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P10 LED Panel and P10 LED Module Detailed Introduction. You can get the full information of outdoor p10 led panel, such as the p10 led module price,specifications and how to buy the right p10 led module for your led display applications.

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P10 LED Panel is usually also called P10 LED module, which is an important part of LED display.P10 means The Pixel Pitch is 10mm,the distance of each led pixel is 10mm. now it is popular used for Outdoor advertising LED Display with good price and stable quality, It has DIP LED and SMD LED Type, You can buy it according to the different applications and enviroments.

P10mm RGB LED Module usually adopt DIP346 LED, and P10mm SMD LED Module mainly adopt SMD3535.You can download the Different Brand LED Chips Datasheet such as Nationstar,Kinglight,Xindeco.

P10mm DIP346 & P10mm SMD3535 LEDs Datasheet Download
LED ModelLED Brand
Dip LED Panel and SMD LED Panel

According to different display colors, P10 LED modules are divided into single color led modules, dual color led modules and full color led modules.

P10mm Single Color LED Module

As the market changes and development, all P10 single-color and dual-color LED modules now use DIP346 LEDs, which are mainly used for led message signs to display text information or animaiton. Such as outdoor traffic information led signs, discount information led banner signs. The P10 monochrome module has a very low price. If you only need to display information, then choosing the P10 monochrome module is a good decision. It can be red, green, blue, white, etc.

P10 single color led panel

According to different usage environments, led module can be divided into indoor led module and outdoor led module.

P10mm Indoor LED Module

Indoor LED modules generally use SMD LED 3in1, and outdoor LED modules are divided into DIP series and SMD 3in1 series. P10mm indoor led module size is: 320x160mm with SMD3528 LED Chip.the brightness is about 800 nits, it is widely used for the led background wall in the night bar to show the lighting effects,Since the market demand for indoor P10 LED modules is very small, we will not introduce too much here.

p10 indoor led module

P10mm Outdoor LED Module

We will focus on outdoor P10 DIP LED modules and outdoor P10 SMD LED modules. both of them are IP65 protection for waterproof requirement. they are widely used for outdoor led display.

P10mm DIP RGB LED Module

At present, outdoor P10 DIP has DIP346 1R1G1B and DIP570 RGB 3IN1.

DIP346 1R1G1B means that red, green and blue color are separated, and 1R1G1B be a LED pixel.

DIP570 RGB 3IN1 means that RGB three color in one LED, so we call it 3IN1.

The brightness of DIP LED can reach to 10,000 Nits, but the led cost is a little higher than SMD LED, and the display effect is not as good as SMD. but DIP LED has the long life time up to 5-10 years

P10mm SMD RGB LED Module

The outdoor P10 SMD series uses SMD3535, its brightness is generally 5500-7000nits, the price is cheaper than DIP, the display effect is better than DIP LED too, so the market share is much larger than DIP LED, but for bad weather conditions, SMD LED is not good enough for it,There will be quality problems such as dead LEDs and display mosaic etc. The lifetime of SMD LED is generally 3-5 years.

P10 SMD LED screen have better visual performance than DIP LED display as it has narrower pixel pitch generally, and more colors to be displayed. 

If the weather and environment are not so tough, P10 SMD LED screen can be your first choice.

SMD LED and DIP LED Viewing Angle

SMD and DIP LED they have the same viewing distance, but viewing angle is different, SMD LED with viewing angle 140 degree horizontal and vertical, DIP LED only has the viewing angle 70 degree horizontal and vertical. So when you require a wide viewing angle,it is better to choose SMD LED for your led panels. Now nationstar led has the high level brightness-Reestar LED, it can achieve the high brightness with wide viewing angle, it is the best choice for the high-end led panel projects.

Outdoor P10 LED Module Sizes

Outdoor P10 LED panel size are mainly 320x160mm, 160mmx160mm, 320mmx320mm.

160x160mm suitable for P10 DIP346 RGB LED module and P10 SMD Full Color LED Module.

320x160mm is suitable for P10 DIP Monochrome, P10 SMD full color module and P10 DIP570 led module

320x320mm is suitable for P10 SMD Fullcolor LED Module and P10 DIP570 LED module

P10mm LED Module SizeP10mm LED TypeService Method
160mmx160mmDIP346/SMD3535Rear Service
320mmx160mmDIP570/SMD3535Rear Service
320mmx320mmDIP346/DIP570/SMD3535Front & Rear Service
Outdoor P10 LED module sizes

P10mm Outdoor LED Module Consumption

Now more and more customers want to buy the led module directly and build the led display screen by themselves. if you want to know how to build the led display ,please click here.

Here we listed the P10mm led module power consumption for you. it will be useful  to choose the right led power supply,you can caculate how many power supply you need according to this p10mm led module datasheet.

P10mm LED Module

Input Voltage

Input Current

Power Consumption







7000 -10000 nits






6500-7000 nits






6500-7000 nits






4500-5000 nits






6500-7000 nits






6500-7000 nits

P10mm LED Module Price Comparison

The P10 DIP monochrome LED module has the best price. If you just need to display text information, then the P10 monochrome module is your best choice.

The P10 SMD Full Color LED module is the most cost-effective. It has a good display effect and is suitable for most installation environments. for now, SMD LED owns almost 80% Market.

The P10 DIP full color includes DIP346 and DIP570, which are suitable for certain specific environments and regions. such as desert and freezing areas, you can choose P10 DIP led modules when the brightness requirements are very high. the price is a little higher than SMD LEDs because of its stable quality.

Applications of P10 LED Display

P10 as an common pixel pitch, the related displays can be used in a varity of industries and sectors such as transportation, advertising, airport, community, lighting, and so on.

It is widely used in this areas because of these features: 

High brightness and contrast ratio; waterproof ability for outdoor applications; stable performance in different environments and climates.

(1) Public subway stations or metro stations: P10 LED display can be used for displaying schedules and advertisements;

(2) Airport: guiding aircraft along their takeoff and landing runways, or broadcasting route information and schedule;

(3) Advertising billboard: compared with traditional printed billboard or LCD display, P10 LED display has higher protection ability, and is self-luminous.

(4) Stage performance: more and more stages are applying LED display as the background to enhance the overall stage effect. We also have a set of mature stage LED display solution.

(5) Education: schools can integrate the system into classrooms for an interactive learning experience.

(6) More……

P10 LED Module Specifications

We have collected the P10mm outdoor led module specifications for free download, these models are hot selling items in the market, If you have any questions about the p10 led module price and specifications, please feel free to contact us.

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