P4.81mm LED Display for Landesmuseum Zurich

When you visit LANDESMUSEUM, ZÜRICH. you will have chance to experience virtual reality which allows visitors to learn about various aspects of Burckhardt’s thought while simultaneously exploring the opportunities which digital media offer to contemporary historiography. One part of virtual reality, as following image,  is a giant LED display with outline resembles a triangle.

P4.81mm led display for Landesmuseum

This LED display is connected with 36pcs P4.81mm 500*500mm LED display cabinet. the triangle side length is 4m with 8pcs LED cabinet. you can check the design drawings as following picture:

P4.81mm led display for Landesmuseum

The LED Cabinet we use is Linsn MA500 LED display, which features magnesium alloy cabinet, dual service front/rear desigh, light and thin, high refresh rate, high gray scale level, high definition. More information please check: Linsn MA500 Rental LED display

Magnesium Alloy LED Display

P4.81mm Triangle LED Display Project Case

  • Installation Country: Switzerland
  • Pixel Pitch: P4.81mm
  • Module Resolution: 52X52dots
  • Display Area: 9㎡ (Square meters)
  • Module Size: 250X250mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 36pcs
  • Cabinet Size: 500X500mm
  • Cabinet Material: Magnesium Alloy Cabinet
  • Cabinet Resolution: 104X104dots
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz

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