P5mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display For Serbia

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Currently there are countless sporting events all around the world, basketball match, baseball match, football game, volleyball game and more. Besides watching the excellent performance of players, we offer see a lots of dynamic advertisng media content such as images and videos shown in the LED displays which standing at the four sides or other locations, These LED displays, called as Stadium Perimeter LED Displays, are broadcasting the advertising content with high difinition visual effect and will bask in the attention of large audiences. No doubts, a basketball Hall In Serbia will give you a demonstration.

P5mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display For Basketball Hall In Serbia

This stadium perimeter LED Display, designed for a basketball Hall In Serbia by Shenzhen Linsn LED Co.,Ltd., uses 60pcs 960*800mm steel LED display cabinet and the total display area can up to 46.08㎡. 

P5mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display For Basketball Hall In Serbia

P5mm Stadium Perimeter LED Screen Cabinet

As seen in the graphic above, LINSN P5mm perimeter LED screen cabinet equipped with adjustable back brackets which can not only make the LED displays can be adjusted a few degree angel but also hold the audience’s attention greatly. Besides, soft pillow is used on the top of the cabinets to help LED screens and players avoid injury from collision, projectiles or objects. And more, the cabinet waterproof level is IP65 to ensure the led screen to be able to adapt to various stadium environment like rain, snow, water and dust.
soft pillow

P5mm LED display Module

This Stadium Perimeter LED Display use P5mm LED screen modules as the core display part, the LED module is 320mm*160mm size with 64*32 (2,048) dot pixel in total and the LED display cabinet total resolution is 192*160dot. the LED modules is made with high brightness SMD LED to ensure the LED display has excellent vidual effect and reach more audiences during sports events.

P5mm LED display Module

Project Case Description

  • Installation Country: Serbia
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Module Resolution: 64X32dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 60pcs
  • Cabinet Material: Steel
  • Cabinet Size: 960X800mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 192X160dots
  • Refresh Rate: 3,840Hz
  • Application:  Sports Events, Stadium Perimeter
P5mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display For Basketball Hall In Serbia

Want do customize your sports LED display projects?  contact us and our professional tech team will give you best solutions for your requirements and installations.