Regarding to the RCG and CON files Setting
Linsn rcg config file for ledstudio,con setting file for indoor and outdoor led module,linsn config online support.

There have two options to get the CON and RCG files:

1. add skype: leddisplays to get the RCG files from linsn led.
2. If the RCG file does not work ,please prepare the necessary parts to do the Online Support:
1). One pc LED Module(Your LED Module)
2). One Power Supply (110v/220v input, and 5v DC output)

3). One ts802 sending card or TS852 sender box

4). One linsn receiving card (RV901+Hub75 or Hub40, or RV908 led receiver)

5). Prepare a Camera for Skype for Online Support Use.

Connect the parts as below shows:


After connect all parts together, We can RUN the Teamviewer to do the Online Support! Any questions,please contact us!