Reception LED Display Solutions | LED Wall for Reception

In this article, we will discuss important information about reception LED display – where you can use it, the advantages, how to install LED cabinets, how to configure it, and more!

Just follow us to read through this post to know more about LED display, and these appealing screens installed in public areas.

Table of Contents

1. What Is A Reception Display?

The reception LED display means LED display used in reception areas or lobbies of offices, hospitals, hotels, and other public areas. It usually has many advantages such as high definition, appealing design, and low power consumption.

It also can be applied as event LED screen such as an LED wall for wedding reception and digital lobby display for trade shows and exhibitions.

These screens can bring significant value, such as establishing a positive brand image, making the enterprise look more convincing, attracting people’s attention to achieve the effect of promoting the brand, and so on.

2. Examples - Reception LED Screen of the ME250 Series

reception led display
Product Details:

  1. Product Name: ME250 Series (6 units)
  2. Cabinet Dimensions: 250×1000mm
  3. Pixel Pitch: P2.604mm
  4. Screen Dimensions: 750×2000mm
  5. Location: Changsha, China

In the next part, we will share you with the installation methods and details of the configuration of this screen to let you know how to install LED cabinets clearly.

3. How to Install Reception LED Display by ME Series?

To install a reception LED display, there are six steps for you to understand the whole process easily. 

Tools you need to prepare:

LED display module, connected pedals, screws and screwdriver, cables, and USB disk.

Now we will explain every step in detail, or you can watch this video guidance in advance!

Step 1: Unpacking the cabinets and positioning

First, you need to take out the cabinets, cables, and other accessories from the packaging box. We suggest that you take out all the components and organize them for easy installation in the future.

Second, place the cabinets in the corresponding places, and determine the screw fixing position according to the holes in the cabinets for connecting pedals. 

Third, you can use a red pen to mark the fixed position, so that it will be more convenient for screw fixing in the next step.

Step 2: Use connected pedal and fasten the screws

Now, you can use the connected pedals and fasten the screws tightly based on the marked position on the last step.

Step 3: Install LED cabinet


First, you need to fasten the screws and locks between cabinets. Second, just connect the main power cables to the power box. 

Step 4: Connect cables

Connect power cables between LED modules, and then connect the network cables and power cables to the control cards. 

You can finish this step according to the connection diagram provided to you.


Step 5: Install LED modules

First, connect the flat cables and power cables of LED display modules, and fix them on the cabinets.

The LED display modules of the ME250 series LED screen are equipped with 10 strong magnets to ensure they can be installed tightly on the frame.

Step 6: Configure software

After installing LED cabinets, just try to configure the software to enable the display can show images and videos correctly.

So, how to achieve the configuration? Just follow the video and read these corresponding steps!

4. How to Configure Reception LED Display?

In this chapter, we will discuss how to configure control software to enable the screen to display correct images and videos.

We will use professional LED display software NovaLCT and VIPlex Express to do this step.

Step 1. Know the NovaLCT

What is NovaLCT? It can be one of the most famous control software in LED screen industry. It is designed by NovaStar – the international-famous LED display control solution provider and can ensure the LED display runs stably.

Here are some preconditions for you to use this software:

(1) A PC with Windows system installed;

(2) Have obtained the installation package;

(3) Have disabled the antivirus software.

Step 2. Configure LED Wall for Reception with NovaLCT

Here we will list steps for you to follow:

a. Launch NovaLCT

Insert the USB flash drive and extract the software. Open NovaLCT.

b. Connect to the LED screen’s Wi-Fi

Establish a connection with the Wi-Fi network of the LED screen.

c. Access Media Player Login

Go to the menu bar and select User > Media Player Login. Click on user-media player login-connect system.

(User name: ADMIN, password: SN2008@+)

d. Configure the Screen

Select Screen Configuration and click Next. Choose Read From.

e. Reset and Save Settings

Click Reset, then select the corresponding screen. Finally, click SEND and SAVE to apply the changes.

Now, you have finished the configuration of the LED wall for reception.

reception screen-configuration-2

Step 3. Upload displayed contents and manage them with Viplex Express

a. Open ViPlex Express

b. Click File to upload program materials

c. Click Page Properties to control video playback time

d. After the setting is complete, click Publish

5. What Can Them Bring to You?

Many advantages of these screens can benefit your business. For instance:

(1) High-definition screen that can show your logo, slogan, and company name clearly;

(2) Dynamic information delivery to improve the efficiency of communication;

(3) Adjustable brightness level enabling the screen high visibility during days;

(4) Low power consumption saving operation costs of company;

(5) More…

6. 4 FAQs

6.1 What is the suitable size for reception screen of company?

It depends on the company’s size. For small companies, reception screens can be made in sizes of 1-2 square meters, while medium-sized companies can choose sizes of 3-5 square meters. For large companies, they can be made in sizes of 5 square meters or more. 

Generally speaking, a suitable size is between 4-9 square meters. This size ensures the content can be displayed effectively without making the front-end space too crowded.

Of course, it is best to ask the sales for the best sizes based on your specific conditions.

6.2 What is the suitable pixel pitch?

You can consider pixel pitch between 1.25mm to 3mm to balance the needs of visual performance and budget.

6.3 What is the suitable screen ratio?

Currently, we often recommend a ratio of 16:9 or 4:3. It is not necessary to install these ratios for design, but mainly depends on the size of the installation space.

6.4 How about the prices?

You can ask for quotations by filling out the form, and our staff will reply to you within 24 hours. This is the fastest way for you to obtain an accurate quote for the reception LED display.

7. Product Recommendations

MA250 Series - Indoor LED screen

  • 1000mm/750mm/500mm×250mm LED Display Cabinet
  • Ultra-thin and light (thickness 33mm, weighs 5.8kg)
  • High brightness, good color saturation
  • Support split-screen multi-module display
  • Front Maintenance
  • 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

MA640 Series - 640X480mm Frontal Service LED Display

  • 640×480mm Size Cabinet, 320×160mm Module
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation Technology
  • Frontal Service Design for Easy Installation
  • CE, RoHS, FCC Approved
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part