P3.91 LED Display Screen Full Introduction 2024!

The popularity of the P3.91 LED display in the field of LED screens stems from its high cost-effectiveness and high resolution, and many customers are interested in this pixel pitch LED screen.

If you are interested in it, want to learn more about it, or make a purchase, then take a look at this article! In this article, we will delve into detailed information about it, including types, applications, products, installation, features, and more.

1. What Does LED P3.91 Mean?

P3.91 stands for “pixel pitch,” indicating the distance between the center of one pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel on the LED display screen. In this case, P3.91 means that the pixel pitch of the LED display is 3.91 millimeters.

A smaller pixel pitch generally brings higher resolution and better image quality on the LED display.

p3.91 led module

2. Five Types of P3.91 LED Display

When you select this pixel pitch screens, what types can be chosen from? Typically, there are five types: P3.91 outdoor/indoor/GOB/rental/transparent LED display.

2.1 P3.91 outdoor LED display

P3.91 outdoor LED display has many outstanding features such as high brightness and sunlight resistance, waterproof and dustproof ability, durability to resist shocks and winds with long life span, and long-range viewing effect. 

2.2 P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

High definition, realistic images, energy-saving and eco-friendly design and front maintenance available are all advantages of P3.91 indoor LED screen.

Also, the strong customization in terms of size, shape, and functionality according to customer requirements can meet the display needs of different occasions.


MA250 Thine and Light LED Display

MA250 series supports double-sided installation to show contents on both two sides! 

The design is flawless, incorporating user-friendly maintenance tools, cabinet connections, and power ports. Front service is facilitated for the LED display module, power box, and receiving card, ensuring easy access and convenience.


2.3 P3.91 GOB LED Screen

P3.91 GOB LED display screen is a high-end LED display product. GOB stands for “Glue On Board” in English, which refers to the “glue packaging technology.” This kind of display can effectively reduce the impact of dust, moisture, and other external factors on the display effect.

GOB LED display adopts advanced glue packaging technology to bond LED chips and other components together, improving the display screen’s impact resistance and waterproof performance, as well as enhancing display effects and color performance. 

It is suitable for various indoor applications such as conference rooms, stage performances, exhibitions, etc.

p3.91 gob led module

GOB LED module has strong protective ability to resist water, humidity, UV, static, collision, pressure and so on.

The high-sealing surface protect it from impacts and outside factors such as sands, dusts and water.

Here is the test video of our GOB LED module’s protection ability and flexibility.

2.4 P3.91 Rental LED Display

P3.91 indoor rental LED display and outdoor display all support real and front maintenance, and the cabinet is usually lightweight and thin. Also, it allows for right-angle installation to make different structure and design. All these features make sure the rental LED screens can be disassembled quickly and deliver to the next event locations easily.

P3.91 rental LED display is specifically designed for rental applications, such as concerts, trade shows, conferences, and other events where a temporary display solution is required.

ma-y p3.91 rental led display

MA-Y Rental LED Display Series

MA-Y rental LED display is engineered for curved setups. It features a curvature adjustment capability, with increments of 3° ranging from -6° to 6°. To assemble a complete circular LED Display, a total of 30 cabinets are necessary.

ma-y curved installation supported

2.5 P3.91 Transparent LED Screen

The key advantages of P3.91 transparent LED screen can be the high transparency, which allows light to pass through the screen.

With a pixel pitch of P3.91, the transparent LED display can provide high resolution and image quality, making it suitable for displaying detailed content and vibrant visuals.

It can be installed on windows, glass facades, or other transparent surfaces to provide a better advertising angle without obstructing the line of sight.


P3.91 Transparent LED Screen Cases

3. Installation Guidance

In this chapter, we will discuss the installation methods of LED display P3.91. Overall, there are three ways of its installation including wall-mounted installation, hanging installation, bracket installation, curved installation, etc.

(1) Curved installation & right-angle installation

With our display that can support curved installation, you can build convex or concave displays easily.  The curved locks usually support +-5 degrees or +-7.5 degrees of curvature.

(2) Wall-mounted installation

This is one of the most common ways of LED display installation. To achieve this installation way, the front-maintenance display is better for leaving more room for maintenance and quicker assemble and disassemble.

(3) Hanging installation

The screen can be hung on the ceiling or other places with hanging beam, and the benefits of this installation way can be space saving, easy maintenance, better versatility and higher visibility.

(4) Mobile installation

The LED panels are mounted on mobile carts or trailers for flexibility and portability. This type of installation is ideal for events, roadshows, and temporary displays that require easy setup and relocation.

4. Why Should You Choose P3.91 LED Screen / Modules?

There are many reasons for you to choose P3.91 LED module or screen. P3.91 LED screens and P3.91 LED modules have their unique advantages in various applications. 

For example, in a shopping mall, the high resolution of P3.91 LED screens can showcase detailed product images and advertisements effectively, attracting customers with clear and vibrant visuals. 

Meanwhile, the flexibility of P3.91 LED modules allows for creating dynamic and customized digital signage displays that can adapt to different spaces within the mall, enhancing the overall shopping experience for visitors. 

Here we list some of the most useful advantages for you to know the reasons clearly.

4.1 For P3.91 LED Display:

(1) High definition, high refresh rate

The high-definition P3.91 allows the screen to provide high-resolution images and videos with clear image quality.

Also, it supports a high refresh rate of up to 3200Hz to show people exquisite picture quality.

(2) High cost-effective

Compared with LED screens with smaller pixel pitch such as P2 LED screens, the price is much lower. Also, a mature production process achieves a lower failure rate to reduce costs further.

(3) Adjustable high brightness level

For outdoor applications, P3.91 LED screens can provide adjustable high brightness levels up to 5500-6500nits to ensure the screen can be seen clearly under direct sunlight.

(4) High color fidelity:

The screen supports 16-bit grayscale, and the outstanding color fidelity means the ability to accurately reproduce the true colors of objects, resulting in more vivid and natural color effects in images or videos.

(5) Quick-disassembly structure

The quick-disassembly structure of the LED cabinet facilitates rapid installation. This design feature allows for easy disassembly and reassembly of the LED display screen, typically through the use of fast locking devices or other mechanisms.

The quick locks can connect cabinets quickly and stably with flat surfaces. What is more, some of the P3.91 LED cabinets support front maintenance and magnetic adsorption, meaning you can remove and install the cabinets within seconds!

This design highly facilitates the construction, and save lots of labor and simplify the installation process a lot.

(6) Seamless splicing

CNC precision processing, with an error less than 0.01mm, truly achieving seamless splicing.

(7) Energy-saving features

The eco-friendly advantages of LED technology, low power consumption, long life span up to 10,000 hours, mercury-free and UV-free features and precision lighting.

4.2 For P3.19 LED Module


P3.91 250×250mm Outdoor LED Module

P3.91 indoor led module 250×250mm

P3.91 250×250mm Indoor LED Module

(1) Free splicing

P3.91 LED modules can be flexibly combined and spliced into different shapes and sizes and is suitable for customized screens.

(2) Easy and quick maintenance

The module supports front and back maintenance and is easy to maintain and replace. The reasons for the easy maintenance can be explained below:

a. Flexible installation

LED display modules are usually designed into standard size and shape, and can be installed on different structures easily. Also, you only need to connect the power cables and signal cables to light up the modules.

b. Highly-integration design

It integrates LED driver chips, circuits, a heating-dissipation system, LED lamp beads and other components to facilitate the installation process a lot, and customers do not need to purchase and install these components separately.

5. Using Scenarios of P3.91 LED Screen

The P3.91 LED display offers exceptional resolution and vivid color reproduction, making it perfect for concerts LED displayconference LED screen, trade show LED display, stage LED screen and so on.

(1) In retail environments such as shopping malls, storefronts, and product showcases, the P3.91 LED display serves as an attention-grabbing tool to advertise products and create immersive visual experiences for shoppers.

(2) For control rooms in command centers, security monitoring stations, and traffic management centers, the P3.91 LED display’s high brightness, contrast, and color accuracy enable the display of critical information, surveillance footage, and real-time data with utmost precision and reliability.

(3) Stage performances, theater productions, and live events greatly benefit from the P3.91 LED display’s high refresh rate and seamless image quality. It ensures vibrant visuals and dynamic content, providing an engaging visual experience for both performers and audiences.

(4) In corporate environments like boardrooms, lobbies, and meeting spaces, the P3.91 LED display excels in presentations, brand promotion, and information dissemination. Its sharp image quality and versatility make it an invaluable asset for effective corporate communication and branding efforts.

For its high protection ability and high-resolution images and videos, the screens can be used in various indoor and outdoor applications!

6. Customer Cases Gallery - P3.91 LED Screen

P3.91 Cube LED Display

Linsn 500*500mm P3.91 LED display is quite suitable for cube LED display as it supports right-angle LED display with super-thin PCB board of 2-3mm. 

This cube LED screen has a small seam between two panels, which allows only little concession to the smooth displaying of videos and images.