P5 Outdoor LED Display to Belarus – Real Customer Case!

P5 Outdoor LED Display

P5 Outdoor LED display for customer from Belarus aims to display advertisements on square, and has high protection capability that can resist water, moisture, dust and other pollution elements effectively. 

Therefore, we recommended our outdoor LED display series OF800 to him, which owns all features the cutomer needs, and also power consumption saving and dual-services avaliable.

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Installation Country: Belarus

Pixel Pitch: P5mm

Module Size: 800X900mm

Cabinet Quantity: 26Pcs

Cabinet Material: Aluminum

Cabinet Size: 800X900mm

Refresh Rate: ≥960HZ

Application: Outdoor applications

Product Features

Linsn OF800 series outdoor LED display is the latest fixed outdoor LED display with dual-service maintenance capability. It has cabinet dimension of 800*900mm and 800*1200mm and LED module size of 400*300mm. 

  • 800×900mm & 800*1200mm
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology
  • Frontal Service Design for Easy Installation
  • CE, RoHS, FCC Approved
  • 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Perfect Cabinet Design

The perfect and user-friendly design including locking system such as top lock and side lock, neat and reliable connection design including signal connector and power connector, built-in power supply and control card and so on all give OF800 series beautiful appearance and practical functions.

Outdoor Frontal Service Energy Saving LED Display

Dual Services Avaliable

The dual-services avaliable feature makes OF800 series easy to be installed and maintenanced.

The process is quite simple, only two steps you can achieve quick and effective maintenance:

Step 1: Insert the module removal tool into the corresponding white holes on the front of the module ( total 5).

Step 2: Insert the two module handles into the corresponding red holes (total 4), one on the left and one on the right, rotate clockwise and fix it, then pull to remove the module.

Seamless Splicing Installation

High flatness and no seam even the LED display screen is made up by many LED display cabinets and form a gigantic LED wall.

What is more, the quick and reliable locks also enable LED display wall high stability and durability.

High Visual Performance

High adjustable brightness from 5500-6500 cd, which makes sure the contents on the display can be seen clearly even under direct sunlight; high fresh frequency of more than 960Hz, enabling smooth displaying of images and videos; wide grayscale 14bits, showing every detail and color you want.

The high-standard visual performance all guarantees the screen can perform your contents from text to videos smoothly and vividly.

Energy-saving Function

OF800 Outdoor double-service LED display screen is power consumption saving and can save electricity costs up to 30%, which can save your budgets, and also environmental-friendly.


In this article, we discussed the latest P5 outdoor LED display customer case, and the related product OF800 series. Linsn OF800 series has outstanding protection capability, high-standard visual performance, seamless splicing and many other features to support its stable running and high-quality images. If you have any need about this product, just contact us or join out free sample plan!