Solar LED Display: Outstanding Solar Pole LED Display!

The main feature of Linsn pole solar LED display is to make full use of clean solar energy, electricity-free, wiring-free, easy to disassemble and install,  and supporting front maintenance, 4G and wifi management, u disk storage, and has sound broadcast and clear video and text display function.

This product has the characteristics of green, energy saving, and emission reduction, and has quick response rate.

1. Solar Pole LED Display Features

1.1 Electricity-free

The solar photovoltaic panel adopts size of 500mm*1000mm and monocrystal 100W panel. For each solar pole LED display, we equip two such panels with it.

By them, solar LED display can achieve electricity-free running, and reduce power consumption and pollution.

solar pole led display

1.2 High visual performance

(1) High refresh rate ≥3840Hz;

(2) 14-16bit grayscale;

(3) Vertical viewing angle and the horizontal viewing angle can both reach 120°.

1.3 Energy storage module

Our solar LED display is equipped with new energy storage module which can supply power to the screen for more than 32 hours without sunlight, realizing the core functions of charging and playback synchronization.

storage module of solar led display

1.4 Easy maintenance supporting both front service and back service

Both front service and back service are available, easy to installation and fixation. This feature is very important for outdoor LED display as the working environment may not be as nice as indoor applications.

dual service of solar power led screen

1.5 Features

 100% electricity fee free No cabling
Realization of solar power and utility power interchange functionHigh refresh frequency up to ≥3840HZ
Wide range of brightness adjustment, can meet the needs of various environmentsHigh grayscale level Grayscale level depth up to 14-16bits
Cluster cloud control 4G, tablet wireless connection, video, picture text multiple interactionUltra-wide viewing angle Horizontal viewing angle up to 120°, vertical viewing angle up to 120°
Energy storage power display, ultra-long playback life  Energy saving, ultra-low power consumption, 50% lower than traditional display
Minimal installation, front maintenance. Module panels can be removed directly from the frontHigh Definition Display. High pixel density, outdoor small pitch LED display
Synchronized audio and video outputWaterproof ability up to IP65

2. Main Structure of Solar LED Display

It adopts 440mm*1000mm size, and is mainly applied for vertical installation, also can be customized for horizontal installation. Moreover, there are two solar photovoltaic panels for each pole LED display.

2.1 Part 1 Two solar photovoltaic panels

solar pole led display

2.2 Part 2 Photovoltaic panel support structure

This support structure is reliable, and easy to install. For outdoor environments, the structure can enable the safety of the whole pole LED display, and has the outstanding waterproof ability.

support structure

2.3 Part 3 Storage module

The storage module can continuously supply power to the screen for more than 32 hours in the absence of sunlight, and can realize the core function of charging and playback synchronization.

3. FAQs of Solar Pole LED Display

(1) Where can I apply solar pole LED display?

Outdoor municipal roads, advertising signs, plazas, parks, stations, highways, imports and exports, greenways, construction sites, neighborhoods, schools, reservoirs, units and industrial plants, and many other scenes.

(2) Using conditions

Any place with sunlight and sunshine can install and use this product as it is free of electricity, and wiring, and easy to install.

(3) What is the running time?

Daily playing time: 6-8 hours
Best time to play: 8:00 am – 12:00 noon / 15:00 pm – 21:00 pm

Using Scenarios of Pole Solar LED Displays

4. Specifications

Main Parameter
Pixle Pitch3.84mm
Module Resolution52(H)×52V)
Module Dimension200mm×200mm
Module Density2704pixels/panel
LED ConfigurationSMD 1921
Driver ModeDynamic 1/13 Duty constant current
Panel Size440mmx1000mm
Screen Size400mmx800mm
Screen Resolution104*208 dots
Electricity Parameter
Refresh Rate3840HZ
Gray Scale8bits input, correction with 14bits
Brightness Adjustment100 levels
View Angle140 degree ( horizontal) 140degree(vertical)
Best View Distance3.8m-38m
Max Power Consumption150w/panel
Avg Power Consumption50-80w/panel
Operation PowerInput Voltage 150W 12V-30A(Output 3.8V+2.8V)
Power Storage & Solar Panel
Power Storage12.8V100AH
Box size690mm*260mm*60mm
Storage Voltage10-14.6V
Charge Time8-12 hours
Solar Panel Size500mmx1000mm
Solar Panel Power90-100W
Max Charge Current100A
Standard Current15A
Working Parameter
Operating Life100,000 hours
Operating Humidity15-90% RH
Operating Temperature.-25-65 Celsius degree
MTBF6000 Hours
Protection LevelIP65
Out of Control Pixel Rate0.01%
Continuous Working Time≥72 Hours

Pole solar LED display can save electricity, with no requirement for cabling. It can be used for various applications including advertising signs, plazas, parks, stations, highways, imports and exports, greenways, etc.

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