Sports LED Display Recommendation

LED displays play important roles in sports stadiums worldwide as perimeter LED displays, scoreboards, and displays to show real-time updates, statistics, advertisements, etc.

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Where Can You Use LED Displays for Sports Stadium

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Perimeter LED Display

Linsn perimeter LED displays usually have a driver IC with a 3840Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth playback of images without any flickering, especially. This feature is particularly important for live video programming during sporting events.

Our 0-90° adjustable back brackets can support it adjust to different angles and reach more audiences.

The rubber mask and cushion can protect people, and the high visual performance enables the contents can be shown clearly.

LED Scoreboard

LED scoreboard can integrate audio systems, presentation systems, emergency broadcast systems, etc.

It can show audiences real-time scores and live feeds and be used as digital advertising billboards.

Compared with past fixed scoreboards only a part of the scoreboard can be controlled digitally, now the LED scoreboards are more multi-functional, and have better performances in advertising and displaying information!


outdoor led scoreboard
sport led billboard

LED Billboard

1. Displaying important information: LED billboards display essential information like scores and time during the game to keep fans informed.

2. Live video streaming: LED billboards show live feeds of the game, giving fans a closer look at the action.

3. Advertising revenue: sponsor advertisements can generate revenue for the stadium and promote brands.

4. Fan interaction: LED billboards can create interactive experiences for fans through games or contests, increasing engagement and enhancing the overall fan experience.

LED Fence Display

LED fence screens can maximize the use of space in the venue to transmit information, and increase revenue by playing advertisements.

Moreover, the colorful LED screens are like ribbons that decorate and beautify sports stadiums.

1. Better advertising effects: while shooting the events on-site, people may also take pictures of these LED screens and share them on social media, achieving better publicity.

2. Beautifying the sites: these screens can decorate and beautify the venue, making it look more vivid and lively, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

Why Choose LED Display for Sport from Linsn LED

Linsn LED is a globally recognized provider of high-quality and budget-friendly LED display solutions, dedicated to offering professional services to customers all around the world.

1. Our products are certified with CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE, ensuring optimal quality and performance.

2. We have successfully expanded our markets overseas, in countries such as Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand.

3. Over the years, we have been trusted in more than 10,000 projects, which has contributed to our well-earned reputation.

4. Our factory spans over 12,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production machinery, and boasts strict quality control procedures to ensure top-tier LED displays.

5. We are committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of superior LED display solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve our global customers with excellence.

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Linsn Sports LED Display Solutions


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2024 Sports Stadium LED Display: Products, Prices and Services All Here!

Stadium LED Screens play a more & more important role in many sports events. Including these basic functions, it’s gradually to be the key point to motivate the audience’s emotions, render the atmosphere of the scene, and highlight the excitement of sports events.

The LED display screen is used for advertising around football stadiums, basketball courts, badminton courts and other stadiums for sports. While enjoying the wonderful game, the advertising information is played repeatedly. It is a perfect combination of modern sports and commercial operations. 

At the same time, the humanized appearance design protects the personal safety of the athletes and plays a role in the design of the stadium.

Table of Content

Perimeter Sports LED Display Main Features :

1. Versatile Use

Stadium LED Screens Can be used for indoor and outdoor stadium perimeter applications, as well as for rental at sporting events LinsnSports LED displays typically feature a 3840Hz refresh rate driver IC for smooth image playback without flicker, especially for certain large displays Sporting events for live video programming.

2.Reasonable Safety Design

Stadium displays need more protection, such as soft masks and pillowcases to protect not only the screen, but also the athletes or spectators who hit the led screen.

Soft LED Mask

3.Super Light Design

The led cabinet adopts a unique design with adjustable viewing angles. and it can be adjusted for different viewing angle according to different requirements, so that all audiences can see the content being played.cabinet with only 25kg/pcs,this design save both shipping costs and labor costs.


4.Multiple Installation Methods

After removing the pillowcase and standing structure, you can use the led display cabinet for outdoor led billboards. If you install a hanging bar, you can also use the led cabinet for hanging installations. This makes it available for multiple installations and applications. You may refer to it as a “Transformer” in the sports LED display field.

sports led screen

5. 0-90° Adjustable Supporting Bracket

To enhance viewer’s visibility, sport perimeter LED display can be adjusted with different angles of supporting bracket.

The brackets are solid but flexible, which makes sure the stable installation and elegant appearance.

6.Rubber Module Mask

Linsn LED display modules are equipped with rubber module masks that can protected the display from hitting from ball and body. Also, this design can improve protection ability for people.

7. Enough Protection Ability of IP65

Our outdoor LED screens can reach IP65 protection level, and has high durability to encounter changeable environment. This can prolong lifespan of our screen, and save your budgets for maintenance and purchasing.

8. Easy and Safe Installation

You can assemble our stadium LED cabinets by yourselves but do not need for professional technicans and devices! This can facilitate your installation to a large extend. 

Applications of Sport Stadium LED Screens

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED board can show the match day advertising perfectly. One of the most important factors of such screen are its high durability to protect safety of audiences and also athletes as the human-friendly design makes it stable and 

LED Screen Scoreboard

The digital scoreboard can display the scores and advertisements in a brighter and more energy-saving way.

The functions are not only limited to show the numbers, you can also display any content you want such as sponsorship advertisements and camera feeds.

LED Ribbon Screens

A LED ribbon screens help transferring contents in a more innovative and eye-catching way, and may support you get more sponsorships.  Moreover, it is a fantastic method to better your audiences’ game day experience.

What Are Costs of Sports LED Display?

The costs of sports LED display can be various, and the first thing for you to determine is the size of the screen.  

If you do not very sure about that, just contact the sales staff, and they will give you advices based on your dimension of the space. 

A decent scoreboard averaging 18-feet by 8-feet should cost anywhere from $6,500 to $10,000 depending on needs and specifications, but the prices are different between different product series and LED display manufacturers.

Reliable Sports LED Screen Supplier

Linsn LED is a mature stadium sports LED display supplier in China, and has already completed many sports LED screen projects overseas. We can provide the best-quality LED screen worldwide, and also excellent services. 

8000㎡+ Delivery capacity, professional team and good reputation, Linsn LED has gave customers many successful cases!

Professional Production Line

We have a mature line of production machines and inspection instrucment. The advanced machines are all produced by international-famous company, and can ensure precision machining also low faliure rate.

12,000㎡+ Factory Area and 5000㎡+ Production Ability

The enough production area and adequate production ability guaranteen high delivery ability which gives us huge advantages on manufacturing.

3 Years Warranty & 5% Spare Parts

This is one of the most salient benifits we can provide to our customers. The long-term warranty, and professional after-sales, technical support all can give you assured using experiences. 

7/24 Hours Service

Linsn provides you with one-stop services covered from installation to training and maintenance, insisting on customer-oriented corporate culture and attitude.

Stadium LED Display Product Recommendation :

Stadium LED Displays normally has Steel LED Cabinet, Aluminum LED Cabinet and Die Casting Aluminum or Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet.

Steel & Aluminum LED Cabinet for stadium perimeter led display can be customized, the cabinet size can be OEM according to the module size to fit customer’s  different requests, such as 960mmx960mm,1280mmx960mm,1200mmx800mm 640mmx960mm etc. 

You can choose the pixel pitch from p2.5mm to p10mm, OEM cabinet will allows you to have more customized request realized easier, such as cables inside cabinet routed, light sensor built in.  the disadvantage of them are the weight. Steel LED Cabinet is about 60kg/㎡, Aluminum LED Cabinet is about 50kg/㎡.

Die Casting Aluminum & Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet is Lighter & easier installation, 30kgs/pc around for 960mmx960mm with pillow case and backward bracket. Meanwhile, with humanized design for quick lock, makes it more user friendly. The 640mmx960mm and 1280mmx960mm are can be used for all 320x160mm LED Standard Module Size from P2.5mm to P10mm.

die casting led cabinet for sports led display

LINSN LED provide the full solutions for Stadium LED Screens,If you want to get the Sports LED Display Cabinet Prices,please Contact Us .

You may aslo want to learn the Power Consumption of Sports LED Display aslo  the LED Control Systems for Perimeter LED Screen. You can get more information from here.

>> Stadium LED Display Power Consumption and LED Control System Solutions

LINSN LED Customer Cases

Case 1 - P5mm Sports LED Display

Specification: P5mm indoor steel led cabinet 1280mm×800mm Kinglight led+MBI5153 Driving IC  (The refresh rate can reach 3840 Hz) +Spongy Roof +Standard Bracket .

Our steel cabinet is arround 45KG/sqm normally installed in a fixed venue.

  • Installation Country: Serbia
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Module Resolution: 64X32dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 60pcs
  • Cabinet Material: Steel
  • Cabinet Size: 960X800mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 192X160dots
  • Refresh Rate: 3,840Hz
  • Application:  Sports Events, Stadium Perimeter

Case 2 - P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display

P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display
  • Installation Country: Georgia
  • Pixel Pitch: P10mm
  • Module Resolution: 32X16dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
  • Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
  • Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots
  • Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
  • Application: Sports Perimeter LED Display.

Case 3 - Italy P10mm Outdoor Football Perimeter LED Display

Case 4 - Iceland P5mm Indoor Timing and Scoring Sports LED Display

P5mm indoor aluminum led cabinet 640mm×640mm and 960mm×640mm Kinglight led +ICN2038S Driving IC (The refresh rate can reach 1920 HZ).

Like normally fixed led display the Timing and Scoring led display have no request for the high refresh rate becuase no need for live broadcast.


Linsn provides our customers with high-quality and cost-effective sport stadium LED display worldwide. Our products have helped our customers achieve many successful projects, especially for customers who have high-standard requirements of visual performances and quality! For more information and support, just fill in the contact forms on the left!