P10 LED Display Board to France, Best Price and Quality!

P10 LED Display Board

The P10 LED display board is a widely and powerful tool for advertising, monitoring and interacting outdoor for commercial LED display or urban construction. With a P10 LED display screen, any outdoor location can be improved a lot and be input more energy, excitement and more functions. Moreover, as the pixel pitch does not belong to fine pixel pitch, thus the price is also affordable, but the effect is still outstanding.

We have completed many projects of P10 LED module and P10 LED panel, and each of them all received high customer satisfaction from our customers worldwide. Today we will take a customer who wants a high cost-effective outdoor LED display with high refresh rate 3840Hz to be placed in his large football field as an example. We will talk about the project details and relevant product recommendations!

P10 LED Module Board to France

Installation Country: France

Pixel Pitch: P10mm

Display Size: 39.36m*0.96m

Module Resolution: 32X16dots

Module Size: 320X160mm

Cabinet Quantity: 41pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots

Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

LED Lamp Bead: Nationstar

Application: Football field

For this customer, we recommended our MA960 series, which is very suitable for outdoor fixed installation and has a strong protection ability to prevent water-entering, and excellent heat dissipation.

To achieve his high requirement for displaying effect, we equipped him with Nationstar LED lamp beads, 3840Hz driving cards, and internationally-renowned receiving cards. 

Reliable Waterproof Ability

Linsn MA960 owns high waterproof capability up to IP65, which can resist water and moisture effectively to prolong their service life, and protect inner components.

High-standard Components

We apply for high-standard LED display components from LED lamp beads, receiving card, sending card, connection cables, frame and so forth.

We have built friendly business relationships with many international-famous companies worldwide, enabling we can produce high-class products and also provide them with our customers at a good price.

Well-around Product Design

1. Quick and solid lock

The side lock and connecting lock are all easy to use, and can support a solid structure of the whole LED display screen. For some projects that need a large number of LED display cabinets, this is an indispensable requirement as the lock can decide the safety of the screen.

2. Ultra lightweight

High precise design, no redundant design, MA960 LED display has lightweight of only 26Kg and can save your budgets, and easy for transportation and moving.

3. Stong cabinet framework

The cabinet is made of Magnesium Alloy, a material that has strong sustainability and excellent ability of water-prevention and heat radiation.

MA960 LED cabinet is a wonderful and suitable cabinet for outdoor LED display, and in this case, we received a high comment from this customer as this P10 LED display board showing vivid images with endurable features that can protect itself in this changeable environment, and generating many profits such as sponsorship income for him. Welcome contact us for any information if you want, or join us Free Sample activity!