Rear Window LED Display: 2024 Best to Enhance Advertising Influence

In today’s fast-speed advertising environment, standing out is crucial. For some corporation that points to enhancing traffic and improving brand reputation, using the LED display on the rear window offers professional advantages.

The rear window LED display has become a merchant’s powerful tool due to its high brightness, 24/7 ongoing operation, and wide coverage. These functions make it an effective supplement to any advertising strategy.

This article will deeply talk about what a rear window LED screen is, highlight its main functions, and explore practical solutions for leveraging this technology in your marketing efforts.

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Part 1. Definition of Rear Window LED Display

Rear Window LED Display- As the name says, is the digital advertising device that is mounted on the rear window of the running car.

This provides everyone walking by with a level of visibility; it features crystal-clear high-resolution images & video, thanks to the use of light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

These are typically on buses, on the rear window of a taxi, or on a modified van.

A new innovation in this technology is the transparent rear window LED display, which, unlike traditional LED displays, lets light through, improving safety and functionality by keeping the vehicle’s interior visible.

Since it lets the light from the window through into the car, more secure & useful as well.

In addition to their transparent design, these outdoor LED display feature impressive brightness and robust water resistance, ensuring your content stays sharp and clear in direct sunlight, thereby amplifying brand visibility and efficacy.

transparent rear window led display
rear transparent window led displsy

Part 2. Features of Car Rear Window LED Display

1. High brightness and high waterproof level

Equipped with dynamic brightness modulation between 3000 to 7000 nits, the Linsn LED car rear window LED display can seamlessly adjust to surrounding light levels, delivering exceptional content clarity.

In addition, its protection level is IP65, designed for outdoor use, and can effectively cope with various environmental factors such as rain and dust.

2. Lightweight design

An aluminum alloy shell is used to achieve a lightweight design, which is easy to install and transport.

3. High refresh rate & high grayscale

The high refresh rate and high grayscale design can truly restore the color of the picture, and attract consumers’ attention to the greatest extent with a high-quality picture display.

4. Humanized management and control system

Support 3G/4G wireless communication and networked cluster control management, which can be operated and managed through network terminals anytime and anywhere to respond to changes in time.

5. Seamless content switching

Compared with traditional posters or billboards, LED display screens can achieve seamless switching of different contents.

Advertising content can be switched according to different festivals or themes without changing the advertising carrier, saving costs while achieving high-quality communication.

Part 3. Advantages of It

1. Customizable content

The LED display allows for tailored content, enabling you to showcase brand advertisements that meet your specific needs, such as targeting distinct demographics or geographical areas.

This flexibility enables advertisers to deliver customized messages that resonate more effectively with their target audiences.

2.High light transmittance

The transparent car rear window LED display solves the problem of opacity of traditional car advertising screens.

This innovation not only improves the light inside the car but also ensures the driving safety of the driver and other people in the car.

3. Mobility and wide coverage

Unlike fixed LED advertising screens, the rear window LED display is constantly on the move, transforming the car into a traveling billboard.

This mobility ensures that the ads reach a diverse and broad audience, maximizing exposure as the vehicle passes through different areas

4. Real-time content updates

Advertisers can use wireless technology to update content in real-time.

This allows for timely promotions, localized advertising, and quick adjustments to campaigns based on current events or market trends.

5. Play 24/7

The rear window LED display has automatic brightness adjustment and a high waterproof level, which can ensure the normal display of advertising content even on rainy days or under direct sunlight, achieving all-weather broadcasting and improving advertising coverage and influence.

Part 4. Where can LED Display on Car Rear Window be Applied?

By using different brackets, you can install the LED car rear window digital display on different vehicles to increase the exposure of your advertisement.

1. Bus rear window LED display

Buses travel trough every corner of the city daily, making the rear window LED screen become the best space for advertisements, boosting brand exposure, and resonating with target consumers.

As the essential elements of urban infrastructure, buses must uphold a good image.

Displaying news, weather, and advertising on these LED screen, and enhancing convenience for residents by integrating useful information into their journey.

bus advertising rear window led display
bus rear window led display

2. Taxi rear window LED screen

Covering every corner of the city every day, taxis, like buses, can benefits greatly from the rear window transparent LED display.

These screens can enhance brand images and deliver significant profits for taxi companies.

Compared to traditional LED displays, they also can offer creative content display, higher light transmittance and safety.

car led display rear window
taxi rear window led display

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3. What kind of advertising is the rear window LED display usually used for?

(1) Local Business Promotions

Local restaurants or retail stores promote daily specials, discounts, and events through the rear window LED display screen.

In addition, local real estate developers also use these mobile promotion tools to display announcements about open days and new listings to get better effects.

(2) Event Advertising

During concerts or festivals, event organizers will also use the car rear window LED display to display relevant information about the event, such as the time and location of the event, the ticket price of the event, and so on.

(3) Limited Promotions

Some limited-time promotions or discount information can also be conveyed to consumers through the LED display for car.

Relying on its wide and accurate coverage, the effect and influence of limited-time promotions can be improved.

(4) Public Service Announcements

Reminders about road safety, seatbelt use, or anti-drunk driving campaigns. Or information about vaccination campaigns, health checks, or other public health programs.

(5) Real-time Information

The dissemination of some real-time information, such as local weather, temperature, or a brief introduction to tourist attractions.

It not only facilitates people’s lives but also improves the city’s image.

Part 5. The price of rear window LED screen

The transparent LED display for car rear windows costs about $700 each.

However, its price also will change following the size, pixel pitch, brightness, protection level, installation method, maintenance method, and other factors of LED display.

Please contact our salespersons directly to get a detailed quotation.

Part 6. Linsn 2024 Newest Car LED Display Solution

rear window led display

Rear Window LED Display

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Part 7. Common FAQs about LED car rear window digital display

Q1: Is it legal to install a rear window transparent LED display?

The local regulations determine the legality of vehicle-mounted LED displays, often strict rules regarding their size, location, and operation.

So, learning the selection guidelines and local regulations for vehicle installation is crucial when choosing the rear window LED display.

Q2: How does the rear window LED screen update content?

The rear window LED display can use various methods to update its display content, such as USB drives, SD cards, Wi-Fi, and wired connections.

Moreover, some screens are also equipped with remote management software, allowing operators to update the display content on a computer or other mobile device.

Q3: Is it suitable for all cars?

The size and shape of rear window digital LED display can be highly customized. That means you can choose different sizes and shapes according to different cars.

Q4: What other LED displays for car are there except for rear window LED display?

Certainly! The vehicle-mounted LED display screen includes taxi LED display, trailer LED display screen, mobile LED display, bus LED screen, roof LED panel, and so on.

You can choose the appropriate car LED display according to local regulations and your own advertising needs.

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Part 8. Conclusion

In this article, we discussed the features, advantages, and applications of rear window LED display.

Linsn LED Display offers the world’s most advanced rear window LED screen solutions, backed by 24/7 service, a 3-year warranty, professional technical support, and fast delivery.

For any inquiries or assistance, please get in touch with us!