot muffins set.

outdoor mobile LED screen for advertisement

18.Ribbon cuttings

Placing the outdoor rental LED displays in your ceremony for business expanding, anniversary or celebrating another milestone. This can add the solemn and also excitement to the ceremony.

19.Country club events

Create first-class experiences for your club members by supporting the special events such as member-guest tournaments and pool parties.

20.Political rallies

One of the best ways to display signage and camera feeds of speakers in the political rallies as the outdoor LED rental displays have high-resolution, high contrast and customizable size which all can help to enhance positive impression and influences of the speaker.

For more knowledges about outdoor rental LED screen, welcome trun to our page: Ultimate Introduction of Rental LED Display.

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Rental LED Display?

1. Engage viewers

An outdoor LED display usually has a comparatively large size, thus can make sure people can still see what is going on even far away from the center.

This can engage and entertain them a lot, and keep them connected!

2. Modular design with multiple sizes and shapes available

One of the most obvious advantages of rental LED display is the modular design which makes it can be constructed into different shapes with creative design.

An innovative-design display can add more funs to your events, and impress these people a lot.

3. Mobile LED screen rental

Wanna reach as much audiences as possible? Then you must not miss rental mobile LED screen!

This moving screen car can advertise your contents everywhere, and does not like traditional fixed display, all passerbys can enjoy the creative contents on it.

4. Professional-level images

High brightness, high contrast ratio, and wide grayscale ensure the high-quality images and videos the display can show you.

Unlike LCD display, outdoor rental LED display has higher protection ability and better parameters for outdoor events!