P5mm LED Cross Display for Italy

LED cross display, also named as LED pharmacy screen, is another one kind of heteromorphic display with LED modules and customized cross cabinet. Currently another LED cross screen project has been successfully delivered to our Italy Customer, the screen is attractive and features 480mm*1120mm size, two sides display, outdoor waterproof, front maintenance, high brightness and high stability.

LED Cross Display
LED Cross Display

Design Drawing

As shown in the following design figure this LED cross display uses 6pcs LED modules at the top side, bottom side, left side, right side of the cabinet and 9pcs LED modules at the center of the LED display. The LED module size is 160mm*160mm and in the shape of a square. With 33pcs LED module the led cross display size is 480X1120mm and the area is 0.8448 square meter.

LED Cross Display

P5mm LED display Panel

Outdoor P5mm LED screen modules is used for this LED cross screen, the LED module is 160mm*160mm size with 32*32 (1,024) dot pixel in total and the total resolution of LED display cabinet is up to 33,792dot pixel with max 224dot in the horizontal position and max 224dot in vertical direction position . the LED module is high waterproof with IP65 level, and can fully meet the requirements of outdoor environments, in the meantime the module is high brightness to ensure the LED display has high visual display for viewing even in under strong sunlight.

P5mm LED display module

Project Case Description

  • Installation Country: Italy
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Module Resolution: 32X32dots
  • Module Size: 160X160mm
  • Module Quantity: 66pcs
  • Cabinet Material: Steel
  • Cabinet Size: 480X1120mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 224X224dots
  • Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
  • Application:  the chemist’s shop, pharmacy, drugstore, LED screen for church, hospital and crossroad.
LED Cross Display

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