P5 Indoor/P5 Outdoor LED Display Screen Customer Case to Japan and Croatia

Case 1 - P5 Indoor LED Display Screen to Japan

P5 indoor LED display screen for our Japanese customer to place in shopping mall – large LED video wall with high brightness, high contrast and trustful resisitance to water and dust. This big screen can help to attract people, and sponsorship by advertising products and services from other vendors, which is a great way of generating additional revenues. 

This customer installed this large screen just by two staff in short time. The feature of easy installation and maintenance saves lots of labor and time for him. After installing the screen, the human traffic increased, and more profits has been gained. 

We now have built long-term bussiness partnership with this customer.


Project Specification

  • Installation Country: Japan
  • Product: Linsn MA640 series
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Cabinet Size: 640*480mm
  • Module Size: 320*160mm
  • Display Height: 1920mm
  • Display Weight: 4480mm
  • Display Size: 8.6016㎡
  • Application: Shopping mall

Case 2 - P5 Outdoor LED Display Screen to Croatia

This P5 outdoor LED display screen to our Croatia customers belongs to Linsn MA960 series with cabinet size 960*960mm. High cost-efficiency is one of its outstanding features, and user-friendly operation is one advantage that makes MA960 series have high compatibility with all kinds of customers – whether they are green hand or veteran.

  • Installation Country: Croatia
  • Product: Linsn MA960 series
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Cabinet Size: 960*960mm
  • Density: 40000 pixels/sqm  
  • Module Size: 320*160mm
  • Module Resolution: 64*32dots
  • Display Height: 1920mm
  • Display Weight: 15360mm
  • Display Size: 29.4912㎡
  • Protection Level: IP65

Relative Products

MA640 series

1. Great size design make it suitable for gold ratio of both 16:9 & 4:3;

2. Easy and quick maintenances, only 1 second needed to disassemble;

3. Front services supported, and operation are simple;

4. Seamless splicing, achieving displaying performances;

5. Multiple installation methods allowed including wall-mounting and hanging;

6. Mainly for indoor fixed application and fine pixel pitch LED display;

7. For more, just click: MA640 Series for indoor LED display screen

Perfect Cabinet Design

640 480 MA640 outdoor LED display screen

Linsn MA640 series has perfect cabinet design including fast lock, convenient handles, special screw hole and so on. The humanized design makes it easy to install and move, and also has high resistance to water and humidity.

Great 4:3 Ratio

The golden ratio 4:3 makes it high flexibility for screens with different sizes and different applications. MA960 series has aesthetic appearance and high flexibility that is suitable for all most all common applications.

Fast and Safe Installation and Maintenance

Linsn MA640 series can be installed and disassembled quickly and safely. It can be installed within seconds as the convenient frontal service. This feature can save lots of labor and time.

Meeting Requirement of High Definition

Linsn MA640 is one of your best choices for indoor fine pixel pitch LED display. It has high resolution, adjustable brightness and high contrast ratio, etc. The state of art technologies gives this cabinet excellent display performance.

MA960 Series


1. Full front maintenances and installation, quick and easy to operate;

2. Multiple installation supported such as wall-mounted, hanging and standing;

3. Made of magnesium alloly, light and thin, and has good heat dissipation ability;

4. High precise assembly, cabinet can be adjusted from six directions – right or left, up or down and front or back, meeting the installation requirement to the nearest millimeter;

5. Favorable price, has high cost-efficiency compared with other competing products;

6. Fixed size of 960*960mm.

7. For more, just click: MA960 Series outdoor LED Display Board

Linsn MA960 series is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. For outdoor fixed LED display, stadium LED display and so on, MA960 series can meet the requirement for high protection level and high safety. It has high brightness that can reach 6500cd per square meter, and the screen can be seen clearly even under direct sunlight.

High brightness, high protection level and reliable quality makes MA960 series perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We shared two customer cases here today for Linsn indoor and P5 outdoor LED display screen with our product series MA640 series and MA960 series. Do you want to have large LED screen to boost your business and bring you more human traffic? If yes, then just contact us!