P2.5mm 640×480mm LED Display for Australia Customer

Thanks for our Australia customer, we have finished our P2.5mm LED Display with 72 hours aging test in Linsn aging room. This LED screen uses 20pcs 640×480mm series frontal service LED display cabinet, 120pcs 320×160mm P2.5 pixel LED display modules and 1pcs High hardness Aluminum standing structure. The total LED display is 6.144 square metres in area. Firstly let me show you the first glances of the final finished product. 

Is it beautifull? What do you have in mind? Send us message to give your feedback. In the next part, let me show you the deatil of this LED display project.

Project Case

  • Country: Australia
  • Display Height: 1280mm
  • Display Weight: 4800mm
  • Display Area: 6.144/㎡
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm
  • Module Resolution: 128X64dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Size: 640X480mm
  • Cabinet Material: Magnesium Alloy Cabinet
  • Cabinet Resolution: 256X192dots
  • Cabinet Density: 49,152 dots/cabinet
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz
  • Project Date: 2021.04.15

Structure Drawing

Linsn LED has professional tech team to give you Installation structure drawing and calucate the weight and height of LED display. As customer’s requirements, we use 4800mm×2500mm structure to fix the P2.5mm LED screen. As you see, the P2.5mm LED video wall is installed with 10×2 array.

P2.5mm 640×480mm LED Display Structure Drawing
P2.5mm 640×480mm LED Display

640×480mm LED Cabinet

In the meantime customer told us they need a ultralight screen cabinet for easy carry and fixed installation with customized structure, it is clear that our MA640 Series LED display will be a good choice. MA640 Series LED display cabinet is made with Magnesium Alloy material, the cabinet is ultralight with only 5.5kg

640×480mm LED Display Cabinet
640×480mm LED Display Cabinet

P2.5mm LED Screen Module

When we have analyzed the installation environment, we recommend our Australia customer to use indoor 320×160mm P2.5mm LED panel. For indoor application, P2.5mm LED Display module is a good choice. With high refresh rate and pure black mask, the best viewing distance is 2.5m to 25m, which is very suitable for indoor display. With 128dots in width and 64dots in height, each LED sign panel resolution is up to 8,192 dots (128X64dots), which make the P2.5 LED video wall has good visual effect and clean display performance in indoor location.

P2.5mm LED display module
Front Viewing
P2.5mm LED display module
Back Viewing

Frontal Service Design

Besides our customer stress that there is no room at the back of the display, they need a screen which can be accessed from the front of video wall. As you can see from the above, this 640×480mm LED Cabinet is designed with frontal maintenance, the back cover is enclosed and the LED module is magnetic adsorption LED panels. Magnetic LED Panel makes the cabinet is accessed from frontal, which make the LED panels can be quickly replaced, assembled, disassembled, saving you installation room and labor cost.

640×480mm LED Display Cabinet
Frontal Service LED display

Amazing Display

The advanced assembled structure produces seamless display and visual effects. Okay! Thanks for your reading! now let’s enjoy some wonderful works of our P2.5mm Frontal Service LED display which will be shown in Australia.
640×480mm LED Display
P2.5mm 640×480mm LED Display for Australia Customer