What Are Prices and Events of Mobile LED Screen Rental Business?

Mobile LED screen rental usually refers to mobile LED screen as event LED screen, it often appears in many kinds of outdoor activities such as political campaign, amusement park, parade, open-air wedding and outdoor commercial advertisement to gather human traffic and expand the profit potential.

If you have an application where can rent one like this, it may give you some unexpected surprises. So, what are the merits of mobile rental LED display you can utilise, and how about the prices you will pay?


What Is A Rental Mobile LED Display?

A mobile LED screen is an outdoor LED display that is constructed onto a set of wheels, such as truck or trailer. It has a sort of outstanding benefits such as durability, daytime viewing, ease of setup, high mobility of exposure to targeted groups as much as possible and can be viewed from a long distance. Generally, they can range in size from 8 feet wide all the way up to more than 30 feet wide.

The mobile rental LED screens are typically rented out by specialized LED display rental company for companies, businesses and individuals.

These companies may not produce the mobile LED displays by themselves, but provide a series of rental display services after purchasing kinds of LED display from professional mobile LED screen manufacturers. And the display contents are varied including videos, camera feeds, web streaming, commercial advertisements, score and live TV.

mobile led display

LED Screen Truck Rental Events

1. Roadside commercial advertisement – It is an effective way to attract passerbys’ attention, and compared with the high hanging LED billboard, a mobile rental display can get people closer. Besides, you can have truck LED screen going to the places where you want them to go, and the high mobility will endow you more freedom of using the screen.

2. Drive-in events – On account of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the public gathering are not permitted or advocated in many areas worldwide. That is why drive-in displays can play a more vital role – people can gather in the community while safely quarantined from the car.These events include graduation ceremonies, LED screen for church, celebration of life and so on.

3. Commercial advertisement and propoganda – It is usually rented by recreation business and companies such as parks for movies, advertising campaigns and reminding, and this objective is the cause of most of the mobile LED screen rental deal. 

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4.Private clubs – some country clubs will hold special events that require outdoor mass viewing, therefore, the rental mobile LED screen can be one of the perfect choices.

5.Large-scale events – For example, political campaign, concerts, festivals, golf tournaments and marathons fundraisers. Rent LED displays can be used to enhance engagement with audiences, and have the possibility to attach more people.

Mobile LED Display Price

Genarally speaking, the mobile LED rental display is less expensive than a modular one. While mobile LED display rental cost is varied based on a large variety of factors such as size and pixel pitch, you can typically estimate the mobile LED screen rental costs are around $4,000 – $15,000 a day.

modular LED screen (fixed LED screen) typically will cost minimum of $5,000 a day. The cost are generally more expensive for short term rentals with significant labor cost involving.

What Can Affect Mobile LED Display Rental Cost?

1.Screen Structure

In common, one of the factors that determine mobile LED rental screen has a lower price due to the pre-built and more portable structures. However, make sure your site can fit in the mobile LED display cause the mobile units can be more limited by the space available at the venue – you can easily understand that by understanding the modular LED displays are assembled onsite by tiny LED tiles.

2.Time Limit for the Contract

If you are asking for a long term pricing, many rental LED suppliers will offer you a discount because it can save time and energy for both sides. If you are worried about the cost, you can consider to build a business relationship with a LED rental company in long term.

3.Application Site

The rental cost will change in different places. For example, you may rent a mobile LED display screen with a lower a price in a samll town than in a metropolitan city. 


A mature staff who can run the mobile LED truck can help you save much energy, and ensure you the stable running of your LED project. This can be one of the important and indispensable elements which contribute to the final cost, and if you can help the LED company along the way, the cost will be a little bit lower.

5.Screen Size

It goes without saying that a smaller one will cost a smaller one will cost a lower price than a larger one. Please ensure the screen is big enough to enable the audience can see the contents on it clearly. For instance, if you have over 500 viewers simultaneously, it is recommended that a screen that is at least 17 feet is suitable.


How can you use the screen to gain more profits for you? Seeking sponsorship can be a great idea. As you hire the mobile LED display, you are entitled to use this versatile mobile advertising assistant. Finding a sponsor will not be difficult, just think about whose targeted customers will have overlap with the people the car will meet. And in this way, your rental costs can be really offset.

FAQs of Mobile LED Screen

Just as we discussed before, the prices can be various based on many situations. You can typically estimate the mobile LED screen rental costs are around $4,000 – $15,000 a day.

They have to be waterproof, and also have high protection ability to wind and dust! Also, it should be totally visible under direct sunlight.

Many of mobile LED screen providers will have sound provided such as on-board speakers. Just tell them in advance you have such requirement.

Video inputs: HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, Display Port, and VGA (16 by 9) Audio inputs: XLR

The Bottom Line

This article discusses the possible applications of mobile LED rental screen, and tell you the factors that will influence the cost of mobile LED screen rental business. 

In conclusion, rental mobile LED displays can even be more popular in the midst of the pandemic because of the specialties. And if you are worried about that may cost you too much, you can try some tips we have listed above which may save you budget. 

Hope you get a well-off rental LED business!