P5 Indoor LED Display for Race Course in Finland – Real Customer Case

Have you ever joined the exciting and dramatic horse event? Looking at the horses rushing on the field, and immersing in the gripping and match results, that sounds very intersisting and uplifting, right? For people who sitting in the playing room, clear screens are necessary for playing the race in real-time, and that is why our P5 indoor LED display can leverage the vital role in the hours upon hours races.

Pictures from the Scene - P5 Indoor LED Display

P5 indoor LED display to Finland, indoor led display module
p5 indoor led screen
P5 indoor led display screen

For our customers from Finland who needs the indoor LED display with high definition, high refresh rate and quick response to the signal resources, we provided him with our P5 indoor LED screen, and we have obtained favorable reception from this for the great display performance for sure. Want to know more? Just follow us to read through!

P5 Indoor LED Display - Project Details

Installation Country: Finland

Product: Linsn MA960 series

Pixel Pitch: P5mm

Cabinet Size: 960*960mm

Density: 40000 pixels/sqm  

Refresh Rate: 1920Hz

Module Size: 320*160mm

Module Resolution: 64*32dots

Application: Race Course

Indoor LED Diplay Screen - MA960 Series

MA960 indoor/outdoor LED display is the latest multifunctional LED display with standard size 960*960mm for both indoor and outdoor, fixed and rental applications with various pixel pitch available including P2.5, P3.07, P4, P5 and P10 for indoor screens and P4, P5, P6.67, P8 and P10 for outdoor display screen.

This type of display is one of our best sellers, and has been widely used in many outdoor large projects such as sport stadium perimeter LED displays and gigantic stage LED screen.

Well-around Design


After experiencing polishing and developing many times, Linsn MA960 series has developed many humanized functions and user-friendly features. For example, the handle helps users to hold and move the display easily, and the quick connector can improve the efficiency of connection between different panels and installation.

The whole cabinet frame is solid and neat, making the whole installation and disassembly easy to operate and fast.

Perfect Visual Effect

High definitoin, high contrast ratio and high refresh rate allow MA960 LED displays can play the role in scenarios that require high play effect, for instance, when there is only short viewing distance between viewers and the screen.

The brightness can be up to 6500nits; grayscale up to 14bit; refresh rate up to 1920Hz or more, and this cabinet supports fine pixel pitch LED display with small pixel pitch less than 5mm.

High-quality LED Module

This LED cabinet is assembled by LED display modules with standard size 320*160mm.

The module is flat, standardized and has high uniformity to show the pictures and videos perfectly.

Moreover, it is easy to assemble to the steel structure to achieve high-efficient installation with strong reliability.

In Stock and Fast Delivery

Linsn has adequate stocks of MA960 series, and high delivery ability to enable the fast delivery for our customers worldwide.

We always want to improve our service and gain more customer satisfaction, and are dedicating to it all the time. For any needs, just contact us without any hesitation.


Today we share with you the P5 indoor LED display case, do you want to know more? For any information you want to know, welcome fill in the simple form in the right bar, and we will send you professional staff to answer your questions!