P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display for Tbilisi, Georgia

When you watch a football match in the largest stadium in Tbilisi,Georgia, you will find that the stadium is surrounded by many long LED displays. We are very proud to tell you that these displays are made by Linsn LED. This big projects has used up to 240pcs 960*960mm LED display cabinets and the total width is up to 240m. Very impressive! Isn’t it?

P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display

You will love this sports perimeter LED display for its vivid visual effect with high brightness. As a leading LED display manufacturer, Linsn LED understand your need for high quality product. This sports LED screen is made of the highest quality components in order to give you the best service performance. This sports LED display comes with high quality LED connectors, LED display modules, soft masking on edges, adjustable back bar brackets to meet all your requirements.

P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display

Project Case Description

  • Installation Country: Georgia
  • Pixel Pitch: P10mm
  • Module Resolution: 32X16dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
  • Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
  • Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots
  • Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
  • Application: Sports Perimeter LED Display.

LED Display Modules

Outdoor SMD LED screen modules is used for this LED screen, The pixel pitch of this SMD module is 10mm. It has a high brightness performance with 320mm*160mm size and 32*16 (512) dot pixel. the P10mm LED module is high waterproof with IP65 level, and can fully meet the requirements of outdoor usage, in the meantime the module is high brightness to ensure the sports LED display has high visual display for viewing even in under strong sunlight.

P10mm LED display panel
P10mm LED display panel
P10mm LED display panel

Soft Pillow

As seen in the following images, Linsn LED 960mmx900mm Stadium Perimeter LED display is equipped with long and soft pillow on the top of LED cabinet. This special part not only protect playes but also LED display to avoid harm, damages and collisions as much as possible; 

P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display

Adjustable back brackets

Linsn 960mmx900mm sports perimeter LED Display is a display with great visibility for sports fans! The adjustable brackets can secure it to fixed objects ground, whipping up enthusiasm and excitement at events such as NBA championships, Football World Cups, Olympics and so on. The Sports LED Display is the perfect addition to any sports events, adding excitement and attitude to sports perimeter. Its adjustable brackets make it easy to set up in any space and audience size.

Soft Module Mask

Linsn sports LED display has Soft Module Mask to protect LED from scratch and can effectively reduce the damage of the module by against fall of objects various objectsand, balls or other impact.
Stadium Perimeter LED Display

We offer the best high quality sports LED display for stadiums. we have a team of well trained installation & engineers. we can install the sports LED Display in your stadium with in a short span of time without any hassle. Want do customize your Stadium Perimeter LED Display?  contact us and our professional tech team will give you best solutions for your requirements and installations.