P3.33mm Double Sides LED Advertising Poster
P3.33mm double sided LED display is Linsn LED another creative LED display.  Compared with other big size LED display, P3.33mm double sides LED poster is small, lightweight and easy-taking. and is widely used in stores, malls, railway station, 4S Auto Shop, exhibition and more.
P3.33mm Double Sided LED Advertising Poster

Linsn LED double sides LED poster use high quality LED display moudles and High hardness LED cabinet, offering excellent visual effect with high refresh rate and clear image. The LED poster size (Not including cabinet edge) is 640mm*1280mm as you see in the image below.

P3.33mm Double Sided LED Advertising Poster
Now Let’s drill down to the details to see each components of LED poster. Before we get into the details, we need to understand more about the cabinet structure.

Cabinet Structure

The cabinet is designed with Aluminum material, which has the features of ultra-high hardness and stable, light, solidity and beautiful appearance. As shown in the following figure. the cabinet has two rings in the top, this feature make the cabinet is easy for hangling installation. Besides, the cabinet has two door locks at the edge of one side, allows easy open for cabinet.

P3.33mm Double Sided LED Advertising Poster

LED display Panel

This Double Sided LED Advertising Poster use 320mm*160mm outdoor LED display module and the pixel pitch is P3.33mm. P3.33mmmm LED display Panel is made by high quality surface-mount device (SMD) LED and high stable driving IC , Each LED panel consists of 96*48 (4608 dots) pixels, as shown in the above figure, the led display poster has 2pcs LED display modules in horizontal direction and 8pcs panels in Vertical direction, and each LED poster consists of 73,728 pixels in total, bringing the audience the perfect visual enjoyment.

P3.33mm LED display module

High Stable LED Power Supply

8pcs high quality MEANWELL LED display power supplis are adopted to ensure the LED advertising Poster working stableily with long-term lifespan, and provides reliable guarantee for the safety and high efficiency running of LED display.

P3.33mm Double Sided LED Advertising Poster

Customizable Pixel

As P3.33mm LED display panel is Linsn LED standard series LED display panel with the same size 320*160mm and Screw hole, this Double Sided LED Advertising Poster support more pixel such as P4mm, P5mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm which also has the the size of 320*160mm. which means you can change the LED panel pixel without changing the structure

320mmX160mm Standard LED Module

Double Sides LED Advertising Poster Project Case

  • Installation Country: France
  • Pixel Pitch: P3.33mm
  • Module Resolution: 96X48dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Size: 640X1280mm (Not Includes Cabinet Edge)
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum Material Cabinet
  • Cabinet Resolution: 192X384dots
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz
  • Project Date: 2021.05.03

Aging Test for LED Poster