Linsn P4 Outdoor Soft LED Module Factory Price

1. Introduction

With the development of society, the flexible LED module has been unable to meet the current people’s high standard requirements for the perfect combination of shape and practical effect. However, the emergence of outdoor soft modules has got rid of the pain point that traditional soft modules are only installed in indoor environments and have no waterproof function.

The emergence of outdoor soft modules can meet indoor/outdoor installations and can also be arbitrarily shaped, front and rear waterproof processes, and multiple screens are displayed simultaneously.

The displayable curved surface eliminates viewing blind spots, satisfies people’s pursuit of high-quality display screens, and has waterproof advantages and display effects that traditional soft modules cannot match.

The module can be assembled after special treatment, inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, and corner screen display surface.

P4 outdoor flexible LED module is mainly used in various application fields such as outdoor central squares, exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, airport stations and other public places, and many other media release and display places.

p4 flexible led display module

2. Main Characteristics

① Module standard size 320X160mm, low current, low heat, high contrast, high refresh rate;

② The bottom case is equipped with 16 magnets, each with a magnetic content of 2500 GS, which makes the bonding force between the module and the cabinet stronger, and the height of the magnet can be adjusted, effectively improving the flatness and use the effect of the screen;

③ Supports front and rear installation/maintenance design, and the front& rear waterproof technology meets the requirements of IP65 waterproof level;

④ The module lamp surface has a protective mask to protect the lamp beads, anti-reflection, and prevent solid dust from entering;

⑤ The honeycomb design pattern on the back cover of the bottom case is very visually beautiful: the back cover of the bottom case is detachable, which is convenient for maintenance, better protects the components on the back of the module from being damaged, and prevents the module from entering the water;

⑥ The anti-fall safety rope is used in combination with reinforced magnets to improve the safety level of use and prevent the module from falling due to strong wind in the environment or high-altitude installation;

⑦ The PCB board is made of flexible soft board, and the bottom shell is made of silicone material, which has good flexibility and eliminates static electricity.

3. Outdoor Soft LED Module Appearance

p4 flexible led module back and front

Front side & Back side

flexible led screen module back

Excellent Waterproof & The rear cover of the module is removable for easy installation and maintenance

safety rope

4. Parameters

ModelP4 outdoor soft led module
Technical ParametersPixel configuration1R1G1B(full-color)
Lamp package specificationSMD1921
Pixel density (dots/㎡)62500
Module size320X160X12
Module resolution80X40
scanning10 scan
Standard constant current ICDouble cache
Refresh rate(Hz)1920hz
Change frame rate(Hz)60hz
Gray level(bit)12bit
Assembly diameter1019mm
Curved arc≥162°
Signal InterfaceHUB75
Module Bottom Shell MaterialSilicone soft cover
Module weight (g/sheet)600g
Flatness (mm)≤ 0.6 mm
Protection LevelIP65(Sealed cabinet)
Installation/maintenance methodFront installation/maintenance
Optical parametersBrighteness(cd)5000 cd
Color temperature(K)9000-9500 K(adjustable)
coordinatesX:0.2800  Y:0.3000  ± 0.01
Horizontal/Vertical Viewing AngleX:140°  /  Y:120°
Electrical parametersSupply voltage DC (V)5V
Maximum current DC (A)6A
Maximum power consumption30 w
Input voltage AC (V)220 V
Peak power consumption (w/m2)600w
Average power consumption (w/m2)170 w
Use parametersTypical value of life (h)100 000 h
Working temperature range (°C)-20—50 ℃
Working Humidity Range (RH)20%—90%RH

5. Diagram of Screw Holes

6. Key Components for P4 Soft LED Module


Model (Only for reference)

Power supply

Input voltage

AC 110/220V


Working frequency



The output voltage



Output Power


Control system

Sending card



Receiving card

(Linsn-Novastar- Huidu-etc.)

Video processor

2 in 1 Video Processor



Sheet metal cabinet

(Cylindrical cabinet-Curved surface cabinet-Corner screen cabinet)

7. Demonstration with LED Cabinets

p4 sofe led module customer case

Cylindrical LED screen before powered on & Cylindrical screen after powered on

high flexibility p4 led module

Inner arc display & Outer arc display

Corner screen before powered on & Corner screen after powered on

8. Flexible LED Module Application Scenarios

p4 flexible led display applications
p4 soft led module applications