A Rising Start in LED Market – Outdoor Transparent LED Display
outdoor LED transparent display

With the accelerated pace of urban construction, glass walls, a high-end building material, are becoming popular. As a rising star in the display industry, outdoor transparent LED screen is widely used in glass walls, stage displays, outdoor advertising, and new retail. With its advantages and creativity of thinness, no steel frame structure, invisible installation, and good permeability. Outdoor transparent LED display appears in city landmarks, municipal buildings, airports, auto 4S stores, hotels, banks, chain stores, etc.

The difference between traditional LED display and transparent display

the transparent LED display

traditional LED display                                                                      transparent LED display


Traditional LED display

Transparent LED display










What is Transparent LED Display

The LED transparent display is changed from opaque to transparent. It reduces the occlusion of the light panel and structure to people’s sight, and people can see the scene behind the display screen. Therefore, the content to be played is three-dimensional, making people feel like an object suspended in the air. At the same time, it is also convenient for people to observe the objects behind the screen, which is of great value to window advertising.

two specific ways to implement this idea

1. By adding a hollow design to the traditional LED display, and then matching the new SMD, driving circuit, control system, and new module structure, we can realize the optimization and innovation of LED transparent display.

2. It is formed by splicing light bars and has a special structure and signal processing method. Some of them use LED light beads to emit light from the side, making the LED transparent display more transparent from the front. Front-lit LED transparent displays are not as transparent as side-lit displays. However, when viewed from above or below, the transparency is better than that of the side light-emitting module (the occlusion area is different from different angles).

hollow design

splicing light bar design of the LED display

splicing light bar design

The Difference between Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen

1. Environmental requirements

Indoor transparent LED display generally does not need to have waterproof and windproof requirements due to the location of use, while the outdoor LED display must be waterproof and dustproof because of the diversity of the use environment, and generally can reach the IP65 protection level.

2. Brightness requirements

The strong outdoor light has high requirements on the brightness of the outdoor LED transparent display, which is generally above 4000CD/m2. If the brightness is not processed well, or if there is reflection, etc. The viewing effect will be affected. The indoor LED transparent screen does not require such high brightness, generally around 2000CD/m2 will be enough.

3. Different viewing distances

Outdoor LED transparent screen has a relatively large area and a long viewing distance, generally 10 meters away. The indoor transparent screen has a small area, and the viewing distance is relatively close, generally within 10 meters. So the requirement for pixel density outdoors is not as high as indoors. Outdoor LED transparent screen recommended to use Witum 7.8mm and 10.4mm, which indoor recommended using 3.9mm.

4. The cost of raw materials

Many factors affect the price of LED transparent screens:

First one is that the material of the light beads is different, so the quotation will be different.

Second is pixel pitch. Under the same area, the smaller the pixel pitch, so the cost will naturally increase.

Third is size, with the same point spacing, the larger the screen, the higher the cost.

Advantages of the New Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

1. High light transmission:

Depending on the spot size of the transparent LED display, the transmittance can reach about 50-90%. The transparent effect allows the glass to retain the function of natural light and perspective. It is almost impossible to see the existence of LED lights from a distance.

2. Small size:

The main display board is slim, only 10mm thick. After installation, it takes up almost no space and does not interfere with other devices or structures near the glass curtain wall.

3. Cost saving:

It is lightweight, easy installation, no need for complicated supporting steel structure, saving a lot of installation costs.

4. Easy and fast maintenance:

The maintenance is fast and safe, and it can also save manpower and material resources.

5. Save architectural lighting costs:

If an LED glass wall (transparent screen) is installed, so a large part of the lighting can be stored on the outer wall. At the same time, the LED display is more attractive, which can save costs and have advertising benefits.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection:

Each LED strip is made of aluminum alloy with a transparent surrounding, thus allowing good self-dissipation. There is no need to build a cooling system like a traditional LED screen.

7. Simple operation and strong controllability:

It can connect to the computer, graphics card, and remote transceiver through a network cable, or it can control wirelessly through a remote cluster, and the content of the screen can change at any time.

8. Highly integrated light bar structure, high product stability:

Unique electronic circuit designed to reduce the number of connected light bars. Each 16 light bars share a set of power and signal connectors. Under the same conditions, the probability of a bad connection is reduced by 94%.

The Infinite Development Prospect of Transparent LED Screens

In recent years, with the expansion of market demand in the LED display industry, LED products have shown a diversified development trend.

With the continuous improvement of transparency and stability of LED products, the continuous reduction of pixel pitch, the development of 5G, and the application of AI and other technologies, more functions of LED have been explored. It is not only a product, but more a manifestation of a new business situation and life application, and brings more value to the society!

LED transparent screen occupies a place in urban beautification construction with its new presentation method and thin and light appearance design. As a market segment of LED display, outdoor LED transparent screen brings unprecedented visual experience and new application experiences to everyone. And it enriches the types and presentation methods of LED display products and provides customers with more choices and possibilities.

outdoor transparent LED screen

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Transparent LED Display

We do not recommend using large-pitch specifications for small-area displays, but it is possible to use small-pitch specifications for large-area displays.

For example, for an LED transparent screen of about 20 square meters, it is recommended to choose 7.8, not 10.4 or 12.5. But for more than 50 square meters, 3.9, 7.8, and 10.4 would be great. If the budget is sufficient, the effect of choosing 3.9 is better. However, it is more economical to pick a model above 7.8.

In addition, it needs to be considered comprehensively according to the environment and budget. For example, the outdoor display brightness requirements are higher than indoor’s, and the outdoor screen must be waterproof.

After understanding the difference between the two types of screens, you don’t have to choose the LED transparent display blindly.







LED Type





Pixel Pitch





Ingress Protection





Viewing Distance










Module Dimension


500*500 500*1000

500*500 500*1000

500*500 500*1000















The outdoor LED transparent display can be described as a hit with the glass wall because of its lightness and thinness, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good transparency. Not only does it have no sense of incongruity when installed on the glass wall, but due to its fashionable, modern, and technological atmosphere, it also adds a special aesthetic to urban architecture. 

different kinds of products

Different kinds of products

features of transparent LED display

As a leading LED display manufacturer, Linsn continuously develops and upgrades transparent LED displays and offers a variety of transparent screens for architectural glass windows, glass walls, shops, bars, exhibitions, shopping malls, etc. Our products have the characteristics of high transparency, lightweight, intelligent control, simple operation, high refresh rate, energy-saving, etc. With those excellent features, our outdoor transparent LED display has gained a great reputation in this field, won everyone’s recognition in the market, and received extensive attention and enthusiasm.