P3 Smart LED Poster | P3 Digital LED Poster Full Instructions

As a new trend in the smart LED display industry, smart LED poster is undoubted occupying more and more market share globally. P3 smart LED poster, as one of the hot product modes, has also gained increasing sales volume.

What Can A P3 Smart LED Poster Do for You?

What charateristics a P3 smart LED poster should have?

1.Slim and Light

The LED poster display should be slim and light enough to facilitate the installation and operation. Also, as the features of LED poster display, it is needed to placed in conspicuous place so that the elegant appearance is also an important factor.

The slim and light design also endows the screen with a sense of science and technology.

2.Flexible Structure

The adjustable back brackets which support put-in and out can adjust angles to meet more customers, and simplify the operating process.

LED Poster Display

3.High Reliability

The display should use high-quality raw materials such as driving IC, serviceable LED lamp beads, strong frames and so on.

A qualified LED poster display can serve for around 8-10 years or even longer without fatal problems. The raw material is one of the determining elements that contributed to the final working life.

4.Strong Interactive Ability

The interactive ability is the main feature of smart LED poster display. For P3 smart LED poster, it has multiple interactive functions that can attract human traffic, and boost potential benefits.

Moreover, as P3 smart LED poster belongs to small pixel pitch LED display, it is suitable for such actions that need short distance.

The functions include:  

1)Information inquiring:

The information can be various to contain, such as commodities, news, layout of the buildings, storeys, and database.

2)Promotion activities:

Promotion activities are no doubt attractive and can give customers a good impression to improve customer satisfaction. If you want to hold such activities, the traditional method may be giving out leaflets, holding special performances, and setting promotion points. However, any of them may cost you a budget as all they need tangible materials and special staff particularly working for.

With a smart poster display, you will not such cost. You can set interesting games in the system to interact with customers, let them win the discount by themselves, that seems exciting, right? As people usually will treasury the things that need the effort to get. Besides, you do need any other materials to support the activity, and the poster LED display will manage the data for you automatically.

Never forget it is also a versatile tool, which can bring you a higher profit margin which may be higher than previously thought.


P3 LED poster display supports various media formats such as FLV, Flash, AVI, and so forth. It can display static pictures and also videos.

Most of LED poster screen will support synchronous & asynchronous control systems, so you can control and manage the advertising contents remotely and in real-time.

P3 LED poster screen has high refresh rate and high definition, which can display the content vividly and smoothly.

How to Control P3 LED Poster Display?

P3 LED poster screen supports multiple control and management methods through both synchronous & asynchronous control system in real-time and remotely.

The operation can be conducted through PC, smart phone, Ipad. Just tap on your phone, you can achieve real-time management within seconds.

Watching the video below to know how to control it through mobile phone:

Touble Shooting of LED Poster Display

1)When start/power off the display, interference fringe happens on the screen.

Usually, this phenomenon is happened due to the interference of graphics card signals. Try to adjust the position of the display or the card.

2)When power on the display, there is no response.

This is a common problem. You can try to use multimeter to detect the power supply. If the light is on, meaning the power supply is working normally, turn to detect other components.

3)No images displayed on the screen, and instruction light flickering.

Check whether the connection between the display and the signal cable is loose, and check whether there is problem on the interface of the signal cable. Besides, check the driving card system to see whether there is any trouble.

4)Short circuit:

We provide four methods to detect the problem:

a.Resistance detecting:

Use a multimeter to examine the value of resistance of a normal circuit board and other boards to find out whether the values are different from the normal one.

b.Voltage detection: check the ground voltage of a certain point of the circuit that you think has problems on it and compare the detected value with the normal one.

c.Voltage drop detection:

First, power off the display to avoid risks.

Second, use the drop function to detect the value of voltage drop of different pins. Generally speaking, pins on the same type of integrated circuit should be the same.

d.Short circuit detection:

First, power off the screen. Second, use a multimeter to find out where is the short circuit.

This method is very quick and simple, right?

However, LED poster display is stable, and can serve you more than 10 years without big problems most of the time. So you don’t have to worry about there will be many technical problems need you to cope with.

Usage Scenario

As P3 LED display belongs to the  There are various usage scenarios that P3 LED poster can be applied:

3)Shopping mall
4)Bus station
7)Urban construction
9)Smart city construction

Linsn LED Poster Display Recommendation

Linsn the latest LED display screen – Iposter series indoor LED poster screen with the size 640*1920mm, has high cost-efficiency and excellent play effects.

Slim and Light

Only 35Kg with the scientific inner layout, the poster display is thin and light.

This can be easy to install and move, saving your time and energy a lot.


Adjustable Brackets

4-Wheels bracket supports the display rotate freely, and the content can show to more customers who stand at different angles.

Stable and strong, we use high-quality brackets to enable the poster LED display can move, stand and store safely.

bracket poster led smart display

Perfect Play Effect

Equipped with high-quality LED lamp beads and driving IC, Unit LED poster screens own high brightness, high contrast ratio and high refresh rate.

Refresh rate: 3840Hz

Contrast ratio: 5000:1


Easy Installation

Our LED poster screens support multiple installation methods including bracket standing, hanging, base standing, and cascading installation.

The installation process is easy, just with several steps you can complete it.


For more about our Iposter series, welcome contact us or turn to the product page: Iposter LED Poster Display.


 IPoster Series 
  Indoor series
 MODELP 2P 2.5
LAMPLED TypeSMD(1515)SMD(2121)
MODULEPixel pitch2mm2.5mm
LED module size160×80mm320×160mm
LED driving method1/40 dynamic scan1/32 dynamic scan
CABINETLED module layout(H×W)12×212×2
Display area1.06m²1.06m²
Cabinet size640×1920×35mm640×1920×35mm
Net. weight/set45kg45kg
Ingress protectionFront IP40/Rear IP40Front IP40/Rear IP40
PowerAC 240/100±10%AC 240/100±10%
ServiceabilityRear serviceRear service
DISPLAYMax.Power consumption500W650W
Avg.Power consumption 150W195W
Viewing angle(H/V)160°/160°160°/160°
Brightness800~1000 nits800~1000 nits
Pixel density(pixel/m²)169,344279,936
Contrast ratio4,000:14,000:1



-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%
Lifetime(50% brightness)80,000hours80,000hours
Refresh rate≥2880Hz≥2880Hz