P5 Outdoor Rental LED Display Customer Case Is Here!

P5 Outdoor Rental LED Display

P5 outdoor rental LED display with 960mm*960mm LED panel, magnesium alloy material, user-friendly design, and operation can be mainly used for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, started opening, promotion, and other activities.

It can apply to stage LED display, background LED display, creative LED display, and many roles you want it to take. The great displaying performance, high quality, easy installation and maintenance such as frontal service available can be its outstanding features to facilitate operation. It is one of the best choices for outdoor LED display!

P5 Outdoor LED Display Product Features

1. Standard cabinet size: 960*960mm.

2. 320mmX160mm standard LED module.

3. Die-casting Magnesium Alloy material, excellent heat dissipation.

4. 14bit grayscale, detailed displaying performance, high refresh rate.

5. Ultra-wide viewing angle, more room for viewing available.

6. Seamless and quick installation, easy for operation with frontal services available.

7. Waterproof design, safe and reliable design.

8. Energy-saving, can save a batch of electricity cost.

9. Perfect design, user-friendly parts including handles, quick locks, strong cabinet frame, quick signal connector, etc.

S960 Series Magnesium Alloy LED Display

High-quality LEDs

We choose high reliable and high contrast NationalStar LEDs to ensure our LED display excellent performance, wide view angle, and good consistency which meet the need of high definition, high refresh rate, high grayscale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.

Best Driver IC

We use a high-quality driver IC with high refresh rate, high grayscale, and can achieve high brightness with the correct configuration.

The refresh rate is greater than 960Hz, and the viewing distance can be long ranges from 4m to 40m. Moreover, it can reach high brightness of 5500-6500 cd/m2 (Nits).

Perfect Cabinet Design

The quick lock, delicate structure, humanized handlebar, and so on can all achieve easy installation, seamless splicing, easy moving, and so forth.



P5 Outdoor rental LED display has outstanding displaying performance, and can be used for many outdoor activities such as stages, squares, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, started opening, promotion, and so forth. If you want to know more about rental LED display, welcome to contact us now!