The Latest P4 Outdoor LED Screen to Brunei!

P4 Outdoor LED Screen to Brunei

For customers asking for P4 outdoor LED display with stable functions, clear visual effect and high cost-efficiency, we recommended our MA960 LED display series 

Installation Country: Brunei

Cabinet mode: MA960

Display Size: 36.863㎡ (19.2mX1.92m)

Pixel Pitch: 4mm

Brightness: 5500-6500 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet Material: Aluminium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Maintenance Method: Dual Service

Application: Outdoor Wall-mounted LED Display

P4 outdoor LED screen

MA960 - Outdoor LED Dislay Series

√960*960mm LED Display Cabinet

High precision Magnesium Alloy Cabinet

Indoor & Outdoor is Available

Fixed Installation, Rental, or Perimeter sports LED display

3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part


960*960 Cabinet, 320*160 Module

LED display cabinet with size 960*960mm and LED display module with size 320*160mm, the standard LED screen can be assembled and maintained quickly and easily. It is very cvonvenient to make different LED display screen with different sizes.

p4 outdoor led panel

Perfect LED Cabinet Design

The well-around design containing quick lock, easy side lock, light cabinet frame, delicated design and so on can be easy for installation and maintenance. The humanized handlebar makes the moving of display easily.

Ultra Lightweight LED Cabinet

The ligh weight of LED display cabinet facilitates the whole operation and installation, and also improves the heat-dissipation ability.

This feature is especially important for outdoor LED display as the environment may be changable.

High Waterproof Capability

The improved waterproof capability ensures no water-entering when the display is placed outdoor, ensuring high protection level and low risks of moisture.


This P4 outdoor LED screen has outstanding visual performances such as vivid images, strong waterproof ability and heat-dissipation. MA960 series has high-standard product criteria and can be used to make large outdoor LED display and so forth. For more information about LED displays, just contact us right now!